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20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz.

The Timeless serum collection contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and matrixyl that you won’t find anywhere else. All natural and paraben free, we don’t use excess ingredients to make up for the lack of actives. We like to keep it simple and effective. This product contains: Vitamin C – antioxidant that evens skin tone and helps build collagen. We use a 20% concentration of L-ascorbic acid for maximum benefit. Vitamin E+Ferulic Acid – used to extend the life and effectiveness of vitamin C. Normal C serums will expire in a month or less. Our product is guaranteed fresh and effective for 3 months. Hyaluronic Acid – one of the most powerful hydrating and moisturizing ingredients on the market today. Holds up to 1000 times its weight in water! And much, much more! NOTE: product may appear cloudy. This will dissipate after 1-2 weeks and is due to the product just being manufactured.

Key features

  • non-greasy (if applied correctly.)
  • dries fast and clear.
  • paraben free.
  • more actives, less chemicals.
  • made in USA.

Honest reviews


Works on sun damaged and aging skin, especially together with derma roller

Reputable dermatologists say there are only a few active ingredients out there that are proven to do anything beneficial for the skin besides moisturize it (which Crisco or vaseline could do too!) , no matter what hype the cosmetic companies put out. One of those is vitamin C.(Caution: don’t use a Vit C product at the same time as Retinols (Retin A or OTC Retinol products like Roc etc), or Glycolic acids, or beta acids (salicylic etc). Use the Vit C in the a.m. and the others in the PM, sometimes even that will be too irritating for some skins. At the least put a few hours between applications of acidic products!).I heard about this product first on a skin care forum I belong to, as I am a sort of hobby aesthetician and makeup artist and always looking for something to help my own aging skin. I use a derma roller (many brands and most are about the same, needle size is the key difference), and this product used in concert with it really has helped stimulate collagen (the disappearance which is what causes skin to look ‘aged’ , when the padding beneath the surface begins to degrade and so the skin hangs like an empty balloon).I have been using it off and on for several months, and also got some for sisters and friends. In everyone’s case I have seen an improvement in skin tone, and definitely a subtle ‘plumping’ effect. It’s not a miraculous overnight remedy, (nothing like that exists in a bottle!), but it does help over time, and you’ll see some difference within a couple weeks.Also important is that the manufacturer is using a DARK glass bottle. First because Vitamin C breaks down with exposure to light, and also because if it were plastic container, the acidity would cause some leaching of plastic byproducts into the gel.The viscous feeling of this product is due to the hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid is the same substance (but in sterile form and at a different molecular density), that is in fillers like restylane, and that also occurs naturally in the human body. It can’t really penetrate below the dermis, but with the derma rolling process, I believe a little of it can make its way in, and that it aids in plumping effect.A great value and reputable supplier. The reality is these active ingredients wholesale at a minimal cost, and the big brand names are marking them up by ridiculous amounts and creating elaborate marketing campaigns and photoshopped images of 22 year old models, and many consumers fall for the hype and believe the cost is justified; and while this product isn’t ‘cheap’, it is moderately priced compared to department store brands, and it lasts a good while as you only need a few drops each time.I also have recommended for those starting a skin improvement regimen to take a few good before and after pictures (spaced a few months apart at least, then periodically) or have a friend do so. Then you can apply ‘high def’ photographic effects to the before and afters shots, which will reveal the damaged skin that the naked eye can’t detect, and subsequent improvement (or lack thereof!), in great (often disturbing! detail).(There are free programs online that can do this(ipiccy is one), or if you use photoshop etc, that allow you to increase detail in your skin – usually called something like ‘high def’, ‘gritty’ etc). Department store makeup counters used to have these boxes with special lights and mirror that you’d put your face in and would reveal the sun damage that is not apparent to the naked eye – using as a selling tool– this HDR effect does the same basic thing – reveal what the naked eye can’t see but which IS there!The proof was there for me that my skin was looking better, less damaged. In my case the derma roller was part of it, but this product was also key.(Trying to improve my reviews by being more specific…so do click the ”helpful” button if you indeed feel it was)

Olivia Short Creek, OH

Wow! Quick results for problem skin

I’ve had off and on problem facial skin since my teens, and I’m in my 50’s now. Is it acne, allergies, rash, menopause, who knows? After struggling the last six months with skin that just wouldn’t clear up, I used this the first time by itself, almost a full dropper. It was too much. It did have a tightening effect immediately, but it was similar to getting a minor facial peel where the skin looks like plastic wrap is stretched across your face.The next day, and every day since, I just combined a few drops of this with my regular facial moisturizer. Bam! That did the trick! My skin has finally cleared up, is looking smooth and feeling healthier.btw I also bought a new Clarisonic at the same time. The two together produce powerful results, much younger and fresher looking skin.

Zelma Peoa, UT

Vit. C with E Ferulic Acid

This product was good but I prefer the Vitamin C with 20% abscorbic acid in it better than this one.The one with the Vit C (20%) was the one recommmended by the skin doctors on Dr. Oz. I like using the Vit. C and I put some of that into my palm of my hand and then I bought another bottle called hydraulinic acid and mix a little of that into my palm with the Vit. C and use that to rub on my face, chest, arms. It really makes your skin beautiful and soft and much nicer than anything I have tried before!

Suzanne Newmarket, NH

Doesn’t work for me

I don’t know why people are raving about this product, but I found this product useless. I have been using it for couple weeks now and I found my skin less smoother.

Sasha Aquilla, TX


HI…..This product a really really really wonderful ……I really loved it ….I have used and the results were very, very amazing …..I do not want to dispense with the curse …..I have won my admirationTHANKS

Winifred Tyngsboro, MA


Update: I ordered 2 of these and they arrived cloudy/foggy and very different from the Skinceuticals and Cosmetics Skin Solutions formulations. Save your money and buy CSS or make your own.—Original reviewUsers please note the formulation change in this product. This product used to contain both l-ascorbic acid and MAP, both forms of Vitamin C. This probably explains the many earlier reviews which noted that the serum felt different than Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. Very recently, Timeless has re-formulated this product by removing the MAP. I think this is best given that MAP and l-ascorbic acid require very different environments/phs to fully absorb with full efficacy into the skin. The new formulation may be more similar to Skinceuticals and CSS CE Ferulic serums now–after trying it for a month, I’ll report back with a review on that. The rating here is provisional until I get good results from this product–the lowered rating is temporary and reflects the fact of formulation change without advertising it to customers.

Germaine Plankinton, SD


It is ok, but after use it I will get acne more in my face….So I use it with water or to make it with other mask

Kimberly Westtown, NY

this stuff is great

I really notice a difference in my complexion, it makes my skin glow, my mother even said to me that my skin is the most even she’s ever seen it.Update: OCT 2012 I’m on my third bottle, I don’t think I’ll ever go without this. It makes my complexion great, and helps with my acne. (one bottle lasts about four months before it goes bad, if you keep it in a cool dark place, I’m not even half through the bottle when it goes bad)Update June 2013: I am SSOOO impressed I had to come and write more about it. A little while ago I had horrible break outs and bought a different brand that promised skin lightening. That brand went bad faster, and didn’t have the beautiful complexion results I get from this (my skin was horrible anyway so it didn’t matter) I went back to this, the clearness of the serum is pristine, makes me want to drink it. It is perfect for summer, not only because it adds sun protection, but because I do tan a bit in the summer, but put a much higher SPF on my face, so I have a tan but my face does not. This is a harsh chemical. I am not able to put it straight on my skin, it can cause chemical burns. It does make my face look a little reddish, but the sun kissed, just got back from the beach look. So now my white face predicament is over too! Thanks for such a great product, I’m glad I found this in my twenties!

Michelle Oak Grove, MI

Not what i thought

I purchased this with their Hyaluronic acid serum. After a month of usage I saw no results. I have ok skin but suffer from enlarged pores, pigmentation and some black heads. This serum plugged pores around Tzone and did nothing fir my skin. I examine my skin daily under high mag mirrors, this product clealy plugged all my pores, disappointing. I am done with the bottle i will order no more.

Greta Bel Air, MD

Irritated my skin

I used this to help with some hyperpigmentation and redness. This did nothing by irritate my skin. I put it on at bedtime and woke up beet red!I’d recommend avoiding this one.

Alexandra Helenwood, TN


This is a wonderful exfoliating oil. My face truly feels amazing the next morning after I use this. Since it does have Vitamin E in it and I have oily skin, I only use it twice a week and use retinol the rest of the week. It’s the perfect balance and clears up any blemishes overnight. This company is also amazing. They go beyond good customer service. This company offers THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have EVER encountered. There was an issue with my first bottle where the seal or something had an issue and it all leaked out and I wrote to them. They apologized and offered me a refund or a replacement. I mean they almost instantly answered my e-mail. I chose a replacement and they sent me a gift, as well for my issue and perhaps because I didn’t make a big deal out of it? LOL Things happen. So, I am with this company all the way. They showed me that customer service is NOT dead and that it is not impersonal. All you have to do is stop assuming no one will answer you. Timeless Skin Care is there if you need them.

Henrietta Lempster, NH

Buy this and save your money

I usually buy more expensive Vitamin C serum. I thought what the heck I’ll give this a go, I haven’t been able to afford my regular brand, I’m loving this, very soothing and I use it with a dermaroller bought on Amazon, with great results. Forget spending your hard earned dollars on other Vitamin C serums, try this! I’ve faded my acne scars and age spots, and it makes my skin feel great!Dermal Roller here that I use (bought on Amazon)

Ellen Comins, MI


I just received this product and first off, I love the protective packing. it is bubble wrap protected and encased in a plastic container with packing filler in it (that made me happy because of the festive colors (: ) ..the bottle is also larger than I expected, I thought 1 oz. was smaller but glad it’s not! so far, I really like that it is not oily but not too watery either. I also love that it only takes one pipet (dropper) full to cover the neck and face. I will make an edit after a couple weeks to say how it is working.

Marcella Dennison, MN

Awesome product

I have been using this product now for several weeks and compared to the hyaluronic acid product i normally use, this one has a bit more of a thicker consistency. I assume it is because of the Vitamin C and E and it being Ferulic Acid.I would highly recommend either one of those products, in conjunction with Argan Oil ( i normally by the one from Timeless skin care as it has no smell and for the qty. the best price yet very high quality).I am in my mid 40th , struggled with adult acne break outs and any combination of those three products improved my skin by 70%. Of course the wrinkles I had will never completely go away, but my face , after about 6 month of use of these products made my skin 97% acne free, skin is smoother, wrinkles deminished and my skin has a much healther glow.Highly recommend these products vs. spending so much money on high $ products with fancy names in department stores.I also use a ph balance facial cleanser from Alpha Hydrox. And a tea tree toner from Lush(but any natural toner of ph balance cleansere will do)I apply the serum mornign and night. The argan oil only at night , since I do apply foundation

Jamie Pine Bluffs, WY

Haven’t seen a change, yet.

I bought this and first let me tell you…it took TWO WEEKS to receive from the day I purchased on Amazon til the day I received it. VERY SLOW!!!I have been using it 2 x’s a day (morning and night) for about 2 weeks and I haven’t experienced ANY change. I know it takes 6-8 weeks to notice a difference in skin, but others have talked about the immeditate “plumping action.” I haven’t seen that either. I will continue to use and then post an update when the bottle is gone so others know what to expect. I also bought the Timeless Hydro (whatever it’s called!) acid with it. I add a few drops of that to this serum and a few drops to my retinol cream, for added benefit.I guess my biggest complaint is that it feels, looks, and smells just like plain water.Background: I’m 34, combo skin with fine lines popping up and deeper creases in my forehead and “11s” in between my eyebrows. (I use my all my facial expressions when I talk.) I also have melasma (pregnancy mask) on my cheek bones and forehead.

Mariana Fontana Dam, NC


This product does work, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it. I thought of returning and even got the RMA. I read more about it and decided to give it a try and use it with the microneedle roller size .50mm. I can see the difference, and it didn’t cost a fortune. I had a dark spot on upper chest and tried other things, that did lighten but with this it is almost gone. I have to really look to see where it barely is. I use this at night and it leaves my skin moist. I have only used for maybe two weeks.

Katheryn Nine Mile Falls, WA

saw a difference after one night

I got this in the mail yesterday. I put it on in the afternoon and then again at night. I also used Pure Hyaluronic Acid by ASDM Beverly Hills, which I’ve been using for about two weeks. When I woke up this morning, my skin was plumper and my pores seemed smaller. My skin tingled during the night, I guess that indicated its working.The Hyaluronic Acid alone worked well, but with this product it was pretty amazing, especially after just one night.

Jamie Spanaway, WA

Okay just awaiting results

I Haven’t notice a big improvement yet. I can say that my face is glowing. Like it hasn’t before. I’m on my second bottle and this product goes by very quickly. I love the ingredients But my face stinks in the morning. It smells like cheese or something similar. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t know but I will continue to use for the 3rd month to see if my acne scars fade some.

Effie Claysville, PA

on my 2nd bottle

I ran out of my first bottle and immediately bought a second. I love this stuff! makes my skin GLOW and my pores appear smaller.

Maryellen Washington Court House, OH


this is better than using C on its own. its really work too. I get so many compliments since I started using that I stopped noticing..

Beatrice Coolidge, TX

!0 mStars If It was Allowed

HOLY CRAP!!! Whats in this stuff? After one use i can hardley believe what this has done to my face. Brighter, softer and my forehead wrinkles actually disappeared after 2nd use. Iam 50 yrs old and have been trying all sorts of products…NOTHING compares to this serum. It must be exactly what my face needed as i cant believe what Iam seeing in the mirror.I did a 70 % lactic peel 2 weeks ago that has helped somewhat and have been using olay regenerist for the past 6 months (love that stuff). I know this is strong as i accidently put some on my eyelids and it burned pretty good. Did not sting anywhere else as I use glycolic wash (infinite skn- love all their products) and peels so my skin is ok with this strength of product. Today is only day 2 and iam so happy with it thought I would write this review. Will not ever be without…This stuff ROCKS!!! Cant wait to see what happens with continued use.

Summer Sedley, VA

Excellent serum at a fraction of the cost of some

I am on my 2nd bottle of this serum and really, really like it. I use a Clarisonic daily and apply this serum afterwards and I can really feel it penetrating. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I refer to Vitamin C serum as my "secret weapon." The only reason I give this serum 4 stars is because it would be absolutely perfect if they added Hyaluranic acid to the concoction!

Robbie Hunter, NY

Interesting Tingly and Refreshing

I haven’t used this product long enough to be able to note a long term benefit. What I experienced is a tingling sensation when I apply the product to my face, which I presume is directly from the Vitamin C, a similar feeling to other Vitamin C products I have used in the past.What I did notice is that my skin immediately feels tighter after application. What I’m not sure about is whether I can use this product after the derma-roller as my skin is ultra sensitive. When I get the courage to try that, I will update this review. It seems to be a well put together product in simple packaging of a small 1 oz dropper bottle.

Patrica Mc Donald, NM

For certain skin types only

My skin is just not the type for this product. In the winter months my skin tends to get a little more on the dry side. I thought I could get away with using a product with vitamin E in it. I should have known better. This formula had everything I wanted in it except that it had the added vitamin E. So yes, my pores were clogged by this. It is a good product, but like it says in the description, if you tend to have skin on the oilier side (even in the winter dryer months) then the vit E might block pores. I did end up finding this formula without the Vitamin E on ebay, but overall it would be a great product for people with certain skin types.

Olga Pemaquid, ME

Sharon avoid the witch hazel

If you use witch hazel, you are closing up the pores so the product cannot penetrate.Apply on freshly washed clean and dry skin while the pores are still open from the warm water.

Morgan Geneseo, KS

I don’t recommend.

It’s been about 2 months and wanted to update my review. I’ve pretty much used the bottle and can’t tell any difference in my complexion.I don’t recommend.

Merle Palco, KS

Miracle in a bottle

I was going to go for another brand of facial Vitamin C as well but I sure am glad I decided to order this product. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and my skin is tighter, fresher, younger looking, less lined… Yes. All that. And my pores even look smaller. I will be faithful to this fantastic product now that I’ve found it. Not one other product I’ve used has made such a great change in my skin 🙂 I highlly recommend this!

Carly Rutland, ND


I am giving the product five stars because it uses a tinted glass bottle (important since light kills Vitamin C) L-Ascorbic acid and stabilizes the mix with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E. Two effective stabilizers in stabilizing the unstable Vitamin C molecule!I’d also like to explain some things to users of this product and things users should know about vitamin C.If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of ascorbic acid powders or vitamin c products on Amazon, it’s the fact that they only say ascorbic acid/vitamin C but don’t say what KIND. That’s it. Vague ol’ "ascorbic acid", plain ol’ vitamin C. I say this because ascorbic acid consists of two molecules: L (Levo meaning left) and D (Dextro meaning right) L-Ascorbic acid is the superior molecule thanks to being more beneficial to our skin! Makes the skin acidic which means unhappy bacteria, helps build collagen, and helps to reverse UV damage while evening out your complexion! Dextro-Ascorbic acid on the other hand has substantially less vitamin C, actually has more cons than pros and does not occur naturally. The thing about our bodies and the asymmetry of molecules is that if we can use one hand of a molecule in a beneficial manner, its opposite-hand molecule is likely to do badly for our physiology. So while L-Ascorbic acid is awesome, D-Ascorbic is not. When you have a compound that has BOTH hands of a molecule, your body will either reject the incompatible handed molecule as waste, both hand-molecules will cancel each other out making the benefits of the compound null, or your body will just react terribly to the bad-hand molecule.This is why it is important to make sure you are getting PURE L-ASCORBIC ACID and thankfully, this serum has it!HOWEVER, as quality as these ingredients are, I’m going to be very honest, if you’re NEW to vitamin C and you’re starting out on 20%, your skin is going to STING and apt to possibly getting slightly burned. Even if you don’t see it, you’ll definitely feel it. Ascorbic acid is an acid, after all! A lot of the reviews note stinging when the serum is applied and that is of no surprise because buying this means you are starting out on the HIGHEST acceptable concentration of vitamin c for skin.Please start out on a gentle amount when you’re new to Vit C skincare. 5% vitamin C is a great concentration to start at. Ramp up your concentration by 5% every two weeks so by week 2, you’re moving from 5% to 10%, week 4 from 10% to 15%, week 6 15% to 20% and STOP. When you reach 20%, you are a-okay and totally ready to use this serum!GO NO HIGHER THAN 20%! Anything higher than 20% is bad! Even the famed L-Ascorbic acid has its limits!I think if Timeless Skin Care offered multiple concentrations of this serum, that’d be absolutely amazing for the customers who have to build that tolerance. But I really do strongly recommend you build your way up to 20% concentration tolerance.Be kind to your skin, everyone!

Margo Crescent, OR

Works Well

I’ve been using this on my face after cleansing in the evening, there is a slight tingle/sting after putting it on but in the morning my skin looks brighter and clear. Good price and good product.

Antionette Boyne City, MI

Truly impressive – visible results

I have been using this serum beneath my sunscreen every day for 2 months. This hydrates nicely, and I have noticed that my skin is smooth, clear, and much less blotchy than it was before I starting using C+ E Ferulic Acid Serum. There is also a visible difference in discoloration and texture. Thank you Timeless, for making this fantastic product affordable!

Ivy Excelsior, PA