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2 Pack of Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula, 2 – 16 fl. oz bottles, Total of 32 fl. oz.

Experience Neutrogena Light Sesame Formula Body Oil as it glides on easily to moisturize dry skin. It’s so sheer, it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky with a radiant, healthy glow. No moisturizer can touch this experience whether you use it after a shower or bath, or in the bath.

Key features

  • Light sesame formula glides on easily Moisturizes dry skin

Honest reviews


2pk neutrogena light sesame oil formula

as an older woman I have extemly dry skin became a problem bc would turn red and itch since using this product I feel like my skin has become more youthful in apperance,mind u it cant change ur skin’s texture permently, but I use it every day and no more embarssing moments, or afraid to show my legs,also use on my heels which had become very dry and cracked, as long as I put it on every day I can can now wear sandal’s.dont stop selling this product, please amazon.and u have the best prices.THANK YOU

Rosalinda Rogue River, OR

Love this oil.

I have used this oil for years and swear by it. I will add that I only buy it on Amazon when I can’t find it locally because their price is high. I do love that when I can’t find it anywhere, I can still get it on Amazon!!!

Sydney Sunnyside, UT

smells so good

I love the smell and have been mixing some of this oil in my regular helps me with my dry skin. light and not really oily/messy.

Betty Taylorsville, GA

Have always loved Neutrogena products

and this oil is no different. I use it after showering with the Rainbath body wash and I love how it makes my skin smell. Using it on damp skin helps seal in moisture which it does well. The smell is amazing (but if youre sensitive to smells you may want to get unscented–the smell sticks with you for AWHILE). Unfortunately when I placed this order, it leaked out of the packaging into the shipping box. I didnt let this affect my product review because that has nothing to do with the product, and everything to do with how Amazon shipped it…I simply went out and purchased a bottle elsewhere.

Lashonda Milton, WV

2 Pack of Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula, 2 – 16 fl. oz bottles, Total of 32 fl. oz.

I use this product everyday, I have Sjogren’s Syndrome Disorder and it really keeps my skin moist. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin. Allow it to absorb 15-20 minutes before wearing clothing,if you apply a lot as I need to do.

Maura Rushville, OH

smooth skin!!

I have been using Neutrogena Body oil for many years. It does a great job of moisturizing my whole body. I use it after I shower, on wet skin and then pat dry. I really do have unusually soft skin because of this ritual. And this 2 pack is the best buy around!

Diana Puerto Real, PR


A great price and great body oil, Also is good to use on my Austrailian Shepard who has dry skin and scratches a lot, really great

Emily Frederick, CO

One of my favorite things.

I use this instead of towels. I have very dry skin and live in a dry environment. This is the best solution for me right as I get out of the shower and then air dry instead of towel dry.

Erma Faber, VA

Favorite post-shower moisturizer

Hands-down most favorite moisturizer after a shower! Before toweling dry, I rub on this body oil and then pat dry – no residue, absorbs very fast! Ideal for hot weather since you aren’t sweating through a film of lotion and for cold weather because of how moisturizing it is.I wouldn’t worry about the ‘sesame’ description. The scent is something light, but non-specific and is gone after it absorbs. Doesn’t mix with perfume.

Carla Ardsley On Hudson, NY