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24 Plain 1/3 oz. Roll-on Refillable Glass Perfume Bottles

24-1/3 oz. 10ml. Pockets size roll on perfume bottles.

Key features

  • Perfect for storing perfume oils or other liquids
  • Clear glass bottles with a Plain design
  • Bottles are about 3.5 inches tall with caps on and hold 10mL of liquid– or 1/3 of a fluid ounce

Honest reviews


No leaks

This is a great deal! I have been using these roll-on bottles for my essential oils mixed with fractionated coconut oil. (Always use a carrier oil when applying essential oils. Never use them neat.) I have not had any leakage from the bottles around the roller ball or around the seal. Just remember if you plan to use these for your essential oils to keep them in a dark, cool place. You could also decorate the bottles with washi tape so light doesn’t ruin your essential oil blend.

Valarie Waconia, MN

Excellent! GREAT DEAL 🙂

I read the other reviews prior to making this purchase. This is a really good deal, which is why I was willing to take the risk, and contact the company if I had any really big problems… like half of them arriving broken, or dirty, or missing. Well, this company must have read those negative reviews & taken action, because I was REALLY pleased with EVERYTHING! They were packaged ridiculously well, super duper heavy duty protected in layers and layers of bubble wrap (as glass should be!!), none were missing, none were dirty (I did sanitize with a bleach water solution anyways, I always do!) and yes, the three droppers WERE included! And of course, none were broken! KUDOS to the company for caring enough about their customers to change things when they say bad reviews. I totally recommend!

Greta Ellicottville, NY

They work pretty well

I love using these for special blends of essential oils to make them easier to apply. A couple of the rollers "balls" popped off after a few uses. The other 22 work perfect. Still worth every penny.

Lois Cayce, SC

Nothing came out of the rollerball

I bought these to work with my essential oils. I put in the carrier oil and added the drops of my EO. When I tried to roll on the oil, nothing came out! I tried it with just plain water on other bottles, and again, nothing came out. The roller ball would move around, but nothing would come out. The product was a good deal, if it had worked, but I had to return.

Blanche Springport, MI

As described

Not one was broken – packed well. Easy to use and all rollers worked perfectly. Use for Do Terra oils and I am really happy with them. Great Buy!

Laverne Stover, MO

good seller

I received this item on TIME. the price was rite. I have not had a chance to use them yet. I am just learning to use this stuff for my own personal well being. If it works out for me who knows? I might expand. I know I have had great results fot one of these oils I tried on myself. I like the darker bottles, BUT I am positive. If its life its alright.

Cora Etowah, TN


I have purchased these 2 times and will purchase again. So much for such little cost. These bottles work great for my essential oil blends I make and I have had no problems with leakage or the roller tops messing up. When I need more, I will be back.

Natalie Nassawadox, VA