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204 Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium Brown

Includes: * 20 pre-measured color capsules * 1-1.2 oz. creme developer * 1 instruction sheet.

Key features

  • Great for use on beards, mustaches, sideburns, anywhere you need a little color.
  • A complete kit,ready to use 20 Applications
  • Effectively covers resistant gray.No odor No ammonia
  • Long lasting natural color will not fade
  • Medium Brown Color

Honest reviews


Works great!

I have used Godefroy color tint for a couple of months now. When my sister visited me recently, she saw the tint kit in my bathroom and asked about it. She mentioned that she used to have her stylist dye her eyebrows for her when she’d have her hair done, but her hairdresser could no longer provide this service for her because of changes in the state law.Needless to say I dyed my sister’s eyebrows for her right then and there. She was a little hesitant because she worried the color might come out too dark, but her eyebrows came out perfectly an she was very pleased. Because it was her birthday I ordered her the kit for her in medium brown. She’s recently emailed me to tell me how happy she is with the kit and its contents and how easy she finds it to color her eyebrows. She gets perfect results every time and the little brush in the kit makes the mixing and application of the dye very easy. She’s also discovered that there is more than enough tint in each capsule for two or three applications, so this tint kit is very economical.

Nanette Newark, NY


This product dyed my skin completely. If it was just a light tint, I would’ve been happy but it was an opaque, dark, dark brown. Almost black.. No matter how much I washed or scrubbed, it did not come off. So, I gave up and decided to leave it alone until my skin went through the regeneration cycle, but then a few weeks later, for lack of a better description, it crusted off!!! I had a chunk of hardened skin that just sloughed off of the area and now I have what resembles a burn where the dyed skin used to be. It reminded me of what happens when you don’t properly take care of a tattoo and the whole section of skin containing the ink just comes off the body… I must not have the right skin type for this type of dye..

Justina Buena Vista, CO

I have eyebrows!!!

My eyebrows are starting to turn grey in some places so they are fading away. I’ve never had great eyebrows so I really didn’t want to lose what little I have. I purchased this and I LOVE it! It works great on eyebrows and it lasts quite awhile. Definitely doesn’t last a month, more like two weeks, but it’s worth it to me to have my eyebrows back. Oh and there is no reason to use the whole capsule for one application. I get probably 4 applications out of each capsule so just go gently and you’ll be able to figure out how much you need for your situation.

Rosalyn Waller, TX

Easy to use and excellent results

Much better than the one I was previously using. Instead of waiting for 20+ minutes, looking like a clown, this mixture works almost instantaneously. The included brush is helpful and the clean up is a breeze.

Shelby Highland, MD


Color is very nice, application is very easy, and you don’t need to use whole capsule for one time (use half or so). Really, I am glad I bought it..

Lenore Plano, IL


This arrived, poorly packaged, with the developer (bleach) all over the product box. Obviously, the contents had expanded and blown the top off of the bottle. It was a somewhat of a project to get a refund. Amazon wanted me to return the product for a refund, which was clearly not possible since the box was wet and the bleach was everywhere. Had to go on Amazon "Chat" and try to make the person on the other end realize that sending it back was not an option. Took some doing, but after some doing, my refund was processed promptly.

Janine Randolph, OH

Love this brow dye!

I really like this product. I am beginning to get grey hairs in my brow and this product covers the grey hairs completely and the product lasts on the brow for about 2 weeks or so.

Marci Blue Mountain Lake, NY