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Goody 3″ Mock Tortoise Stay Tight Barrettes (4 Barrettes Per Pack)

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Finally found what I was looking for!

I have used these large barrettes for years and needed some new ones, but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. Where do I find them? You’ve got it! Amazon!These barrettes stay tight and hold my thick hair up all day long. No pulling, no tugging. I bought two packs!

Freda Bakersfield, MO

Great Barrettes!

I love Goody hair products. These barrettes are great. I have fine hair and I can still get them to stay in my hair and hold well. They work well in thick hair as well. And the tortoise style is kind of a classic.

Allie Morongo Valley, CA

They Work

How much can one say about a barrette? I have long hair, and I’m told a lot of it, but it is fine in texture. These barrettes stay in my hair whether I’m pinning just a section of it back or I’m twisting all of my hair into a bun and securing with one these. It always helps to have some hairspray in my hair to provide texture and help the barrette to grip my hair. These are good basic, everyday barrettes and I like the fact that they are three inches long.

Sharron Germantown, NY

Goody Stay Tight Torttoise 3″ Barettes (4 Barretts Per Pack)

I have always liked Goody’s products. I used them while growing up, my girls used them and now my grandchildren love them, too. The Barretts have always held well and I like the color of these.They are really nice and cute. I think the color is good on blond hair.But I found out that they were made in China! Shame on you Googy!

Renee Rapidan, VA


The metal bent on the barrette — no kidding — after 5 seconds of use. Super lame.Being “Made in the U.S.A.” does not guarantee superior craftsmanship, but when Goody started outsourcing to China the quality of their products went way downhill. I still have a pre-outsource Goody stay-tight that I’ve had since the Clinton administration that still holds tight and works great.I called Goody to complain and they sent me two more packages of the exact same China-made barrettes in the mail. Great. Now I have 12 piece-of-s*** barrettes instead of only 4. Hooray!

Traci Olpe, KS