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Get longer and fuller eyelashes! Safer for sensitive eyes and much safer than eyelash extensions. Apply to your eyelashes twice a week. Start at the base and wiggle upward for the best results.

Key features

  • Set of 2
  • Net Wt. Ea. 5 ml / 0.16 oz
  • Appearance of longer lashes in weeks
  • Thicken and increase natural lash hairs
  • Safe for sensitive eyes

Honest reviews


Noticed length in just over a week

I had been using Tarte Eyelash Enhancer with definite results in volume and less noticeable length growth. About halfway through my second tube, my results plateaued. My lashes never reached an impressive length. I saw Select Lash Eyelash Serum here on Amazon as I was ordering another skin care product. I can’t say I expected much for the low, low price, but since my Tarte was almost empty, I decided there wasn’t much to lose and I ordered the Select Lash. I was shocked to see results in just over a week. I applied the serum twice daily as instructed. I did not experience any burning or stinging even when I accidently got too close to my eye. I also did not have any problems wearing the serum under my mascara, in fact, it seemed to enhance the look of my mascara, kind of like a primer. I also noticed I was no longer experiencing smearing of my mascara under my eyes by the end of the day as had been a daily problem for me. I don’t really know what the active ingredient is in this serum, but it has certainly lengthened my lashes in a very short time. Budget friendly and effective.

Milagros Macon, GA

It Actually works!!

I have been thinking about getting Latisse, but I hated to spend that kind of money. So I have been searching for a product that might help with my, nearly non-existant, lashes. I have been using this product for 12 days now. My lashes are already 50% longer. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!! I can’t wait to see what my lashes look like after 30days of continuous use!! I haven’t noticed them getting any thicker, just longer. For the price, I am impressed and will be ordering more.

Donna Byron, NY


THIS STUFF IS AWESOME. I am a daily mascara wearer. I don’t have extremely short lashes, and I don’t really have lashes that get compliments, so I think I am in the ‘normal’ range. This is what I have learned from experience with many lash growth products.. Lashes are literally hair. If you don’t actively condition your lashes, they will dry out and break for numerous reasons on top of the natural shed. Mascara is easily the worst thing for your lashes when it comes to drying them out. Hands down, NEVER sleep in your mascara if you want to prevent lash loss. This product is GREAT. I can tell a difference the next day if I miss even a single night! They are straighter, which appears longer, and they are conditioned, so my mascara goes on more smooth, which looks longer. I can see on different areas of my eye that there is definite growth which is clearly obvious.I didn’t see any dramatic results as far as length all over, but that could just be me. I have had ZERO shedding that I have noticed. One little secret I have is that I apply this to my eyebrows and WOW. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. I apply a VERY generous amount (so they look sopping wet when I go to bed). I wanted to reshape my brows and I could regrow hairs in about a week and it was like shaping them from scratch. WORTH BUYING. Period. Dont waste your money though if you’re not going to do it every single night and apply a generous amount.

Elvia Maxwell, NM

Great product, worth the price and it works

I have been using this for 6 weeks and I am actually seeing new eyelash growth! I use it only at night, and my lashes aren’t much longer but I have started to notice that new ones are growing. I expect that in a few weeks my lashes will be much thicker.This is getting a four star review because it is taking a bit longer than I expected for the product to work and I can’t wear it under mascara.Definitely a great product, especially for the price. Don’t waste your money on more expensive eyelash serums, this one works just as well, and I have used them all!

Janelle Indiantown, FL

So far OK

I have been using Rapidlash and it is Awesome! I just started this and it feels good on my lashes.If you have short eyelashes, I really recommend the Rapidlash. 1 container of that and my lashes were almosthitting my eyebrows. I won’t stop using that, but I am trying this serum for a break. Will let you know in a couple of weeks.Update: I have been wearing this and this has been really softened my lashes. I like the way it feels and it doesn’t burn. Don’t put this on before you put on your mascara or after, it will make your mascara smear. I put this on at night and in the morning my lashes are ready to go. I do love the way it feels.

Lakisha Crum, WV


Didn’t work for me!No growth or fullness noticed after mints of use.I think it horrible to require a certain amount of words from us to describe whether we like a product or not.

Alfreda Halfway, KY

Thought the product was okay, but everyone is different!

I can’t say this product isn’t good, because everyone is different. I have discovered another brand I like better, but due to the low price of this, I think at least trying it out would be worthwhile.

Lynnette Prentice, WI

this Really Works!!! price is amazing i highly recommend!!!

I noticed the difference! I did not want to rate it until I saw results! After consecutive day and night use this product has helped my lashes grow about a 1/4 inch and I am not even halfway through the bottle. It repaired the damaged eyelashes I have on my left eye from getting extensions. I loved the price, I used to sell eyelash serums that were over $100.00, they helped but that was when they first came out. I really hope I can order for my friends and family because all my ladies want long lashes and this product works!! P.s. I find no irritation from this either. This is a gem!

Vilma Orangeville, OH

No signs of growth yet

I got this for 2 reasons.First, I heard Latese (sp?) was put on someone’s head and their hair grew. So I thought maybe this would do the same and if it did I’d try my eyelashes.I saw no signs on my head so thought I’d try my lashes anyways and no signs. I haven’t had it for long, so maybe it takes longer for results, but so far no good.

Elinor Clarkson, KY

Mascara Type Brush

Previously I tried Rapid Lash and saw some good reviews for this much less expensive product. I think I see a difference, but I’ve not been using it long. I like that it has a mascara type tube and brush rather than eyeliner-type brush of the Rapid Lash. It feels like I’m really getting it on my lashes.

Lenore Bailey, CO

wow really?

I read from previous reviews you get what you pay for. Understatement! It does nothing! Nada! It is mainly made up of alcohol, conditioning? I think not! The product burns. Honestly don’t know how they got it on the market. It comes with 2 tubes, the other one was not even opened & I had thrown it away.

Shelly Brunswick, GA

Pretty Good

This product is actually very nice. I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks, and I can already see some difference in my lashes. I’m not sure it added much length to my lashes, they weren’t short to begin with, but they definitely got thicker and have more curl to them. I gave the second tube to my mom, and she says her lashes got longer though.The gel smells pretty nice (it’s a very light scent), goes on smooth, and is great as a mascara primer- I didn’t have any smudging or flaking. My eyes felt a tiny bit funny the first couple of times I applied the gel, but that was gone really soon.I definitely recommend this product, especially given how little it costs. It might not give you some crazy result, and it takes time to see the difference, but it does work, and does make your lashes stronger and thicker.

Hannah Union Pier, MI

Eyelash Serum

I haven’t been able to tell to much yet. It goes on well and I will keep using it for results.

Jocelyn Garner, IA

Fast Delivery

This item arrived fast,not sure if it is going to work, but it is nice to have it. There is no methylparaben in it, that is another plus. The price was almost free and I recommend this item for quick availability and a great price since the seller ships fast.Well it does feel like a fresh shower on the eyelashes, that is the fun part…

Gale Falcon, KY

Don’t waste your money

NOT so much with this one! Don’t waste the money. I use generic latisse! This does nothing at all. Spend your money on something else.

Diana Bolinas, CA

Oh my God this stuff really does what it claims FASTER than it claims!

As a teen I was always accused of wearing false lashes when I wasn’t but as a mom in her late twenties my lashes thinned & straightened & being a natural blonde that doesn’t like to wear much makeup, I wanted my lashes to be noticeable again sans mascara so I read the reviews & tried this. It didn’t burn/irritate at all & the very next day my lashes had their natural curl back! Less than a week later my lashes are noticeably longer (not just noticable to me, but everyone started commenting) & I don’t need to curl my lashes anymore! I highly recommend this product & will use this stuff as long as it’s available & affordable to me because even us poor folk deserve to look & feel our very best! Seriously, I’d give this 10 stars if I could! 🙂

Allyson Clinton, AL

I believe its working!

The directions say to use morning and night, but I only use it in the mornings on my lashes and my brows. I can see a difference in my lashes as far as length goes. I don’t think for me it adds thickness. Also I can see growth in my brows, and it is a great brow tamer.The fact that you receive 2pks for mere pennies is a plus too.

Annabelle Lopez, PA

Love it

Today is the 18th, got this product on the 15th, quarter of a tube already gone, but my eyelashes are nicely lubricated which I am doing 4 times daily. I can finally see my eyelashes look fuller, longer and healthier. Thank you seller!

Nancy Caledonia, MS

I think its working

I have been using this for almost a month and am halfway through my first tube. I use it twice a day. I am noticing my eyelashes are thicker. I don’t see anything in the length but they are pretty long already. I love that they are thicker!

Ilene Derma, MS

It really works!

For the price on this I was really skeptical to see if this would work or not. I have normal lashes that I consider short and not that thick. I used this literally once a day for a week while applying my makeup and my lashed were fuller and longer. I usually don’t believe some reviews that I read on Amazon, but take it from a new mom who just wants to get her sass back, it works!

Peggy Haskell, OK

Would not buy Eye Lash Serum

After using the Eye Lash Serumt, this product did not lengthen my lashes and could not tell that it helped them at all.

Jane Camp Pendleton, CA

One Star

Didn’t work

Rebecca Corriganville, MD

Hardly saw a difference

I think I will stick to castor oil. Its Cheaper and you do see results. This serum also caused my eyes to burn a bit. I would not recommend it to anyone and I would not repurchase.

Joni Medora, IL


This had great reviews so I bought several and now I realize I shouldn’t have. It didn’t help my eyelashes at all. Some products bother my eyes. Although this did nothing for my eyelashes, it didn’t hurt my eyes or eyelashes either…

Jamie Harrell, AR



Lucille Champaign, IL

Seems to work

Maybe it is my imagination but since I have been using this product, my lashes are thicker and longer. I notice them more when I use mascara.

Rosie Wabasha, MN

So Far So Good

My sister and I both are using this. I can tell a difference with my lashes already and it has been 3 weeks I think. I use it both am and pm, every day. My sister uses it when she remembers, so my lashes are reacting quicker than hers. I am sure hers will be the same once she get into a routine.

Marva Ponchatoula, LA

Didn’t work

This did absolutely NOTHING for my lashes. Did not help them grow, didn’t help with lash loss. Total waste of money.

Nettie Ark, VA

Jo Jo Baltimore

Just starting using it, it feels nice on the lashes! I will have to give it a couple of days to review it!

Renae Dinosaur, CO

I was skeptical – You shouldn’t be!

I was skeptical when I saw this and to be honest it was an impulse buy. I’m so glad I purchased this!!! I only use it once a day (instructions say to use twice), but after about a month of consistent use I can really tell my lashes are much longer. I would have never expected this, especially not from such a cheap product. Needless to say I am extremely pleased I purchased this and will definitely repurchase once I use mine up!

Nellie Fleetwood, NC