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2012 Cheeky Set of 26 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit With Total of 160 Nail Art Designs

Stunning pack of 26 Nail Stamping Plates With Different DesignsIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing.These VAGA stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. These plates have a backing (unlike other plates) so you will not cut yourself with them. With long and wide designs to cover the full length of nail.Using our Nail Art Plates1. Make sure to remove the protective cover off the plate before using. 2. Make sure you are using new and thick enough nail polish that is suitable for stamping. 3. Please clean your nails and apply base coat for best results. 4. Work fast in order to get the suitable result, otherwise the polish will get dry and will not stamp properly. GOOD LUCK!!!

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Amazing value, complete set to create stunning stamping designs fast and easy!
  • Our nail art tools and decorations are all of best quality that guarantees easy application and long lasting designs making them ideal for private and professional use.
  • Ideal present for every nail art fan, girls and women alike.

Honest reviews


Plates work great

So I have had a chance to try several of the full nail plates and have to say they work great! Was a little worried getting non Konad plates because I haven’t had the best luck but these worked just fine for me. I love the variety and I love that this set comes with a lot of the full nail plates. I have people ask me all the time if they are stickers. They are great plates and would recommend getting them. These plates did come with a clear blue cover so the plates do not scratch which is appreciated as they come shipped stacked on top of each other.

Cassandra Methow, WA

Cheeky plates

I was super excited to see these plates. I was online and was just checking to see if there were any new fauxnad plates out, i have both bundle monster sets, shany, and the red angel plates. These looked super cute in the photo and was a good price. I didn’t hesitate to get them! Nothing rivals the quality of Konad, these work but need a practice hand. The images are not engraved very deep like the Shany and Red Angel plates. I haven’t tested them all yet but they seem to transfer ok, just need to employ a little more effort.

Elisa Zenda, WI

Nice selection, easy to use

I bought this assortment as they had a nice selection of designs I haven’t seen elsewhere. I used theKonad Staming Nail Art Stamp & Scraper Set Iiwith regular nail polish and had an easy time getting good results with most designs. However, some of the designs have fine lines and detail. I found those came out best if I used Konad stamping polish with them instead. Combine this set with theRed Angel ™ Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit 21pcand you should have almost any design you could possibly ever need.

Gilda Hillsboro, WI

awesome nail plates!

Work really well. Plates fit in bm plate book. The designs are deep enough to get a good stamp. No repeat plates! Cant wait to buy their other plates!

Juliette Napoleon, OH

Cute and clear!

Loved em! they are very cute and the images come out really well! remember to use the right kind of polish or they wont come out as well! wearing some designs right now!!!

Josefa Cave City, KY

great set

So many awesome designs. I own several different brands. A must have if you love nail art as much as I do. Check out my slide show of nail art on YouTube.[…]

Mercedes Lick Creek, KY

Great Plates!

I love love love these plates! They have great designs. Lots of full nail images to choose from and they are all super cute! They all stamp really well for me using reguler polish and a plastic scraper. I havent tried it with a metal scraper but i’m sure that would work too. The images come out crisp, clean, and fully detailed. The only one I had a slight problem with was the butterflies on plate ch3 but if I use the special stamping polish it works just fine. Very happy with my purchase 😀

Charmaine Sanborn, IA

Great set of plates

I love the designs on these plates. Most of them work well. Only a few don’t seem to work at all. The cracked glass doesn’t transfer at all and the Cheetah print is very blurry when transferred. But over all these work great and I loved the designs. Wish they were a tad less expensive. I give it a four star for the plates that don’t work.

Leta Jackson, MN

love me some cheeky!!

My number one go to plates seem to always be cheeky. This is not a bad thing unless you are the half dozen other brands of plates I own 🙂

Kate Coloma, MI


I absolutely LOVE these plates. These were the first plates I’ve bought, and i was skeptical about them working. When they came in the mail, my mom and I had hours of fun playing with our nails. My TWO year old niece asks me to "paint stamp" her nails, and loves it. These work perfectly, as long as you know what you are doing. I would advise, instead of using those metal scrapers, to use an old credit card or gift card. The metal scrapers WILL scratch your plates.I will be ordering more plates from this company in the future, I am very pleased with this product.

Trudy Atlantic Mine, MI


Recibí el producto, súper bonitos, muy bien presentada estoy feliz haciendo mis diseños en las uñas, son como se ven en las fotografías aunque el tamaño es pequeño para uñas anchas

Mary Dimock, PA

Good Product

Bought this set for my girlfriend and she loves them, she gets many hours of enjoyment out of their use. You cannot go wrong purchasing these for anyone that does nails.

Elisha Roundup, MT

Cute designs

These plates have worked great for me so far! These were the first set of nail plates I have purchased, so I didn’t know what to expect. All the designs I have tried work well. The quality is great, and the designs are fun. I had heard to use a plastic scraper instead of a metal one (the metal ones scratch the plates), so I use the little plastic card included in this set as my scraper. It works perfectly. All I needed to by was a stamper- I use the Konad double-ended one, which works well with these plates. These are a great deal and a lot of fun.

Donna Seymour, TX

love them love them

Did I tell you how much I love these? I bought a kit in Vegas while on vacation of a different brand, but after reading several reviews I figured I’d give it a shot and love these. Cant wait to order more plates, Cheeky brand discs are great. They are the same size as the disc I bought in Vegas.

Kathleen Renovo, PA

Cool Designs

LOVE IT! These are just as good as any other expensive name brand nail art. So many plates and such neat designs.

Essie Ragland, WV

Great Stamps

Used them on myself and they all work great. just need to remember to clean them with acetone before the first use.

Ronda Silsbee, TX

Great designs

It’s hard to get used to using these if you have never used them before, but they are fun to play with. The tip designs don’t fit on my thumbs, but I must have larger thumb nails than most average women. I am enjoying playing around with using different color combinations to see what shows up on top of what colors.

Winnie Weatherly, PA

I use this set all of the time!

I have several nail stamping plate sets, including the new Cheeky 2013 summer set, and the Cheely Jumbo XL plates. This set is GREAT! The images stamp very clear and pick up easy. I’ve used stamping polish and regular polish with this set, and their is something for everyone in terms of subject matter in this set. I use these plates quite often; even more so than my other Cheeky plates.

Andrea Glouster, OH

Fantastic Plates

These are great! The images are fun, crisp, and diverse and open up a world of opportunities for nail stamping. It’s also a great deal – you get so many!

Lilia Kinsale, VA

love it

I was a little worry to purchase this item for the different variety of opinions. I am satisfy with my purchase. I have try most of the designs and so far it works great. There is a few designs that are not deep enough, but nothing to major than cannot be fix if you just get to remove the nail polish with less force. In my opinion they are great for the price and also that the designs are big enough to cover an average size nail. I do recommend buying this set.

Zelda Rehoboth, MA

Worked well.

The edges are in fact a bit sharp (the discs are thinner than other brands). And although the images are a bit shallow, seem to still work well (I gifted this and I’ve been told – and have seen – how well they work).

Sherrie Lester, AL


I have plates from several different manufacturers and I must say that these are the best plates I’ve ever used including the Konad plates. I got this as a gift for my sister for her birthday but since she is new to stamping I did her nails for her. I was stunned by how clean and clear the images came out. I didn’t use special stamping polish, to do her nsils I used the kleancolor black. When I was done I also tested with a regular white polish. I also tested various images fine lines, big spaces, even the tip images were great. When the box came I was surprised by how small it was, I thought I got mini plates or something, they are the standard plate size but even more importantly the images fit my nails. I have wider nsil beds and have had trouble in the past with full nail images not fitting my nails from the Konad, Gals, and Red Angel brands. No such problems with the images I tested. Keeping in mind that I haven’t tested every single image I would say this is a great set. If I had any complaints it would be that despite having the paper backing the sides felt a little sharp but that’s not enough to take away from a review of AMAZING!!!

Nita Poseyville, IN

Love them

I like this set because it has a lot of the full nail choices. I don’t usually do the small pictures. The edges are a little sharp, so becareful.

Jocelyn New Concord, OH

Plates work beautifully

I bought these plates so I can do my own nails and they worked perfectly. Not a complaint at all. Just took a while to be able to use the stamper correctly.

Irene Jarvisburg, NC

Awesome images in 1 set

Cheeky Plates is a new one here on amazon.Great seller,great product.I had no problems with these plates.#1 ships fast.#2 packaged great.#3 film removes easly and is blue so you can see it.#4 backings..yes ladies these have backings,no sharp edges.#5 works even with regular polishes too.#6 stamps and transfer well.(etching is deep but not to deep)#7 this set has a nice selection of images/full nail designs to keep one busy for awhile.I am very glad i grab these B4 valentines,i did a mani that i am posting here all plates used here are Cheeky.

Natasha Moline, IL

Love the images!

I purchased this a while back. I really enjoy these plates. The images are very nicely etched. Absolute no flaw! Glad to have these in my nail stamping plates collection!

Nikki Edgarton, WV

Pretty neat

I am new to stamping and I am really trying to get the hang of these. I can’t seem to get them straight but they are fun to play around with. Clean up is no fun because I end up with nail polish all over me.

Katharine Buhl, MN

Still Testing….not sure yet

Just received these yesterday. I wrote a review on the Mash stamper and scraper that I ordered to use with these plates. Like I mentioned in the other review, I am still testing the use of these. I have removed the plastic off one plate which is plate #14 and have tried to transfer 2 designs off that plate with not much luck. Not sure if it is the plate, stamper or polish. I did try 3 different polishes and colors however but still did not transfer well…very light where I could hardly see it. The pattern does not completely come off the stamper as I had seen in some video’s so I have to clean off the stamper and the plate with nail polish remover. Nail art is all new to me since I just became interested about 3 weeks ago and have been trying different things. Will come back and update my review after more trial and error. Not sure yet if this was a waste of money or not. Can anyone help me with suggestions on the art of stamping and what the issue may be…?? Anything would be appreciated….Oh, the plates where at total of 26 which was correct. They were in numerical order in packs of 5 which was nice but when going through the 26 plates I thought I would get plates 1 – 26. Turned out 18,19 were missing but I got plates 27 and 29 instead. And then they skipped plate 28 too. Just seemed strange…. Anyway, will see how it goes.Update….I have gotten somewhat better with the stamping and will continue to try using these. I purchased the Red Angel plates after these, and they are terrible. Then I bought the MASH 2012 plates and they have seemed to work really well. I bought the Konad stamper/scraper and that also works well in combination. I still need a lot of practice but from pictures people post with the product and some of the You Tube video, it looks like it can look really looking forward to getting better. thanks for any tips and comments….

Luisa Palomar Mountain, CA

Not as good as Konad

Nervous about this purchase because of the reviews/cheap price. You will def. need thick polishes and Konad scrapper/stamp if you buy these plates. They’re great for nail newbies or kids because they come out “decent”, but some designs aren’t deeply engraved. Wouldn’t advise serious nail junkies to buy (Konad plates are better).

Eunice Cooperstown, ND

Great images, Awesome value!!

These plates are great. The images are super cute. They transfer very well to the nail. I am an avid stamper, and was looking for some new images. This set hit the mark. Not just the average flowers you great with other sets. This has a great varitey of images. I’m very happy with my new Cheeky set, and plan to buy more Cheeky items soon!! Happy stamping!!

Meagan Frisco, CO