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18″ Clip in human hair extensions, 10pcs, 100g, Color #2

The set consists of 10 pieces. 8 pieces with clips and two test wefts without clips: one 8” weft, 3 clips; one 7” weft, 3 clips; one 6” weft, 3 clips; one 5-3/4” weft, 3 lips; four 1-1/2” wefts, 1 clip each; and two 1” wefts without clips to test for color. The texture is silky straight. The hair can be dyed, and can be curled with a hot iron. By Alexxis.

Key features

  • Silky straight 100% human hair
  • 10 pieces: 8 with clips and 2 without for testing color
  • Double Wefts
  • Can be dyed; can be curled with a hot iron
  • Weighs 100g

Honest reviews


I was amazed by the quality!!!

There seem to be multiple sellers for this item, so my review probably only applies to the product I purchased from this particular seller (yanting), but my jaw dropped when I opened this package!! Given the price, I had expected poor-mediocre quality, which I was OK with. I’ve never used extensions before, and I wanted to order a cheap product just so I can try it and see if I was going to be comfortable using the clips, if they gave me headaches etc. But the product is amazing! Silky, shiny, not a split end in site, all the same length. I would definitely wear these out in public and happily!.Now, I haven’t washed or styled them, so I don’t know if that changes anything, but for now, I am very very happily surprised and highly recommend buying from this particular seller.

Florine East Sandwich, MA

Not too bad for the price.

I did expect more hair. But it does say in the description 100g (grams) That isn’t a lot of hair when you think of weight grams it’s only 3.5 ounces.Depending on what you are trying to achieve you may need 2 packs.The hair quality is okay. But once I washed it and conditioned it it was perfect. My hair is fine so it match perfectly when I used all the pieces to give it a fuller look.So if you really have shorter hair or want a thicker look you will need 2 packs at least.Trimming the ends will help too. They are scraggly as most extensions are. they need a trim!!

Brittney Pinehurst, NC

The best extensions I’ve had

I loved these extensions they are hands down the best extensions ever for the price. I have had them for over a year and they are still going strong. they feel silky and smooth and look shiny. I have colored them black (i bought a dark brown #2 by mistake) and they took the color well. They do not shed at all and don’t tangle much either. My hair did take a little while to come but it was worth the wait .

Kathryn Corrigan, TX


Don’t even waste your money. The color is so bad that even if I tried to color my hair to match, I would have to go to a professional. Also, the wefts are so thin there is hardly any hair in them. I tried to put one clip in my hair, and the hair came off the clip. They aren’t sewn on to the clip well at all.

Sierra Woodworth, LA

Great color

The color is perfect! I have dark, chesnut brown hair and it is a great blend. They were really long when I first got them. They are easy to use and look great I am happy with them.

Freda Saint Thomas, MO