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20 Types Nail Art Mini Glitter Sheets Acrylic Tips by HongNuo

* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration. * SODIAL(R) 20 Types Nail Art Mini Glitter Sheets Acrylic Tips. * 20 different types glitter sheets (Each color is 2 gram). * Product Details: 100% new in retail package 20 different types glitter sheets. * 2g jar – suitable for large volume users, like professional salon artists. * Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic, etc. * Make your nails sparkling and add shiny colors to your nails! * Style: glitter sheets Suitable for home use or professional use

Key features

  • 20 different types glitter sheets
  • Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic, etc.
  • Make your nails sparkling and add shiny colors to your nails!
  • Style: glitter sheets
  • Suitable for home use or professional use

Honest reviews



I love these. A great selection of shapes and colors.Has just about everything you want and the perfect size and amount

Claudette Prairie Lea, TX


i got these the other day and i have used on some of my customers and they love them .. lots of pretty colors and different things .. they are really cute

Rochelle Parmelee, SD


Arrived early. Well packed, love the different variety of colors and designs, only thing is is pretty small but I think it bring sufficient for me, I would recommend this product only if you are not going to use much of it.

Aisha Shawneetown, IL

Lots of pieces for the price

Honestly, I thought they containers would be bigger but I am happy with the purchase. These will make some really cute nail art designs.

Nita Cascade, VA

Many cute nail glitters!

I fell in love with the little jars they came in! They are perfect to see what kind of nail art you want to use on your nails.

Lesa Hyattville, WY

Great assortment of beads ,mini glitter

Great assortment of 20 mini beads, mini glitters I can’t wait to mix top coat and mini glitter on the tips to create fun designs with my Cheeky mini rhinestones. Definitely worth the money will buy again, just shake over a paper plate and put the over spill back into the tiny vials so you don’t waste any they are so cute.

Elinor Belington, WV

lots of different colors and styles

Items arrived unbroken. Exactly what I ordered and expected. There are a lot of different uses for these items. I purchased these to with craft projects and they are perfect. A variety of shapes, styles and colors. Very satisfied

Dora Phlox, WI

Easy to use, Jazzes up any Mani!

I love these! As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I’ve recently developed an interest in all things nail art related. Coming up with new ways to express myself via my nails in an otherwise boring office environment has been fun. These stones have been great for making new designs pop ranging from ladybugs to leopard prints. They’ve been great fun – all I do is add a dab of clear polish, use tweezers to apply the stones, and let it dry…afterwords, another topcoat, and I’m good to go! They usually last as long as I can stand my manicure, and remove easily with polish remover.All in all, at the price, they’re a great value for anyone’s makeup kit.

Joan Navarre, FL


I love the samples but I didn’t receive twenty bottles, I only received 19 bottles and I received two of the same colors. I left three stars earlier but that was not acceptable which is complete bull! If a paying customer didn’t receive as advertised then they should be able to post how many stars they want. So now heres four stars just to see if this will get posted so that other customers will know.

Nicole Hope Hull, AL


These are super adorable, and come with so many different glitters. They are adorable little jars packed with wonderful different shapes and glitters for your nails.

Carmella Brick, NJ

Great nail art supplies

All kinds of styles to help you get the nail art you want to achieve; create multiple looks with a little time and small effort. Would recommend to anyone that wants to get a new look that will get attention

Regina Forest, MS

Don’t do it.

Don’t buy these. There is no product. Unless none they plan to send out. Save your time and energy and don’t buy from here.

Christian Grovetown, GA

Amazing product

Came in early and so so cute I was so excited for these ! The brand and seller are ALWAYS on the ball . All my bottles are full and no duplicates of colors . Absolutely perfect and the small little bottles are perfect for small trinket necklaces when they’re empty ! I love I love I love !!!

Lilia Hampton, GA


all of the items were adorable and in great condition. love using these and even finding cute ideas to use the little glass vials once theyre empty.

Rosie Marydel, MD

Mixed feelings

I was excited to get these and I was a little disappointed that I got a lot of the same thing. I ended up with 24 bottles in mine which was awesome but I got 3 or 4 bottles of the same thing so I only ended up with about 5 different colors and types . But I did do my nails with them and I am happy with the end result.

Shelley Hayes, VA

Good buy

Super cute and just as described. I only got a few that had similar bottles. I can’t believe how great the price was!

Tia Denton, NC

I’m So Happy With My Purchase

As the title states, I’m so happy with my Cheeky nail art set! I received it today, and everything came nicely packaged. I can’t wait to polish my nails, and use my nail art set from Cheeky. I will purchase more sets, and products from this brand. Awesome!

Sydney Worthington Springs, FL

love nails

20 Types Nail Art Mini Glitter Sheets Acrylic TipsI received this item pretty quickly after ordering, expected to receive in late August. I have not used yet but I am pleased with the products. I have a variety of caviar hearts and other jewels, my granddaughters and I will have lots of fun with these and others items purchased from amazon.

Angelina Ivesdale, IL

Overall very satisfied

Of the 20 types of nail art, several aren’t even glitter sheets–they’re small round balls. They’re cute, but the color comes off in clear coat, so I probably won’t use those much for nail art. I’m still happy with the other pieces though; they’re adorable and each design comes in soooo many colors.Overall I am happy with the purchase–it was cheap as hell, especially compared to store prices.

Marcy Naponee, NE

does anyone want orange hearts? I have 3 of them….

In the picture you show a good selection of glitters and shapes…. well, I received so many duplicates that I wouldn’t use them in my whole lifetime. If your not going to send a good selection, then please take down the misleading photo and update your description

Grace Hopkins, SC

love them!

Absolutely perfect for nail designs with acrylic i have not used them other than with acrylic but i’m sure they would still work and look great.

Ramona Valley View, PA

pretty cool

Yes, the bottles are super small, but alot of hearts fit in that tiny bottle. I got a variety of hearts, glitter and caviar.

Sheena Krotz Springs, LA

Dollar tree

They have these at dollar tree for 1$ As well as other shapes and gems and they look like they’re the same size as these!

Robyn Bountiful, UT

I love these

You get a wide assortment and variety out of these 20 containers.And the containers themselves are cool.Beautifully colored and strong quality make nail application process easy and fun.The price for what you get can not be beat!I’m am gonna place another order ,as I see from customer pictures ,there are some I haven’t gotten yet.

Lynne Taholah, WA


These were so much fun to receive, when I opened the package they were all in the cute little vials all neat and organized. I love using them, so many colors to choose from. no problem with delivery.

Josefa Lamy, NM


They are so tiny and cute. Though they are very small they actually do hold alot in them. totally worth it

Elinor Barnesville, OH

not bad

not bad. Not fantastic, a bit difficult to use but the items are pretty. I’d recommend this product to someone with experience applying the things. If you’re new at it like me, you might find it difficult as I did.

Marguerite Hawk Springs, WY

So happy now

I am now so happy with this product. When I first received the order I only had glitters, imagine that 40 glitters, it was too much. I contacted the company and they assured me they would ship me out some shapes to fix the mistake. I have finally received them and am very happy with the variety and different shapes. I am happy to add these to my nail art collection which is growing by leaps and bounds because of

Rhoda Shepherd, MT

Three Stars

they ok ….

Helen West Unity, OH


These are the worst ever. The glass bottles are about the size of a penny. 2 of the bottles broke in the envelope. When I received the package today, microbeads were spilled all over the envelope. The bottles came wrapped in a clear plastic. No padding inside, No bubble wrap. The only thing that had a little bit of bubble wrap was the envelope. I ordered 2 sets. So I was supposed to get 40. Unfortunately 2 bottles broke.Thank God I didn’t order 100 of these for my customers. Don’t waste your time, energy and money.What a waste of time.

Harriett Gulnare, CO