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20 pcs Multiple Color 3D Bow Tie Beads Slices Nail Art Tips DIY Decorations 14mm x 8mm

Can be used with nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nail, etc. Clean the surface of your nails, brush and base polish, place it onto nails

Key features

  • 100% Brand New. Size: 14mm x 8mm
  • Quantity: 20 pcs. Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner
  • It Make Your Nails Look Elegance and Special
  • Compatible with Both Natural and Artificial Nails and Easy to Apply
  • Also could be Used to Decorate Your Home, Cell Phone Case, Invitation Card, Body Art etc.

Honest reviews


Very Cute !

They are very cute !!i Love the colors of them .i Definitly give this product 5 stars .

Kristine Lyoth, CA


I received my product before the estimated arrival date, but that’s the only good thing about it. I did receive 20 bows, but 5 were broken to pieces. There were only 4 pairs (1 black, 1 pink, and 2 white) and I have 7 random colored ones without matches. I will make due with what I have but maybe if the packaging was just a tiny bit better they would’ve survived the shipping.

Diana Marathon, NY


Thought these bows were flat turns out that they are cocked in the air

Karen Goshen, AR

wayyyyyy big

These were much much larger than what I was expecting. They look so small in the pics on here. Sad.

Tonya Woodburn, KY

very cute 💅

They came I’m happy with the amount of black bows I read in the reviews before buying people only got one I got 4 of each color

Lessie Davenport, IA

So Cute

These bows are so cute and stay on so well they don’t snag anything because they’re kind of flat. love

Lucia Morrison, TN

great product

Recieved these asap loved them super cute for 3d nail art and cell phn cases! Didn’t wait that long to recive them about a week! Great company I recieved a niece extra gift. 😉

Augusta Chittenden, VT


These will look great and I’m going to be the envy of all the woman yes yes yes great I love them

Claire Columbus, WI

not recommended

these don’t look like the picture, they look cheap and are too big for nails. not a lot of different colors.

Laverne Malo, WA


I loved the look of these and I was super excited when they arrived. Sadly, they didn’t actually stick on my nails with or without nail glue. I wish these worked because they are adorable, but they jut sit in a plastic container. I would not recommend buying them, but I would love it if someone bought these and got them to work. I’d love to know how they did it.

Edwina Selbyville, DE

3D tie bows

I love the look and they are what you say in the order. But unless you have long long nails these will not work on short nails. I do alot of short nails and these will not work for me but I will find a use for them some how. But all in all they arrived fast and are what they say. I want to Thank you for such good service. Thank you again

Della Taylor Ridge, IL


i love these little bows and so did everyone else. i used them for my nails and everyone ask me who did my nails of course i tell them where i got my bows

Annmarie Guild, NH

for other craft perfect

to big for nail art, but good for other craft. different color than on the picture. But its not bothering me

Tamra Bloomfield, IA

Just ok.

Came a week sooner than time estimated. Like I said in my headline, they are just ok. They are big but that’s to be expected w nail art. One came broke in half so now I only have 19 pieces instead of 20. They do NOT come in pairs!! It’s just random colors.

Alana Aspen, CO

Not True to Picture

As others have said, the photo does not reflect the color assortment you actually get. I received 5 orange/peach, 2 single-different shades of red, 3 single shades of pink, 1 black, 5 white, 3 lime green and one purple. They are cute but there were not enough of the colors I liked, making it impossible to do both hands in an identical design. The other problem was that these have no curve to them, meaning that the edges stick up, causing them to catch on things and come off my nails. When I tried to gently heat them with a curling iron, hoping to bend them a little to curve the, they promptly snapped in half.These would be cute to glue to sunglass frames, cell phones, scarpbooking, etc… but I wouldn’t recommend them for nail art.

Vivian Augusta, IL

Super cute

These are just as cute as they are in the picture! I’m really excited to use them.The shipping didn’t take too long and they’re really cute.

Bessie Helotes, TX

Very cute

I really love these little bows they are really cute and look so nice on nails. I love all the different colors it comes with😸!!!

Rosie Valley Springs, CA

12 day delivery from china

I like these bows! They arrived 12days after I ordered them and they were all in one piece. I received four of every color, black,white,hot pink,light pink,and red. They came just in time for my 4th of July nails! Yay!

Ella Sumner, IA

odd shape bows

These are not my favorite. These are pretty colors however; have ruffled edges and loop upward odd shape. Some where cracked when I received them.

Susanne Ebro, FL

It’s tooooo big for nails!

Just look good in picture , its littler bit big for finger nails, all my client pick the smaller one , after that’s i won’t order big bow tie any more ,

Martina Baldwinsville, NY

they so helpful for decoration of your nails and great for a 3D master piece

They are so simple to use great for the decoration and easy combinate . They are totally cute . If you likebto decorate you nails in 3 D is a must have

Corina Riceboro, GA


They came early, none are broken. They are the right colors and exactly as described. I have used a few and they are perfect with their little polka dots! My favorites are the hot pink with white polka dots and the black with white. They are perfect, the right size, and awesome! A little nail glue and 3D nail art is yours!

Annie South Freeport, ME


They are really cute, but the mint colored ones were my favorite but they were broken…10 bows were broken and it was all the pretty colors D: so i’m very sad about that..Otherwise they are really adorable.. Took like 4-5 weeks to arrive tho D;

Trisha Paramount, CA

junk nails

I love these pretty poke dot bows look good on junk nails. I have all ready put these bows on peoples nails.thank you

Sonya Fletcher, MO


Okay so i ordered these cute bows and waited almost a month just for them to come in. they FINALLY arrive and they’re not the bows i ordered! and thats not the bad part because the bows that came in were beautiful so i would have has no complaints if it would have came with 20 instead of 10

Hazel Laurie, MO