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3 – Pack Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin – Blonde

Simple styles spin pin can help create a smooth and sleek or messy bun Each spin pin does the work of 20 bobby pins For all hair types, great for medium to long hair

Key features

  • Total of 6 pins!

Honest reviews


This is pretty cool

I like this product. I heard about it from a YouTube beauty guru, and wanted to try it out. It’s like Bobby pins on steroids — less chance of losing it, less chance of screwing up your ‘do, etc.I will definitely repurchase these.

Isabelle Dennysville, ME

Doesn’t snag/break hair

So much better than bobby pins. Holds well, I don’t get a hair headache. Doesn’t snag, rip or break my hair.

Casey Ellendale, DE

LOVE these!!!

I bought these so I can do an up-do for a formal event (the Gibson Tuck specifically) and these work GREAT!! They were awesome for my tuck, but I also use them for my top knots and buns just on a day to day basis. One of these is like putting in 3-4 bobby pins. I haven’t even opened the other two boxes yet, just the two is all I have needed so far!NEVER going back to regular bobby pins.

Kristine Grand Tower, IL

Where have you been all my life?

I’ve had these in the bottom of a drawer for a couple of years. I rarely pull my hair up anymore because it sometimes gives me a headache. These pins are the answer to my problem though. I can put my hair up with these two pins and it stays up all day. No adjustments necessary. Since I don’t have millions of bobby pins sticking me in the head, I don’t get a headache. It’s also faster to put up and take down. (I have shoulder length, layered hair)

Cathryn Noble, LA

Better than regular bobby pins

Between the fact that I have heavy, baby fine hair that bobby pins fall right out of and the fact that I suck at doing hair, pinning up my hair is next to impossible. I had high hopes for these spin pins, and overall I’m very pleased. While I found the claim on the box that you only need 2 pins to put your hair in a bun to be completely false, they do actually hold my hair if I use enough of them. I used 4 and my bun lasted all day. Putting the pins in is very easy, but getting them out can be a little complicated.

Frieda Big Pine Key, FL

The secret weapon

These are the best invention ever for holding together all manner of twists and buns. I LOVE them; won’t ever be without them

Adrienne Newton, AL