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3 Crystal Glass Nail Files Manicure Set Purple/Pink – Small, Medium & Pedicure File

This file set by 95 & Sunny is Czech Republic made tempered glass. They are guaranteed to never wear out or wear down. They can be use on natural or artificial nails. Continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails. Won’t tear or harm delicate skin – safe for diabetics and babies. Filing surface is non-porous, double-sided and permanently etched into the glass. Board certified in every state for manicurists. Made from float glass, the same process used to produce wine goblets and crystal vases. Environmentally friendly – NO LEAD is added or chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Tempered and hardened for durability and safety, 102% stronger than standard glass. Each file comes with a protective sheath.

Key features

  • Sizes include a large pedicure (7.5″), medium nail (5.5″) and small nail(3.5″)
  • Czech Republic made tempered glass
  • Guaranteed to never wear out or wear down
  • Continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails
  • Protective sheaths for each file is included

Honest reviews


Excellent Quality

I’ve had one of these large files for years now and finally dropped it and it broke. I was nervous to try these ones because I’ve purchased glass files that had some kind of abrasive coating that wore off after a few filings. These ones are the real deal. They are solid glass that is permanently etched to the perfect filing surface. If you don’t drop them, they will last forever! I’m excited to have three different sizes now so I can keep them everywhere for emergency nail issues.

Mercedes Grubville, MO

Noticed a difference the second I filed my weak nails…OMG!

I love these files! My nails are weak, very thin and split all the time. Yes, I was using one of the small nail files which was the best I could find as they have a finer grain. Then I received these crystal ones and I am in love! You can tell the difference imediately. Much, much, much better! I will be buying these for forever now….woot! woot!

Cathryn Lejunior, KY

Must haves

You will never have to buy files again. Well as long as you don’t lose them. They work and smooth the nails so much better than normal files. I recommend this 3 set of different sizes. The small one I keep in my purse. The medium one in my fingernail polish/manicure bag. The big one shifts around. I only do my toes in spring and summer. This big one is great for a lot of filing or for large toenails. Great product guys. You won’t be disappointed.

Brianna Monticello, MS


These are quite nice. My nails were nice and smooth after using this file. The bigger file is good for the bottom of the feet too. Good value as well.

Bridget Paulding, MS


Crystal files are the way to go!! Trust me, they’re awesome. They never wear out. Just rinse them off each time you’re done filing your nails and its ready to go for the next time. Just be careful you don’t drop them because they will shatter all over the place. After all, they are glass. THey’re still worth it though. It makes filing your nails so much easier. They even work on my false nails. Just buy them, they’re great. I love this set with all 3 sizes.

Abbie Heart Butte, MT

Good price!

Only $13.30 for the set on AMZN. I bought just one of these at a boutique and it was $25! The large one for pedicures is thick and strong. It helps remove foot calluses and leave feet smoother than other files. The small one is very small and I keep it in my purse. The medium one is perfect for fingernails and I hope using it will keep my nails from splitting and chipping. They’ve really taken a beating this winter.

Adeline Northfield, MA

Files the nail without cracking them

These files shape the nail without cracking them. I have brittle nails and these files work amazingly. Wish I had known about glass files years ago. Will never use an Emory board again.

Amy Tippecanoe, OH

Purple/Pink Crystal Nail Files

These files are a great buy. I bought one at a street fair 2 years ago, and it’s still like new. The files make wonderful gifts, have a variety of sizes, and can be stashed in your purse, car, desk, wherever you might need a file. I bought several files to give as gifts to my family, and all of them were pleased. Each file has a fitted cover.I highly recommend these files.

Joanna Clovis, CA

Finally! Real glass files!

Fantastic! These came super fast and the quality is awesome. The large file is so big and perfect and I can keep the little one right in my purse! Love these and they work very very well!

Savannah Star Tannery, VA

Great Product

I bought 2 sets . I already own a set from long ago. Both new sets incase they are discontinued. The colors are very pretty.

Zelma Reading, MA


WOW! All the good reviews of these are right! They file smoothly, efficiently and quietly (the sound of nail filing has always sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me).They are of the same grit (fine grain). My nails are strong and thick and these file them perfectly without any rough edges. When I was using the standard sandpaper file, I had to finish with a buffing file to smooth them out.These are actually VERY cost effective since standard nail files do wear out and needs to be replaced from wear.There’s minimal “dust” while filing since you’re not filing off sandpaper with your nails. So far I hadn’t had to brush off my clothes after nail filing.Although they do come in individual plastic sleeves, the sleeves are flexible and would need to be stored in a more rigid container if you pack them in luggage or your purse since they’re made of glass and can’t be bent or dropped. You get 3 sizes, the smallest size is perfect for your purse for nail touch-ups. I keep the smaller, purse file in a credit card compartment of my wallet to keep it protected and handy. They’re made of VERY sturdy crystal, so they’re not fragile, but you don’t want to risk breaking them either.Upkeep is simply rinsing with warm water and soap.Seriously, this is one of the best products around!

Delia Hope, KY


I have been searching for a good crystal nail file, and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I bought a cheaper one at first, and it just didn’t not work. The crystal some how rubbed off and I was so sad. I bought this three pack and I am finally satisfied! They work great! finally

Lourdes Rye, CO

Great Files

These files are good quality and I know my Granddaughter will enjoy them. She tried my glass file on vacation and fell in love with them.If you have never used a glass file order these and I am willing to bet you will be hooked as well.

Marilyn Bullhead City, AZ

crystal nail files

i happen to like crystal nail files. they are much easier on nails than are emory boards. i’m not too sure about the smallest one. i prefer them to be a little larger.

Shelley Sevier, UT

Love These!

I had heard that if purchasing crystal nail files, the ones made in the Czech Republic were the best and I believe it now.I had purchased others that had been made elsewhere (China for one) and they just didn’t hold up. Instead of what appeared to be simply grit glued to a piece of glass like the others I’ve had, these files are much, much different. The rough part that is used to file the nails appears to be the glass itself that is roughed up and somehow doesn’t wear off. I used the large one to file down my nails tonight and nowhere is the roughness smoothed out on the file. My nails, on the other hand are smooth and I had very little of that raggedness you can sometimes get with other non-glass files.I’ve used the medium one to file the rough edge I can get in the skin around the corners of my nails as well as roughness that can show up along the sides. It’s the perfect size for this job and much better than the orange woods sticks that have been dipped in some kind of gritty substance. Those are really rough on the skin but these are gentle and work much better than cutting. I keep the small one in my purse for emergencies. It’s the perfect size and I really appreciate the slip cases that come with them.I’m planning to purchase two more sets for my friends.

Danielle Claremont, MN

Use it on my feet, and nails

They are great, way better than the ones made in china. I think these are phenomenally great! i like them so much and it just doesn’t seem to be wearing down. I have even used them on my feet wet, and even though its more of a finisher filing for feet it did good as a main file for feet. Like them a lot!

Abigail Gunpowder, MD


These are hands down the best quality nail files I’ve ever used. This set will last you for years. I love the color-scheme as well.

Aida Kirby, WY

By far the best nail files I’ve ever had.

I was very concerned about having my nails screetch against the glass but this wasn’t the case at all. They have a matt finish that prevents the screetching and they work a 100 times better than any and all of the nail files I’ve tried. They are also very pretty. I gave my mom the large one, I have the medium one at home and I keep the smallest one in the car. I would recommend that you are careful with them as they are made of glass but they’re not nearly as fragile as I had imagined. I accidentally dropped the smallest one on concrete and it survived 🙂 Both, my mom and I are very happy with them. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Hazel Ackermanville, PA

Where have these files been all my life?

Beyond impressed, truly. Works exactly like they say it does, you simply use and rinse the files, and it’s as if they were brand new. It’s funny, but sometimes you stumble on to things that you never knew existed and you just can’t get over how great they are and how much simpler they make your life…this is definitely one of those things for me.

Dolores Larrabee, IA

Wonderful Nail Files.

These are wonderful nail files. They are so easy to use and I have found that they are better than emory boards. They leave a smooth finish on your nails. Easy to clean as well.

Bobbi Bingham, IL