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21st Century Herbal Clear Deodorant, Aloe Fresh, 2.65-Ounce

Obtain ultimate protection with the help of 21st Century Herbal Deodorant! This aloe fresh stick features vitamins A & E for long-lasting freshness.

Key features

  • It is a natural deodorant.
  • It has fresh Aloe formula.
  • It is hypoallergic.

Honest reviews


Gentle, Clean-Smelling and it Works!

Gentle, Clean-Smelling and it Works!+ No aluminum to negatively affect your body,+ No yellow sweaty armpit stains on light colored clothes,+ No past funk residue after laundering on clothes+ You’ll smell good even after a hot Texas day!NOTE>>>THIS IS NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT**It’s difficult to find locally and worth shopping around with different sellers for good pricing and shipping so you can stock up.

Chelsea Talkeetna, AK

Better than others

I like this deodorant because it’s all natural. It don’t have anything harmful in it like the other brands that are out there on the market. The smell seems kinda feminine, I guess that’s the aloe that I’m smelling? Just something I will just have to get used to because I’m not switching back to the other brands.Also, this is not really waterproof, a little bit of water will take it off. So don’t go around shooting super soakers and expect to still smell like a princess 😛

Wilda Loretto, MI

no traces on clothing

Clear stick formula with a mid strong scent, which disappears upon application. It works all day to keep me odor free and maybe even sweatfree. Good for a woman

Amy Atwood, OK

Not good.

Had high hopes for this, but honestly, I prefer my salt rock crystal over this. The scent, at first, was okay. Not great, a little mature for me. But when that scent combines with sweat… no. You don’t want that on your clothes/skin. Yes, it’s aluminum free, but not the best. Arm & Hammer or a salt crystal is a better choice.

Amber Foyil, OK


As we all know, or should know, aluminum is a very real suspected culprit in Alzeimer’s Disease and Anti-perspirants are loaded with it. I purchased this aluminum-free deodorant and it just doesn’t do the job. I could smell the stuff on myself, so I surmised others could too. Also, it doesn’t work, failed after a few hours. Don’t waste your money on this. I loved my Secret Anti-perspirant, but alas, it has aluminum in it. I am going to try Arm & Hammer Essential next, which I ordered off the internet and cannot find in the stores (aluminum free) and hope to god it works. Hopefully I will find the right deodorant (can’t use anti-perspirants as they ALL have aluminum in them)that will work, and this ain’t it folks. By the way, those that think I don’t know what I’m talking about. ME’s have found excess aluminium in the brains of dead cadavers who died from Alzheimers (I always wondered what the common denominator was) and I, for one, would rather not risk it, therefore, I don’t cook with aluminum pans and will not use any anti-perspirants or deodorant with aluminum in them.

Dora Ozark, IL

Great hypo-allergenic product

I was having problems with underarm irritation from products containing aluminum, so needed to switch to a hypo-allergenic type of deodorant. Was using Almay brand, but the cost was something else, and I had been using their Aloe fragrance, which seems to have been discontinued. Read about this brand on Amazon, and decided to try it. Not at all disappointed.

Lilia Rome, IN

Nice but smells too strong

A nice more or less natural alternative but the smell is too strong for my liking. I prefer Primal Pit Paste – my holy grail deodorant.

Queen Potts Camp, MS

Works well, smells great!

I am not a heavy sweater, nor did I need anything to PREVENT me from sweating, as this is what our bodies are supposed to do, just wanted something to control odor since I am now trying to take good care of my body and use aluminum free deodorant. So far I have no complaints. I can’t speak for those who are looking for something to stop their sweating. I am just happy with the deodorant. If you like the smell of Aloe Vera then you’ll love this. It’s gentle but effective!

Flora Liberty, MO

Works surprisingly well for being made without aluminum!!

I needed a deodorant that could at least last all day, not be too overpowering, preferably natural, and without aluminum since I have an allergy. This deodorant works perfectly!! I’ve tried many ranging from expensive boutique stores to drugstore brands, none have complemented my body chemistry quite like this one. It works well with my body, I need only apply it in the morning (sometimes at night) and I feel confident that it’s working. It glides on particularly well and doesn’t leave a residue which is great for shirts!All in all a good purchase and one that I am confident enough to purchase again.

Letha Brussels, IL

It’s ok but I don’t prefer it

I bought this because I wanted to find a non anti perspirant deodorant (it doesn’t seem like a good idea to add these chemicals to your body every single day). I have used both the aloe and the lavender. Both of the scents didn’t really impress me. They worked well enough (I didn’t have BO), but I found Degree Women’s Nature Effects Solid Deodorant Stick-Honeysuckle-2.2 oz (Pack of 5) which is a mainstream deodorant without anti-perspirant. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that there are about 100 different anti perspirants available for women, but hardly any deodorants without anti perspirants. Hopefully in the future the market will grow for this type of item.

Tammi Buford, WY