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20 Pairs Soft Synthetic Fiber False Eyelashes with Glue Hr133


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Came with lot but felt to plastic

I thought it was going to be great but you get what you pay for feels super plastic, wasn’t really blend able i had to fight with it to put it on and i do put on lashes alot but i had a lot of trouble with this one. Would not purchase again.

Vera Patten, ME



Summer Almont, MI

I LOVE these!!!!

My headline says it all!! I’m just in love with these babies!! I have to hide these when my girlfriends come over because they always want to have one. I don’t like sharing these. Loll they complete my look! I’m definitely ordering again.

Roxanne Lamont, WA

Great lashes!

I have had some in this style before. they are not meant to look natural. If you want natural get the ELF natural lashes or dramatic lashes by ELF. These are great for dramatic or colorful eye looks.

Caryn New Kent, VA

Lightweight, Durable, Flexible, Fluffy, and Curly!

These are HUGE, but they’re so plushy looking and lightweight. I get about 3 wears out of them! They’re long for my eye shape, so I just have to trim them up a bit. They’re pretty flexible as is and very full. I look like a doll in them. So, if you like a dramatic effect, you’ll adore these! They’re great for the beginner application wise.

Rosalia Waterbury, CT

Diva’s only !!

These lashes are the best I have seen. They are not long or short. They are full and feel like human hair lashes. You will not find a deal like this. You have glue in every set of lashes. The lashes were also well packaged !! Will be buying more !!

James Putney, KY

Just as pictured!

I thought these would arrive sooner because of the previous reviews that say so but no, it arrived 4 weeks after I purchased them which was the estimated delivery date anyway. These are not over-the-top lashes but they just so touch the boundary of too much for work. I am in the military so of course I don’t wear these to work. The price, amount, and quality is why I gave it five stars. The glue that comes with these are useles but I only use Duo and never intended on using what came with it. Hope this helps.

Jolene Glenwood, AR

Worst lashes ever!!!

These lashes are very fake looking, made of a heavy material that hurt my eyes and made them feel very heavy. I couldn’t even keep them on for an hour. I would not recommend these to anyone. I’ll be tossing them out.

Stella Yoder, IN

Save your money

At first I was very excited about these lashes because I love full lashes and for this deal it was pretty good. But…they don’t stay on well. No matter what eyelash glue I use. The corners will always lift during the day. No girl who wears lashes on the daily needs to deal with this kinda cheap b.s

Vera Breaks, VA


Great lashes really love them! VERRY DRAMATIC! Could get 2-3 uses out of a pair. Even could give a few friends some too. Highly recommend, will buy again! 🙂

Ashley Ashton, WV