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Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

Key features

  • Become Your Own Makeup Artist.
  • Gently exfoliate lips.
  • Sweet sugar & smoothing sensation.
  • Treats & smoothes lips for a conditioned & revitalized feel.

Honest reviews


Just Okay

Let me start off by saying this is more of a lip scrub than lip balm. If you are looking for a moisturizing lip balm, this is not the product you need. To properly get the ‘scrub’ properties of this balm, you have to use it around 3 times to scrape off a thick layer of soft moisturizing balm on the tip of the stick. Once you actually get to the scrub part however, I found that this is pretty inconvenient. First off, if you have dry or chapped lips and you actually want to get enough product on your lips.. it just won’t work for you. Mine broke at the 4th or 5th use when I tried to rub it on my lips (not enough product was actually getting on my lips). I did learn a good trick from the breaking of this product however. I took the broken stick out of the holder/packaging thing and used the bottom side as a deep exfoliator. It is very rough, and basically like applying brown sugar to your lips. But it finally got enough product on my lips to actually repair dryness! The reason that this product is inconvenient is because after using it, you have to wipe it off your lips with a moist towel, and then have to apply layers of your favorite lip balm. The only useful purpose of this is if you have very chapped, flaky lips and need something to get the dead skin off. Other than that, it’s not very useful. I still do use it sometimes however, because the smell is fantastic (it reminds me of warm cookies, vanilla, and brown sugar- absolutely delicious)!

Fanny Lakin, KS

Ripped My Poor Lips to Shreds!

Wow! I can’t understand the fabulous reviews this product received, because it left my poor lips feeling like they’d been run through a chipper shredder! Don’t know what the exfoliating grit was used in the stuff, but it felt like I was torturing my lips with gravel embedded in grease. Such a painful experience that I threw it out immediately and was glad that ELF cosmetics are so inexpensive. Yoiks! I am fair skinned and have sensitive skin and my lips were screaming for mercy after I tried this stuff. To be fair, I usually love the quality and price of the ELF brand but will never get within 10 feet of this stuff again! For those of you who love this lip exfoliator, I am envious, because I am still looking for the perfect product. What works great for me is after cleansing my face, I simply rub my lips briskly with a soft washcloth & then massage in a couple of drop of unscented grapeseed oil and my lops are soft, exfoliated and soothed. I do this every morning and night.

Misty Cosby, MO

One of the best lip scrubs, period.

Okay, so if you can find this item in a store, it only runs approximately 3 bucks for ONE. I ordered here on amazon because the local Target did not have the item at the time (you can look up the store in your area and the system will tell you if it is in stock or otherwise), but I don’t mind because the price was not gouged all that much (at the original time of purchase, at least…).Onto the actual product:Fab, period. I’ve made my own lipscrubs and I’ve purchased some from luxury companies (LUSH, for example). I find that this product is not only the most affordable option, but it is also one of the LEAST MESSY and MOST EFFECTIVE! This scrub is so easy to use in a lipstick like form. I absolutely love the concept: portability. This is such a great item to have in your purse/makeup-to-go bag.I’ve found that other lipscrubs are WAYYY overpriced. And if you make your own, you’re looking at about 10-20 in start up costs. You really CAN’T go wrong here…

Kenya Villa Maria, PA

Great product!

I have a TERRIBLE habit of picking at my lips. They are almost always cracked and dry. This stuff is the answer to my prayers! It takes all the dry skin off and makes my lips nice and smooth. It also has a nice smell, even though you wipe it off it’s still nice! I will be buying this as long as they make it, which I hope is a long time!

Keisha Mad River, CA

They had to put aspartame in it??

I really like this sugar scrub exfoliator. In the tube it looks dark brown but it goes on clear and keeps my lips smooth. I did notice that over time the lip exfoliator seems to lose creaminess, so you are better off buying one stick at a time. However my lips are better than they have been. But why did they need to add a chemical sweetener to a lip exfoliator that already has sugar? One star off.

Aileen Pond Creek, OK

Does the job!

e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator is the perfect product to use, especially when the weather turns cold and your skin is drained dry by indoor heat and intense outdoor cold. This product contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils. There is no color, so it is perfect underneath whatever lip color you normally wear. The taste is sweet, the smell is inoffensive, and the results are excellent. At first I thought it might be a waste of money, but using it after a while prooved that it did exfoliate that dry upper layer of rough skin that is such a total discomfort. It’s the perfect therapy for chapped lips, and to keep them smooth all year, and it’s better than other products I’ve tried.Recommended!

Catalina Gates, OR

Sugary Sweet!

This product has the yummiest smell to it. Luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth or I would have tried to taste it haha!It goes on rough but that’s obviously to buff out the dry and cracked skin on your lips but it leaves them feeling so soft! This deal was great and it was shipped super fast. It made it to my house 2-4 days earlier than expected so it was a pleasant surprise to find in my mailbox.

Hope Staunton, IN

Good product

This works nicely if you have really chapped, peeling lips. Takes away the cracked layer. Just make sure to rinse it off after a few minutes. Lips will be smooth and fresh!

Sheri Randsburg, CA

A Surprise Favorite

I’ve spent over $20 on the Sara Happ lip exfoliator and now I’m sad I did that because this product is so much more superior. Its everything I’ve wanted out of a exfoliator – logical packaging, natural ingredients, and grit. I love that it is packaged in lipstick form because you can use it from the tube and make circular motions on your lips. It doesn’t fall apart on your lips and does have enough hold in the product to keep it together. When you first get it, you will have to use a bit to get down to the sugar part so don’t immediately think its too slick to work as an exfoliator.

Angeline Arnold, MD

gentle and effective

I got this in an e.l.f. Beauty Bundle and at first, I thought, what would I ever use this for? But it was winter at the time, and I had been playing around with different lip colors lately, and some of them are not very moisturizing. Pretty soon my lips got chapped. And then I remembered that I had this lip exfoliator.Overall, I like this fairly well, but I find it to be a bit inconsistent at times. Sometimes it feels more moisturizing to me, and sometimes it feels scratchier. (There are little rough bits that do the exfoliating. The rough bits don’t seem to transfer to the lips at all, and they do gently get rid of dead skin cells.)I like that this contains a lot of plant oils, although please note that ceresin is derived from mineral wax. Also please note that it contains aspartame, which I find a little odd since it also has sugar in it. (I don’t have anything against aspartame; I consume it all the time. I’m just passing on the information in case it is a concern for you.)This does not add any color or shine to the lips and is probably not a substitute for a lip balm. However, the oils and waxes do soften the lips somewhat. I think it would be best for people who want to even out the skin on the lips, for example, prior to applying lip stains (which look best with smooth lips), or for people with highly chapped lips.

Muriel Linwood, KS

I liked it while it lasted

I bought this pack because I have terribly dry lips, and I lick them which in turn makes them way worse. Terrible, horrible bacon lips. I’ve gotten better about using chapstick but every now and then I get behind and this is the kind of boost I needed.They work pretty well, definitely helps scrub off some of that skin that is pestering you so you can start fresh. It does taste good, so don’t go eating it or it won’t last very long. It goes pretty fast, being grains of sugar and a light something to hold it all together, you can burn through it if you use it a lot or push hard.ALSO, do not leave this stuff anywhere remotely warm. I left one in my car the first few days I was using it and it all melted into the cap and became unusable. Very sad about that.

Andrea Waldo, OH