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30 Z Palette Round Metal Magnetic Metal Stickers for Non-Magnetized Makeup Pans 26 mm For Use With Z Palettes Only

Round Metal Stickers are perfect for de-potted shadows, blushes, bronzers, and powders that were not meant for magnetic palettes. Just peel & stick onto the back of the pans for strong adhesion to prevent from products moving. Use a Sharpie and write the color name on the back of the metal sticker for future reference.

Key features

  • Each Metal Sticker is Just Over 1 Inch in Diameter (26mm)
  • For use with Z Palettes, Will NOT work with MAC palettes
  • Package Contains 30 Metal Magnetic Receptive Sticker Discs
  • These are NOT MAGNETS, but will adhere to a magnet such as the surface of a Z Palette

Honest reviews


Not magnetized!

These are NOT magnetized at all. I tried using it on my mac palette and didn’t show any signs of magnet. Returned it.

Wendi Dundalk, MD

As Good As It Gets

I don’t own a Z Palette, but I do own several Unii Palettes. The Unii Palette does come with those "not a magnet" sheets but they’re not that great. Even if I covered the entire back of my eyeshadows they still slid around and I didn’t have much faith they’d stay put if I knocked the palette around in my bag. I knew Z Palette had their own metal stickers so I figured they were worth trying. I’m so glad I did, they’re a million times better, I wish Unii Palette would start selling these too. The only thing is they stick so well you do need to make sure they’re stuck well to the bottom of your pan otherwise they’ll stay behind when you go to lift it and cause they’re thin and flat it’s hard to get them out of the palette.

Jolene Cadillac, MI

Best magnets for Z Palette

I own 6 Z palettes and they usually come with a bag of magnets, but those don’t always go as far as you need them to. I found I needed some more magnets for my eyeshadows and blushes and decided to try and find a cheaper option rather than buying these Z palette round magnets. The stuff I bought at the craft store didn’t work AT ALL. Not only were they not powerful enough, but they were thick and clunky. I learned my lesson, for sure. I bought a bag of these round metal magnets and they should last me a while. They’re thin and have amazing hold, which is important to me because if I’m going to spend a bundle on my eyeshadow / blush, I don’t want them moving around and breaking in the palette! Definitely worth the extra couple bucks you might have to spend. Excellent product!

Glenda Moffat, CO

Fit for Most

These magnets fit most eyeshadow pans. I used mine for MAC & MakeupGeek shadows. I’ve even used them on larger pans like MAC blush and they still work great

Bette Finlayson, MN


I ordered these for eyeshadow pans that i put in my palettes. You have to be carefull though cause these work for magnetized palettes only. If you have palette that has metal backing youll need magnets.

Yesenia Fourmile, KY