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2-6 Days Delivery- Charlie Clear Handbag Purse Cosmetic Make-Up Tote Travel Bag Organizer Insert Dimensions: L 10″ x H 8″ x W 4″

This very practical, see-through organizer is unisex. The insert includes retractable handles for fast transfer from bag to bag, and is clear so that items can be spotted instantly. Can be used by both men and women, to organize essentials in a handbag, tote, briefcase, travel bag, beach bags and even deep car consoles! Use as a Pet Caddy for travel or at home. Product Dimensions: L 10″ x H 8″ x W 4″

Key features

  • Transfers easily from bag to bag with retractable rope handles.
  • Easily holds new iPad.
  • Never lose your keys with built in key hooks on each side.
  • Turns ugly mess into organized success. Clear material helps spot items instantly!
  • Use For: Handbags, Beach Bags, Tote Bags, Travel Bags, Pet Caddy and More!

Honest reviews



I work at a casino and employees must carry clear bags. I do not use this as my regular purse, but it justmay have more items in it! I love the 6 pockets. The only bad thing is that eventually the thread started coming out of one of the seams that seperates the pockets, and the metal gromets on the handels came loose. I had someone in maintenance cut off the loose rings that were hurting my hands, and I hotglued the pocket back (which didn’t work). Either way, I have been carrying it for a wile and I can’t expect too much being as that it is made out of very thin plastic. I am glad I found this purse so I can have some kind of organization. The contents of the pockets also forms a makeshift shield so that not everyone can so clearly see the items inside the main portion of the purse. It was something different than the make-up bags at walmart that every other woman that works there carries, so my bag doesn’t get picked up on accident. Good buy.

Marva Kimberly, AL


I have a HUGE purse/tote bag that goes everywhere with me…. I hate digging in my bag looking for something. I travel for a living, so it’s hard to stay organized. I ordered this, not expecting much…. I moved into it, put it in my purse and LOVE IT! I can reach into my purse and instantly grab what I’m looking for! what a relief! Also, it’s the perfect size!

Corinne Rawson, OH


Fast shipping – I like this clear cosmetic bag – wish it was just a bit bigger. It was abit pricey for what you did receive. I am keeping this.

Vivian Fourmile, KY

Charlie Clear Handbag Purse Cometic

Yes this handbag purse is great for my cosmetic travel organization. I fit perfect in my luggage and i do alot of traverling. All i do is look in my big hand bag and pull the Handbag Purse.Love IT!

Lila Cypress, CA

Not what I expected…

This bag is okay. It’s much smaller than I expected. It definitely can’t hold everything that it shows in the picture. I wasn’t able to use it for what I originally bought it for, however I was able to find a different use for it and it has ended up being an okay product.

Celia Lowden, IA

Very organised!

The pictures do not do it justice. There are several pockets on the outside so everything is organised and you can see everything

Charity Clarksville, OH