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24k Gold Intensive Eye Treatment Cream by Jubujub

24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream brings out your inner youth by deflating puffiness and reducing the appearance of around the eyes, giving your eyes a more rested look.

Key features

  • Deflates puffiness of the eyes
  • Reduces dark circles around the eyes area
  • Leaves your eyes with a rested look
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps your skin to look younger and feel better

Honest reviews


Somewhat Effective And She Likes It

24k Gold Intensive Eye Treatment Cream is somewhat effective. I could see what looked like a reduction in puffiness. She said it went on smooth. As for any dark circles under the eyes, I saw no difference. But, I must say there really was less apparent puffiness. It is pricey, but she likes it and I did see some difference in her appearance. Who am I to argue? Just being honest about it.

Jennifer Strawberry Valley, CA

better skin every day

This is a great product from a fantastic product line. Under eye lines and puffiness seem to disappear, a tiny amount of product is adequate for both eyes, and use of real gold feels luxurious. Some products tout gold-like results, but why not use real gold?

Violet Felicity, OH

Oro gold eye cream

Absolutely the best eye cream on the market!!! You have to try it to believe it… I know it may not work for all but it is amazing to me!!! You will not be disappointed!!! I know that the sellers might have said it would last a year but that is only if you use it once a week….Once you try it, you will be using it daily…..

Cecile Schuylkill Haven, PA

Not really good at all

I have been using this for about 6 weeks, along with the eye serum, and, truthfully, I think I have worse crowsfeet and dry skin around my eyes now than I did before I started using it.Other people seem to have better results. I just have really dry skin I guess. I’ve gone back to Philosophy products.

Elba Birchwood, WI

good product

Have used Oro Gold products for a while, and I like all of them. This one performs well, giving my eyes added moisture and helps with lines.

Nora Elmo, MT