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2010 Designer Skin Luminary for Face Firming Bronzer Facial Tanning Lotion 3.6 oz.

Black Label Priavte Reserve L.ight E.ngaged D.efiance Exclusive L.E.D. Complex pampers your face with superior toning and firming benefits while stellar bronzers provide remarkably dark color. For indoor and outdoor tanning. Suitable for all skin types. 3.6 oz. bottle

Key features

  • L.ight E.ngaged D.efiance

Honest reviews


No Immediate Results

You see, I would expect that for $20 at 3.6 oz I would see an immediate improvement in my facial color especially when using it with a bed with facial bronzing bulbs. I’ve usually used whatever lotion I’m using that day except for tingles (I’ve yet to put a tingle lotion on my face.) Anyways, someone else wrote a review saying it took about a pea size drop to cover their whole face. Maybe its because I’m a guy and I’m a little larger than some of the petite women using these products, but it took about 3 pea size drops to cover my whole face. I can see having to use this if you have seriously sensitive skin and break out with the regular tanning lotions on your face, but even then you may as well use the slightly cheaper and slightly larger bottle of Saving Face by Designer Skin (also available through Amazon,) which is also hypoallergenic. I probably won’t be using this lotion again for this price. I may try another facial lotion (I’ve read some great reviews about Australian Gold’s Crystal Faces or I may just try the Saving Face,) but I can’t see paying $20 for something this small without some super special benefits. It would be like buying Designer Skin lotions full price at the salon just because I have the money to blow, in my opinion. I’ll finish this bottle while using tingle lotions, but definitely won’t be paying for this facial tanning accelerator again.

Elva Lansing, MI


I bought this lotion from my tanning salon when it came out. First too much always came out of the bottle and when the bottle got low it was very difficult to get the product out, and on top of that it wasnt very moisturizing it felt like applying silk to your face and felt like silky powder once applied which is nice but it was obviously just a silicone feeling and I got absolutely no color from it there was no difference what so ever from this product.

Coleen Arbovale, WV

great face tanner

love this face tanner. it goes on so smooth and dosen’t make me break thing is you only need a little tiny bit, maybe a pea size goes a long way. I will have this face tanner forever before I run out.

Sheri Mahwah, NJ


Pair this face firming bronzer up with the Designer Skin Luminary 25x Black label and you are going to have one hot, dark body! Leaves your skin feeling nice and soft, hydrated, no complaints at all.

Hannah Bethune, SC

Great product

This feels so good on you face.protect also firms the skin.great price and fast delivery.will buy again recommend it for all skin types.

Amy Garner, KY


Gives great color, perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin, and the skin care is awesome. My favorite face tanning lotion!

Kristen London Mills, IL

Darker face in a smaller bottle

smaller bottle than I pictured. BUT I have been using it and WOW!!! My face is darker! It works better than the amazing face I was using. It does smell like alcohol, but only initially. After I tan the smell has faded. I also do not have to use a whole lot. This bottle should last a long time. 🙂 Definitely buying more! 🙂

Chelsea Ranchita, CA

LOVE it but too expensive

Just really love this lotion, tans great, the smell is awesome, and leaves my skin feeling so silky, BUT it is just too expensive, in my opinion.

Chelsey Delia, KS