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250 Pack CREATIVE NAIL Shellac CND REMOVER WRAPS Gel UV Polish Manicure Soak Off

CND Shellac Remover WrapShellac Remover Wraps feature an integrated cotton pad that limits fingers and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nailShellac Removal:Wash hands with liquid soap and warm water. Towel dry.Massage CoolBlue onto your hands to sanitize.Wrap each finger with a Shellac Remover WrapSaturate the cotton pad on the Shellac Remover Wrap with pure acetone. Place wrap under the finger with the edge of the cotton pad underneath the free edge of the nail.Fold the cotton pad over the top of the nail.Wrap the long tab around the finger, ensuring a snug fit.Secure wrap with the adhesive tab.Leave the Shellac Remover Wrap on the finger for ten minutes.Securely grip each finger and apply slight pressure to the fingernail.Using a twisting motion, pull the Shellac Remover Wrap and product from the fingernail.If a significant amount of Shellac remains on the nail (due to extended wear or other unique situations), rewrap the nail and allow acetone to penetrate a few more minutes.If necessary, gently slide off any remaining product with an orangewood stick. Be careful not to scrape away the surface layers of the natural nail plate.Rub the nail with a plastic-backed,lint-free pad soaked with acetone to remove any product residue.

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  • 250 Pack CREATIVE NAIL Shellac CND REMOVER WRAPS Gel UV Polish Manicure Soak Off

Honest reviews


A little tough to put on

My recommendation for these wraps would be to put the acetone on the pad, wrap them, and they stick them on your fingers. I had a pretty tough time putting these on and getting them to stay in place. I read before in a shellac forum that people were saying they’d rather use a small cotton pad with tin foil over them and a heating pad on top to fully get the shellac off. After attempting these wraps, I’d almost want to try the other method to see if it is a little less frustrating.

Lula Burlington, VT

Great Product, so Glad I Got it!

This worked so much better that using foil and cotton balls! I got a dispensor for the soak off solution and that helped a lot in doing my own nails. The wraps are a little tricky when putting them on my dominant hand, but still doable. I was able to use less solution and it seemed like it worked faster and came off easier. I only needed to do one application and only for about 15 minutes. I only had to really scrape at one or two nails, and then only a bit, the rest came off very easily with just a little push from my orange stick. I will definitely use these from now on!

Rachael Avondale, AZ

a little hard but great value

It is hard to do by yourself, but practice makes perfect!!! But its such a great deal then buying it from sephora for only 30wraps

Martina Squaw Lake, MN

Love it

These wraps work great! They were easy to put on the first time I tried them. (The people saying they’re hard to put on or they are falling off, must not be doing it right, or just aren’t very coordinated themselves to handle it.) I did the same as what others suggested and just used five on one hand, then slipped them off, and slid them on the other fingers afterward. Saves a little money that way. I also left them on for a little longer than 10 minutes just to be sure it worked good. The gel polish I had on (Harmony Gelish brand) lifted right up, off of the nail very easily. Very impressed with the results. I will NEVER soak my nails in a dish again! Also thought these were way easier to use then cotton pads and foil.

Geri Happy Jack, AZ

Difficult to use

These are next to impossible to use if your are a do it yourself’er. Seriously, you need a third hand to get it wrapped around your figure tip. I find that the pad is very thick and uses a lot of remover. What works for me is foil and gauze. The foils forms well around your tip, and a very small piece of gauze uses little remover. I just pre cut the foil and gauze, and I’m good to go. These were a waste of money.

Kristin Auburn, IN

worked great

I did my first removal without these and searched for something to make it easier. These are worth the price and you can use 5 each time by reusing on the other hand, Shellac came off easier with these.

Roberta Riverside, WA

love these

I was using aluminum foil and cotton balls, but I thought I’d splurge on these, and I’m glad I did.I reuse them several times. They never drip, and work well to remove shellac.

Sharron Hutsonville, IL

Home gel user

These work great. You use a lot less remover with these then with a cotton ball & tin foil.I use five each time instead of 10. I do one hand at a time. I think they’re hard to get on tight to the 2nd hand when you have them on the other had. I reuse the first five on my 2nd hand. The gel doesn’t stick to the pads, the gel just softens & you scrap it off.

Bethany Walnut Grove, MO

Not as easy as it looks

I like the fact that I got 250 wraps for $18…. but these are not easy to put on your fingers… When ever I used these up, I won’t be buying them again.

Hilda Woodhull, NY

I love these remover wraps!

I use these remover wraps, to remove CND Shellac Power Polish from my nails. I find them easy to use, and they do an excellent job of removing the shellac polish, without damaging my nail. You soak the remover pad with acetone, then wrap it on your nail, and leave it on for 10 minutes. You can see how to use the wraps, by watching the following YouTube video: […]

Nanette Fisty, KY

Very nice and easy to use

I received this 250 pack of shellac remover wraps in a very prompt and timely manner from this seller. I didn’t have any problem at all getting them on my fingernails/fingers. The directions were easy and simple to follow and after saturating them with a couple of drops of acetone, and leaving it on my nails for 10 min, the shellac polish came off perfectly. I would rather use these that have to mess with using cottonballs and foil. Thank you for such a great solution to removing shellac or gel UV polish!

Catalina Sabael, NY

Excellent product. Orangewood stick not included.

I just love these pads. I first tried a pack of 100, now bought these 250 which is a great deal! The only minus is that the orangewood stick, which you use to remove the rest of shellac, is not included. Luckily I had same saved from the 100 pack.And I read a lot of reviews and saw that it’s hard to use the pads. Hmm.. I’m not a professional either but it’s very easy to use them for me, maybe just the 5th finger is a little bit tricky.

Trudy Creamery, PA

A Tricky Product But It Works

There is a learning curve to getting these on. Before I bought these it would take me 30-40 minutes of soaking to remove the gel and even then not all of it came off. I was soaking my finger tips in a small cup with acetone. With these wraps once I have them on I put a heating pad set on low over my hand and in about 15 minutes I give the wraps a little twist and pull them off. The nails are completely clear of the gel. There might be a slight bit still left sometimes but easy enough to scrape off. You do need to be sure you’ve put enough acetone on the pad. I don’t know if they would work as efficiently without a little heat from the heating pad. I only gave it 4 stars because of the difficulty getting them on your nails. I wish they would figure out a design that is more user friendly to apply. I also had tried those little pink and clear cap things for removing the gel, hated those things. I had tried the cotton ball and foil routine also, too much of a hassle. These wraps work much better than all the other things I’ve tried and won’t leak.

Cherry Gould, OK

Works good for removal

These are hard to apply for an uncoordinated person. They serve the purpose though. I use them mostly for removing the sticky goo that is left on my nails after curing.

Ophelia Moscow, TX