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2 X 100G HESH BRAHMI POWDER by Kodiake by USA

Brahmi powder is a remedy for people with chronic hair problems. Brahmi can make hair dark, dense, and lustrous. It strengthens hair roots, thus controlling hair thinning and hair loss. Regular use control premature graying and massaging it into the scalp clears dandruff. Hesh Brahmi Powder has the following advantages: – Cools the scalp and induces sound sleep – Controls dandruff – Makes hair long, dark, dense & lustrous – Strengthens hair roots

Key features

  • Ingredients: Herpestis monniera / Thyme Leaves

Honest reviews


Cute outfit includes hair pompoms

Excellent fit except for socks which don’t hug ankles. I use seasonal as decorative display during baseball season also fourth of July

Chris Gordon, KY

Amazing when combined equal parts with Alma

Wow, I wasn’t expecting much from this, but man oh man, best conditioner ever! I mixed mine with AlmaHesh Pharma Amla Hair Powder 3.5oz powder, hot water, a tiny bit of conditioner, and oil mixture, and let it sit for an hour (in a homemade double broiler to keep warm) before applying to my hair for an hour. I use to believe in letting stuff sit in my hair for hours and overnight but that was too much of a time sink. So I’ve been seeing what happens if I let stuff sit for an hour max, and guess what, same results, lol. But this stuff, man oh man, my new go to weekly deep conditioner, my curls popped like never before (I am African American with 3C/4A/4B/4C hair). I was so shocked what it did to my 4C that never curls just kinks up. I am excited with continual use my hair will get better and better. Plus the Brahmi really darkens your hair over time. I could tell it would because while it doesn’t stain your hands when applying it, it does leave a tint of somewhat if that makes any sense. So that being said I might not even have to henna anymore either (which I love to do, but it is way too time consuming). Yay I will use this forever now. If only there was a subscribe and save option… I am all about saving time and being natural at the same time, it’s possible. No more nightly leave-in deep treatments for me and a day to dry my hair after the fact. With my new dryer that btw is so quiet that I can listen to the TV and talk on the phone with,Floor Bonnet Stand Up Hair DRYER Hood Rolling Base Beauty Salon Equipment Wheels, Let’s Jam Curling CustardSoftSheen-Carson Let’s Jam Custard Flexible Hold Cream Gel (EACH PACKAGE SEALED!!!)and my shortened routine, it’s time to regain my weekends, I am going to get out there and live my life! LOL

Dawn Waltonville, IL

I love my hair feeling strong!!!!

I love this powder I use brahmi with the amla powder. I have natural afro. texture hair, I stop eating meat about 7 months ago and my hair is not as strong as it use to be, once I combined the brahmi and amla powder my hair has thickened and my growth has triple.

Savannah Avery, ID

Part of My Ayurvedic Hair Care Arsenal…

I switched to an Ayurvedic hair care regimen nearly a year ago. This product along with other herb powders(like amla, neem, tulsi, and shikakai) when mixed with bhringraj or neem oil acts as an effective treatment against brittle hair, hair loss, and dryness. There are various receipes on how to make deep conditioning hair treatments; this particular website by MopTop Maven […] has an extensive list. I recommend you to educate yourself on it.My favorite mixture involves mixing this product with amla, neem, shikakai, and tulsi powders with a nourishing conditioner likeAlberto Vo5 Moisture Milk Conditioner, Strawberries and Cream, 15 OunceorAphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor 16oz. (I don’t have real measurements; instead, I use a medium sized plastic cup to ration my ingredients.) I prefer my mixture to be a creamy paste as opposed to runny, and I utilize a cup full of this concoction. I use this mix as a deep conditioner, and apply it to my hair every three weeks by saturating my entire hair then covering my head with a plastic shower cap for 45 minutes. My results? Stronger hair that’s no longer brittle, a more manageable texture and major growth (compared to when I wasn’t using this product). It takes three bouts of washing to thoroughly rinse out this paste, and I recommend utilizing a leave-in conditioner (I recommend either of two mentioned above) and moisturize withLouAna Pure Coconut Oil (31.5 fl oz) All Naturalafterwards.

Ivy Oakdale, PA

Made my hair grow!!

I mix this with distilled water and place in my hair as a paste in lieu of shampoo. My hair has grown longer, thicker and has a darker tent. I will use this forever. I don’t guarantee this will work for you but it did wonders for me

Flora Fair Play, SC

Great product

I have ordered many of these hair treatments and I love all of them. This product gives great conditioning to the hair and it definitely strengthens the hair and you can tell your hair is clean and healthy. Love this product. Will order more. The price is awesome. Great great product; order this product. You will be satisfied guaranteed.

Lillian Twain Harte, CA

I am in love

This Indian product is just amazing! I am using once per week and I can see the difference in my hair…my hair is thick, strong and the gray hair don’t appear anymore.

Earnestine East Thetford, VT


This does seem to make you hair dry, so I mix it the Alma power and EVOO, with a bit of coconut milk seems to do the job pretty good

April Westborough, MA


My order arrived in a timely manner. I just feel any benefit from using it.I was disappointed that it was messy and died my tub, but didn’t seem to work forme anyway.

Muriel Elgin, MN