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20”7pcs Fashional Clips in Remy Human Hair Extensions 24 Colors for Women Beauty Hot Sale

Royar Beauty focus on Healthy&Natural hair beauty since year 2005, all of our products are produced by real human hairs. We believe healthy is the permanent fashion from all over the world. If you want looks more charming but natural, Royar Beauty is the answer always! Note: Real human hair looks more frizzier. Synthetic hair looks smooth but it is made by cheap material which is not good for human. Specifications Hair Type: 100% Silky Straight Human Hair. Application Time: 5 minutes (approx.). Use Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on careful use). Usage: Can be washed&dyed, curled&straightened (temperature better below 392 degrees Fahrenheit). Set Contents 7pcs set graded as below (depends on the pieces width) 8inch width (1pcs,total 4 clips)(use in upper back of head) 6inch width (2pcs,total 6 clips)(use in lower back of head) 4inch width (2pcs,total 4 clips)(use in side of head) 2inch width (2pcs,total 2clips)(use in front of head). 8pcs set has one more 2inch width piece than 7pcs set.

Key features

  • Royar Beauty focus on Healthy&Natural hairs product since year 2005. We just sell real human hair, all qualify items packed by our unique branded package.
  • 100% REMY hair extensions with brand guaranteed,softly touch and tangle free, can be washed&dyed,curled&straightened (temperature better below 392 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • 7pcs set weighs 70g with 16 clips. 8pcs set weighs 90g with 17 clips.
  • Per clip weighs 0.8g, it is stitched on hairs and removable.
  • Fulfilled by seller takes 9-12 days by USPS.Fulfilled by Amazon takes 1-2 days.

Honest reviews


So pretty

A little warning if you are going to buy this product: If you are using these extensions to cover your head, you need to buy 2 sets of these because it’s not enough hair, UNLESS, you have super thin hair. For me, I only bought 1 pack because I am dying some of the pieces pink, so I don’t need to cover my head with them. The hair is super soft and great quality. Definately 100% human hair. The color in the hair in the picture is the same color you get (just wanted to make that clear because I know lighting could mess with the color and it didn’t in my case. who knows, could be different for everyone else). It dyed super well. In my pack, they gave me an extra clip just for a replacement incase one is faulty. As for shipping, it took 2 weeks, which I expected because these are coming from China and I live in the USA. I will be buying from this seller again most likely.

Lilia Elmwood, TN

very nice!

For the price you CANNOT beat these.They’re awesome.Very thin, so if you’re trying for volume, or length…. order 2.Even then, they’re cheaper than at the store & WELL worth it.I straighten/curl them and they’re still just like new.Will definitely be ordering from them again.:))

Melva Detroit, TX

my hair extentions

I love, love, love, my hair extensions they are great and are so easy to put on. I would order from here again for sure.

Fanny Snook, TX

Thinner than expected even for the low price but they are nice

I ordered a chestnut brown/blonde mix-its more blonde than browns but that’s OK. Ummm, quality-they are soft hair I will say that and color seems decent. I will say I expected thin but these are thinner than I thought. I just got them to add a few highlights anyways and I can mix them up with my high quality extensions for fun. I say they are decent quality for the price definitely-expect thin and don’t crab when they are that’s so annoying-you aren’t going to get elite extensions at this price point come on-haha. If you are looking for a full head of nice extensions then these aren’t for you-Id say pay more for better quality if you want that but definitely try these to change up your looks. Shipping was fast too!

Janie Hillsdale, MI

Great extensions!

These are my first set of extensions. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I haven’t really done any research on them either. I have always wanted to try them, so the Remy 20” extensions were a very affordable price compared to salon extensions. I decided to give them a go. They are beautiful and match my hair perfectly. I love them and I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Mandy Tallman, NY

I like them a lot!

They are very thin, however I already have thin hair and was just looking for length not volume, so I do recommend these if you have thin hair and just want length! They were not the color it looks like in the picture but like a dirty blonde. But I’m fine with that because you can always dye them! For $36 you can’t beat it! They got here in 2 weeks and that’s good since it said it would be here within 4 weeks! Overal I do like them a lot, and can’t wait to dye them! 🙂

Maryann Strange Creek, WV

do not buy it

I got them in january 2014 and tried to to bleach them. Its not real hair or it would have bleached. Super thin hair, falls out of the stitching and feels like straw. It also fried up and like melted when I tried to use a heating tool to style my hair!. Dont buy! Do not buy!!!!!

Roxie Fountain, MI


Not the quality they describe. They are thin as can be. Look’s like rats tail when on your head. I ordered two sets… Still not enough! Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of returning and look elsewhere. It wouldn’t even add volume to your hair if your hair is already this length.

Emma Petrolia, TX

nice color

love the color, item as described. need more than one pack but everyone who buys extensions knows that already.I like to sew mine together in three rows so i have to wear less clips.. like the quadweft by headkandy

Gloria Walkersville, MD


I bought these clip ins in January I not to long ago received them not because of amazon but because I live in the Caribbean and it takes forever for me to get my stuff. When I bought these I cant remember seeing any reviews. I however decided to look it up a month after and woa the bad reviews. I immediately bought another set those are on their way now. These are the fist clip ins I have ever owned. I will be as honest and as blunt as possible. Also I have thin hair.
• There are not dark brown or what I thought to myself as dark brown but however I managed to blend them well with my hair.
• Yes they are twenty inches but the ends are scraggly thin and appear damaged.
• The package said to treat them as you would your own hair I put heat protector on them to curl the ends a bit and they were instantly weighed down and the curl would not hold.
• Clips need to be reinforced when you receive this pack as they are not sewn on very securely.
• These clip ins are great if you only want the back of your hair to look thicker and longer I had to do a half up half down style to make it blend well.Oh and as for shedding of the hair I did not really get much of that.

Lena Rogers, CT

does the job

not as nice as the more expensive hair… but thats to be expected. i wanted it for a little more lenght and it does the job.

Jewel Penrod, KY

Good quality and reasobably priced.

Have to wait for like 3 weeks for the delivery. Hair was surprisingly soft but the colour was way off than the picture. But I coloured it with my own hair colour and it came out perfect. I used my GHD straightener on it, no problem. But I have to say its overall not so much hair and the ends are very thin, but since I already expected that from the other reviewers, I trimmed of a bit of the ends and then they are better. Since I only use these for volume, but I already have quite thick hair, it works out just fine for me.

Christine Aline, OK

love it!

Great items! thank you

Marylou Porter, MN

black in the extensions turned my blonde hair kinda ashy

I normally buy from sally’s beauty for my hair extensions. my hair is pretty thick and I would have to use two packages, now I had started to thin my hair and only need one, but these clips are pretty thin. I added a blonde piece from my old package and it looked very good. I have blonde hair and was using these to have black streaks in my hair. I put them in my hair one time when my hair wasn’t all the way dry and now the black from the extensions have made my hair kinda ashy… I will from now on only buy from sally’s.

Dianne Powers Lake, WI

Very thin.

The hair was very thin, especially the ends. It has a weird smell and texture, and the clips are sewn in very losely, you’ll have to re sew them. It’s not all human hair, part of mine turned grey when i dyed it black, which then melted when i tried to straighten it. But thats 20 dollar extentions for you.

Erma Littleton, NC

I think this is a pretty good product… with proper knowledge of what you are getting

This product does give you a set of thin straight hair clip on real hair pieces. It’s real hair, I know it took a hair dye, so you can dye these pieces to match your hair color. I am setting them with a curl, initially the curl did take without the setting lotion so I suspect that the curl will hold better with the setting lotion. The most important thing to know is that these pieces are not designed for volume unless you order more than one set. The length is accurate and they are easily cut to style. If you want just a little extra length or a little extra something for your hair style one set works, but they are not as full as some real hair pieces I’ve owned in the past. But again, they take a dye well so you can choose a color close to what you want and then dye it for a perfect match.

Leah Summerfield, TX



Victoria Nathalie, VA

clip in hair extensions

don’t by these extensions i bought these twice and i got the one’s pictured and i loved them but my 3rd time i ordered these it took way to long to come and they sent me the wrong color i ordered dark brown and they sent me 1b 1 black and i didn’t get real human hair i ended up getting synthetic which tangles and is annoying and feels weird i contacted the seller evecos and they said i could sent them back but it would cost alot because the came all the way from china so i didn’t bother sending them back and they said they could give me a 50% refund which they did and i only got 8 dollars back and they wouldn’t send me new extensions so becareful with the seller ”evecos” the customer service with them is terrible and the shipping took way to long.

Michael Hiko, NV