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28 Color Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow

28 Color Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow

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  • SODIAL(R) 28 Color Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow

Honest reviews


TERRIBLE Eyeshadow.

This is also the same eyeshadow that costal scents sells for 10.00 more.These eyeshadows are like chalk. They have no pigment. Someone compared all of them to mac shades…..I have most of those mac shades and it is NOTHING close.These are just terrible.

Cassie Dieterich, IL

Quite useful.

Great neutrals, with a couple of shimmery coppery and champagne-y colors and a matte black thrown in to deepen your nude looks, or make them more sparkly.The matte neutrals are great for base lids colors to build upon, light add a very dark cat eye, or a dark crease color to smoke out or a bright color on the lower lash line. The light colors are good for the waterline.Good value.

Jamie Zeigler, IL


Nice natural looking colors, too bad one of the shadows broke and got all over the outside, and inside of the pkg, and all over my hands when i opened it.

Carole Scranton, AR

Do not order

I had a horrible time with this product and wish I would have listened to the reviews. The product took FOREVER to come because its from overseas and it was EXTREMELY lightly packaged. Because of the lack of packaging, 11 of the shadows were smashed and all over the place. I opened it up and shadow went everywhere. I contacted the seller and they were very quick to respond and said they would send another one out. I tried to explain the problem was with their lack of packaging and recommended more protection, however it was a waste of time- they sent it out exactly like the first one – so after again waiting forever for it to arrive… 10 of the shadows were smashed and a mess. Though the shadows seem nice and pigmented, unless they change their packaging, you will not receive a full palette that you can use.

Callie Oakland, MN

Really nice palette

I love how many neutral colors this palette has. It is a little hard to get the eye shadow on the brush when I was using an older cheaper brush. So then I used one of my better quality brushes and it wasn’t a problem at all. The packaging was nice as well and none of the shadows were damaged at all. So yeah 🙂

Adriana Thatcher, ID


This is nice to have because of all of the colors. Great for a 3 color contour dont feel like younhave alot of make up on your eye, its not heavy.

Bessie Zullinger, PA

must have

This eye-shadow are a high picment . The quality is great they are how they describe . Perfect for a smoky eye look

Courtney Baskin, LA

color does not transfer to brush or eyes

I was extremely disappointed by this product. The colors are way off from the picture. They are more rose and peach, which I do not use.The biggest issue is that the color doesn’t transfer to a brush or your eye… it’s weird. It turns to powder and then wont allow the brush to pick it up. Even using your finger the color wont transfer. This may be ok for a young girl just learning to use make up (Although I would not have my own daughter use this) but it’s certainly not the quality that an adult would use. Would love my money back.

Nelly Pirtleville, AZ

Received broken 🙁

Pro: shipped quickly looks nice, low priceCons: the black broke and ruined the rest of the colors, now they all are hinted with black, I even tried to wipe them off. Doesnt show up well, have to use a lot of the lighter colors to see them. Olive-tan skin tone

Aurelia Palisade, MN

So many shades

I love the different neutral shades, they go with everything. I can mix and match and wear a new look every day. They last all day and blend together well.

Darla Cache Junction, UT

Very convenient

The choices for tone is vastly appealing, numerous. I do love this. Leaving off a star because for me and my environment this case is a bit large.

Jeanette Alva, WY


Great buy for the price. Very pigmented and creamy to the touch. I recommend this pallette. Very compact too. Love it.

Ophelia Morristown, SD

28 Color Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow

Nice eyeshadow for my business of make up they are very nice color and variety I do professional make up and this color are really intense and beautiful and stay long.

Kerri Uwchland, PA

Delivered totally wrong item with very poor customer service

They sent me the totally wrong order. I double checked three times and this palette with eyeshadow colors is what is in my order but instead, I received a palette of red and orange blush-colors! I have not heard anything back from the seller. I will not purchase again from them. Definitely not worth the time, the mistake and the lack of service.

Marianne Monroe City, IN


totally not what i was looking for. i returned it right away the colors i wanted where all natural but when i got the order it did not seem like that i didn’t like one bit!

Alison Toeterville, IA


After waiting a whole month for this palette it came to me with broken pieces and with lots of makeup film all over the plastic and that’s just not except able I think I should get a refund or some kind of compensation for this I’m just not happy at all.

Frankie Stanton, IA

Great eyeshadow

This is a great eyeshadow palette with a large selection of color!! I will definitely buy more of this as well!!

Bridgett Euclid, MN

I love this palette.

Other reviewers have commented on the lack of pigment but I think my colors all have plenty of pigment. These colors are great for doing warm eyeshadow. On days at home when I don’t want to bother with foundation, etc I use this palette to do my face. one of the colors works as a coverup, two are great for contouring, I do my eyeshadow and use the black as a light liner. I can have my makeup done in 5 minutes with just a coverup brush and a small brush for liner. If it had a color that matched my brows I would have everything.My palette was wrapped in bubble wrap, then put in a box and that was also wrapped in bubble wrap and put in another box before it was sent and it arrived in perfect condition.It was a great buy and I am thrilled with my purchase. A big five stars from me.

Megan Marysville, MI


I like well made make up-but when I got this-I was so happy I tried it out, put the colors on just right and they help with age.So many great things about this-colors to choose never a loss of the perfect color. Love this one it is wonderful.

Eve Wyaconda, MO

Love It!

This pallet is perfect. It has all the colors a girl who’s just getting into makeup needs! Just the right amounts of mattes and shimmers.

Sue Kelly, LA

Great value

It seemed to be packaged pretty well but two of the colors broke anyway. Fortunately there were other shades that were very similar and I don’t really miss the ones that broke. The colors don’t have a ton of pigment, but this works fine for my 9-5 makeup routine, very natural looking for work.You typically get what you pay for, and in this case I feel like the product was well worth the price. I will continue to use this palette on a regular basis.

Deidre Crescent City, FL

Perfect for this time of year

These colors are perfect for fall and winter. Colors go on easily with a brush with little to no fall out. They also blend easily.

Aimee Pounding Mill, VA

Broken pieces, took forever to ship

This was supposed to be a gift for my cousin. It arrived 2 months later and one pot was broken and powder was all over the place. I had to brush it off and ask if I should buy a replacement gift instead. Waste of time, do not buy!

Melba Industry, TX


So… I LOVE the colors, that’s the good, but I would NOT buy this again simple because ALL THE SHADOWS smell identical to acrylic paints. I value my eyesight and have only used them once, but if they begin to irritate my eyes I will discontinue. I would pay more next time for a palette that is SAFE FOR EYES and DOESNT SMELL LIKE PAINT from an art store. If I could, I would rate it 2.5 because the colors are gorgeous, but they DO NOT transfer well and are not pigmented. Hope this helps everyone when deciding to purchase!

Teresa Wildomar, CA

Greatness has arrived

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Best neutral pallet I have ever bought. All the right colors. Pigmentation is ok on some of the matte but the shimmers are awesome! love it highly recommended.

Shirley Lake Como, FL

Must have!

I am in love with all the colors they are so warm and sexy in a way! You can make many different looks which is a huge plus!

Madeline Greensboro Bend, VT