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3 Way Blue Nail Buffer 3pcs.

3 Way Blue Nail Buffer 3pcs.

Key features

  • 4 Way Blue Nail Buffer

Honest reviews


Decent product

First, an item not sold by Amazon will likely always have high shipping and this is the case with a product like this, which is in essence a hard marshmallow.That said, this product does what it does well enough but it’s described incorrectly in more ways than one. It only has one type of surface but on 3 sides because it is manufactured as a single piece, cut down the middle so basically 2 pieces (with the inner cut side useless) but is sold in a set of 3…go figure a way to make more money. The internal foam is purple and not blue, but the color here is irrelevant as the outer surface, which is black, is the functional part. We don’t really need to know the color of the inner foam.The incorrect description:Blue Max, 4-Way Buffing Block 1. Blue File 2. Black Smooth Ridges 3. White Matte Finish 4. Gray: Buff for Shine…so this would make this item a BLACK for smoothing ridges? I don’t know but my wife is able to use them how she wants to.

Alissa Noel, MO

Less grit

I like the block and how easy it is to handle, but the grit was a little rough for buffing. Overall good product.

Rosa Santaquin, UT

Buff Away

I got 3 of these for a great price and they all work great. They’re not so hard that they hurt your skin when it comes in contact with it, but they are solid enough that they do they job.

Angelique Agra, KS

3 way blue nail buffer

Doesn’t work very well too ruff. I don’t like this product at all I would never order it again.thank you

Hillary Estell Manor, NJ


I love this product! I would recommend it to anyone! It buff nails smooth and soft! I would buy again!

Josefa Audubon, PA

best buffer

this is the best buffer I have…I use it all the time….and they last for a very very long time

Ashley Marthasville, MO

little too rough

would have been better if the grit was finer. they are a little rough and dont smooth out nails all the way.

Madeline Marquette, IA

Not what I expected

This is an okay product.Firstly, the product was not as pictured. These are all-blue nail buffers, with a uniform grit. I’ve actually never seen that before. There’s usually at least two different grits on the buffer.What’s more, they have an obnoxious in-between grit — it’s not fine grit, but it’s not a dense grit either. They lose their grit very easily. Each buffer is good for about 2 manicures (I have acrylics); not what I expected, as the other buffers I’ve used have lasted for 6-12 manicures (or more!)If you’re looking for a uniform medium-fine grit that only lasts for a couple manicures, you may enjoy this product.It’s not what I expected. I wouldn’t purchase these again in the future.

Beverley Gilmore, AR

A beauty must have!

I always have to use one of these nail buffers when I give myself a manicure or pedicure. Has different textures on all four sides to really buff and polish your nails as great prep for polish!

Meghan Stanville, KY

Works like it should

It looks a buffer and works like a buffer! And you get three of them for a very cheap price!

Caryn Greenfield, MA

Works for Me

These blocks are a bit smaller than what you can buy at Sally’s but they are almost exactly the same grade of sanding. Free shipping too.

Tonia Medford, WI

Worked great

This lasted me about 6 months and I wish I had ordered more at the time. They really help buff your nails and make them look great and like you just got out of the nail salon.

Lorie Darien, WI


I have used similar ones to these before on my real nails and just love them. They work absolutely wonderful.

Donna Fort Laramie, WY

Five Stars

keep toenails smooth

Belinda Aurora, IN


I haven’t use them yet, but price wise they are good, I think they will work fine, I will buy again

Rosalinda Zephyr, TX