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2 BOTTLES Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat .5 oz PROFESSIONAL Clear High Gloss 83005

Seche ViteTM dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world’s finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. Easy to apply Crack resistant Dries quickly Exciting, solid, clean color with a semi-gloss finish.

Key features

  • Easy to apply 2 FULL SIZE BOTTLES Dries quickly (under 5 minutes)
  • Exciting, solid, clean color with semi gloss finish Crack resistant

Honest reviews



I read the reviews and I said to myself, “It cant be that good.” It really is. My nails are dry in a matter of minutes, very few minutes. I know that some of the ingredients are supposedly harmful, but I use it anyway. I’m not using it everyday, so hopefully no harm will come from it. Other than that, this topcoat is amazing.

Tammi Naco, AZ

thin and i don’t think it gives a high gloss

this stuff is very thin, like water. after putting it on, i couldn’t tell a difference in glossiness. sally hansen strengthening top coat is thicker and gives a noticeably glossy depth to any polish. i read all the 5-star reviews and wanted to try this stuff out, but i won’t buy it again. i don’t care that it dries quickly, as i feel giving oneself a manicure should be a time to relax and not be thinking, "omg, i gotta text one of the people on my contacts, so i hope my nails dry fast." sally hansen dries within 30 seconds or so, so i think i can take those few extra seconds to get a better look.i also noticed my polish seems to be chipping around the edges. i am wearing a new revlon matte/glitter combination, so maybe that’s why, but i have many of those and i haven’t noticed this happening before with SH.

Kaitlyn Grinnell, KS

Best nail polish dryer/topcoat out there, hands down.

I’ve tried them all, for 20 years. Never knew about this until last year when I’d read someone mention it in a nail polish review. Bought it and I’ve never looked back. Dries your polish in under 5 minutes and leaves a great shiny gloss finish. Also keeps your polish on longer than usual – I can easily go a week or longer without one little chip (and I have a 4 and 2 year old and am a SAHM so my hands get beat up all day and night…lol). Will never use another one again!

Lacey Palmyra, TN

Dries fast

This dries fast – I mean it actually dries while you’re applying it, so you have to be VERY heavy handed during application to avoid brush stroke lines on your nails. I know you think that by "gooping" it on it won’t dry fast, but by the time I got to my pinky, my thumb was already dry!I won’t hesitate to purchase this again – it revived my manicure, and I may start taking this with me to the salon when I get my nails done.For the price, getting 2 bottles is a great deal & I was really impressed with the shine, drying time and over all look of this product.

Kasey Madrid, NE

Bestest ever

Love this top coat…not only does it give you an amazing shine but it dries within minutes which is so important to me when you want to do your nails and pretty much get going. I highly recommend Seche Vite

Blanca Hancock, IA

Must have for home manicure.

I got tired of paying $30 to $40 every two weeks for a no-chip manicure. I also felt the removal process of the no-chip was damaging my nails. I did some research and now do my own nails at home. I start with China Glaze adhesion which extends the life of the polish. I use China Glaze polish. Finally, I use the Seche Vite top coat. The end product looks like a salon manicure. I bought all products, including four different color polishes, for less than the cost of one no-chip manicure. My manicure lasts a minimum of eight days, and that’s doing dishes and housework. I got everything I need right here on Amazon. Easy one stop shopping. 🙂

Lesley Carlton, OR

Perfect Top Coat

I have purchased this many times before. This is the perfect top coat in terms of shine, fast dry and overall last. When the nail chips, the top coat, color coats and base coats chip all together. I have a feeling its the top coat as I have changed color coats and base coats and this same thing happens. I like it better than some nail polishes feeling like they damage my nails by chipping a little at a time.Only cons are its super chemical smell.I would purchase this again. And I would recommend this to anyone who does nails on their own or out because the drying rate is really impressive!

Marylou Valley Stream, NY

Super Fast

I really like how fast Seche Vite dries. I go through a lot of top coats because I do my own nail designs and I’m doing my nails at least every other day. My only complaints about Seche is that it does cause polish shrinkage so it looks as if you have tip wear the next day. It also becomes very goopy half way through the bottle. But once you add Seche Restore, it’s usable again.

Audrey Powder Springs, GA

No Complaints

I’ve been using Seche Vite for years because of how quickly it dries to the core. I’ve tried a couple of other top-coats but they don’t really seem to compare. My only complaint is that after you’ve been using it for a while, the bottle starts to thicken and is really hard to work with, and it seems like no amount of nail thinner fixes it.In terms of the company itself, I got both of my nail polishes on time, packaged securely, with no breaks. As far as I can tell it’s the exact same stuff I buy at Sally Beauty. I’d recommend buying this.

Gayle Superior, AZ

stop searching now, just buy this one

This is the best top coat ever made. Trust me and stop searching now, just buy this one — Makes your nails look better than the salon! It dries SOOOO Fast though so be quick about getting it applied. 🙂

Jana Whiteman Air Force Base, MO

this is awesome

it makes the nails so nice and with that finish look.. it looks good over top of any color even clear ..

Dolly Mitchellville, IA

My favorite top coat ever!

I am no stranger to nail polish and I have tried sooooo many top coats, but this one is my favorite. It goes on smooth and dries super fast. Many people have mistakenly thought that I used gel polishes, when it was really just a regular polish with this on top. GREAT product! I will say, however that this makes a terrible base coat. It didn’t adhere well to my nails and the first time I went to scratch my arm, my polish popped off in one solid piece. So, great top coat, terrible base coat, lol.

Audrey Homer, IN


No more smearing. No more blanket marks when you paint your nails at bedtime! Does not pick up ANY color from your nail. Polish does not get contaminated with polish colors. Dries SO fast. SUPER shiny finish! Does not smear nail art designs. Makes your polish last!My favorite thing is the DRY time. I am so impatient. I can NEVER wait for my polish to dry. This is SOOOOOO helpful and I have had a lot less re-dos since I started using this. I will be a lifelong Seche Vite user. I have tried EVERY drugstore top coat over the last 15 years. I thought it was normal to smear and take forever to dry. THANK YOU, SECHE VITE!

Janine Whiteford, MD

Not exaggerating– Best topcoat ever!

I’ve been hearing about Seche Vite for a while now and thought my friends were exaggerating its amazing qualities. Well, here I am to admit that I was so wrong! It does dry amazingly fast, that alone makes it worth it since 9 out of 10 times I have painted my nails in the past, I’ve managed to smudge, dent, or mess them up in some way before they dry all the way. And yeah, it somehow makes the polish dry all the way to the nail really fast so I truly did not get a single dent mark even with a layer of base coat, two layers of color, and the seche vite on top. Even better, two days later and I don’t have a single chip, something that my clumsy and constantly typing self has never managed before. I’m in loooove! The only thing about it that might be negative is that it does have a strong paint chemical smell that’s different from regular nail polish, but it goes away quickly so I can’t bring myself to dock it a star for that. So, whether you’re impatient, clumsy, or just want to prolong the life of your manicure, get this stuff!

Gay Woodbury, TN


I love how glossy this top coat is, but I’ve noticed that it peels at the corners of my nails more quickly than the OPI topcoat. It was a good price for the two bottles, and I’m sure I’ll use it, but it’s not as durable as I’d hoped.

Tanisha Minden, NE

Love it

Love the product but not so much the seller I bought from. I’ve bought this product fibe times. That’s how much I love. Totally recommend it.

Briana Royalty, TX

GREAT top coat!

This stuff dries within under a minute! Seriously, if you’re impatient with waiting for your nails to dry, you need to get this top coat!

Stacey Fisher, IL

top coat that actually does dry fast

I’m always in search of a top coat that dries fast and doesn’t end up with sheet marks the next day. This one works. I can paint my nails at night and wake up with no sheet marks.

Roxanne Lucas, IA

Cannot rave enough

I love this stuff so much I bought my mom some for Christmas. It glides on smooth- love the actual brush itself and it dries so fast! I’ve also noticed it helps your polish last longer than say Essie or Opi

Leann Corinth, ME

gorgeous, glassy protection!

I recently started getting fancy with my nails. I purchased a nail stamping kit, stamping plates, dotting tools, rhinestones, nail glue, 500 fake nails, and a BUNCH of new nail polish. Some of the nail polish didn’t dry very nicely, looking matte instead of shiny. Nearly all of the nail polish I purchased was less than $1.50 a bottle, so it was by no means high quality. However, I am just not willing to spend more than a couple dollars for a bottle of nail polish, especially when you buy so many different colors. It adds up! At first, I was reluctant to purchase Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat because I really didn’t want to spend the money if it wasn’t going to work. Plus, I am used to cheap stuff. I was previously using Sally Hansen, and I am not even sure if it was a top coat or a clear nail polish. Either way, it did not look good. Maybe it was old, but the color of the liquid actually looked a little yellowed. It also would make my nail polish bleed; I would see my nail polish color on the brush no matter how long I let the polish dry before applying the top coat. I am so glad I found this on Amazon and gave in and bought it. It is absolutely worth it.. Seche Vite dries extremely quickly, and SO shiny; I actually thought my nails were still wet because of the shine, and was shocked that it had dried THAT shiny. Seche Vite makes your nails look beautifully glassy, and helps to hide any imperfections. I also applied a couple of coats of Seche Vite under my nail polish, where my nail had torn about 1/4 way across. The tear was quite far down, and would have been painful to remove. This helped keep my nail from ripping the rest of the way off until I could find my nail glue. I also used Seche Vite to stick and seal on rhinestones, using one coat to stick the rhinestone on, and a second coat over the nail and rhinestone to keep it on. It worked great, since it made it stick without clouding the rhinestone, or leave any residue like glue could have. I really love this top coat and wonder how I ever did my nails without it! People who do nail art should definitely invest in this item so your art can last longer and look professional without the cost! The 2 pack is a great value!

Juliette Craig, NE

Gives a nice shine and keeps nails from chipping

The price is better than most stores and it dried very quickly compared to another top coat polish I have. Also found that my nails chip less with this top coat.

Eula Tribes Hill, NY

Seche Vite

Best stuff ever. I will always use this top coat. Drys so fast. Glad I bought two whole bottles. 🙂

Rachelle Marble, MN

Best top coat

I’ve been using this top coat for about couple months ago and I run out. This top coat cost in a regular local store about $9-$14 that’s a lot. So I found this seller in such a good prize so I couldn’t resist to pursed so far I love this top coat. I got my product very fast and a good condition.

Megan Newton, NH

Buy it

Works great to quick dry my toenails and protect the polish longer than without it. Also evens out any sloppy brush marks…

Jacklyn South Newfane, VT


I buy this stuff all of the time…It’s the best top coat I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve been buying my own nail polish since 1999 in high school! I buy a LOT of nail polish and hair stuff and could open my own nail shop, so hopefully that can give you some insight into how much I actually have. Just did my nails two days ago and put this on as the top coat, as usual…I might submit a picture if I remember.Love this stuff and don’t understand what others must be doing wrong not to love it as well.

Janice Lodge Grass, MT

The best there is

This topcoat really is that much better than the others. It dries almost instantly to a finish as shiny and hard as glass.

Selma Pitcher, NY

Best ever!

For real the best top coat and quick dry ever! Even over foil, doesn’t crinkle it. Shine for days over everything. Try it you’ll never use anything else.

Carey Bradley, OK

Best Top Coat Ever

Once you go seche, you’ll never go back….to any other top coat. My tips stay perfect for over a week, especially if I use a good regular polish with it.

Kris Catlin, IL

I love this stuff

This was my second order. I have gone threw four bottles already. I am hooked. My friend is also hooped. I got her into it too. lol Works perfect. when you paint your nails you don’t really want to wait for them to dry so you put this on and it works as a fast-dry and top coat. Two in one. Can’t beat it!

Cecilia Hooper, CO

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

This is my favorite top coat in all the land. I have tried so many other brands and I always come back to this. It dries so quickly and looks like glass. I have people ask me almost daily if it is gel. Love, love love.

Celia Indianola, IA