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Hyaluronic is regarded as one of the best moisturizing ingredients available due to its moisture retention properties. Our 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer is the only product we recommend to apply to the skin immediately after a peel. Other moisturizers contain minimal nourishing ingredients and several chemical additives which can harm the skin and negate the benefits of performing a peel. Skin Beauty Solutions Hyaluronic Moisturizer is oil-free so it is appropriate for all skin types, ranging from mature, dry skin to oily, acne/blemished skin. Dry skin types may wish to apply a cream to seal in the moisture

Key features

  • AMAZING HYDRATION The unique properties of Hyaluronic Acid make it the ideal anti-aging treatment for a good skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function. Incredibly, Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold more water than any other natural substance – making it one of the world’s best moisturizers.
  • SOOTHING & CALMING The soothing, calming properties of Hyaluronic Acid have also been shown to reduce dryness, itching and burning of the skin. Assists healing following Hyaluronic, Lactic and Salicylic chemical skin peeling, exfoliation and microdermabrasion
  • POWERFUL CELL NOURISHER Hyaluronic Acid offers an excellent environment for the growth of new cells, and is a major constituent of the extra-cellular matrix surrounding rapidly dividing cells. It has been shown to be an integral component in the rapid and scarless wound healing observed in fetal and neonatal organisms.

Honest reviews


‘Super ‘Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer is a lot better

I bought this Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer when I ordered a micro needle derma roller. Because it has dry feel and doesn’t make my facial skin red, I liked it first. However, thought it is over priced.I then found ‘Super’ Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer and compared with other lotions including this product by applying different part of my arm. Among four lotions/serums, this one left lest smoothness and hydration right after application also after 2 hours. The best was Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum, next is Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, then Organics Vitamin C balancing Toner. This serum is the last one for short term effects on skin.

Jerri Artemus, KY

Tried once already see a difference

I don’t really have any problems with my skin, one tiny crease above my lip and when I smile which I love to do, a few under my eyes but I applied this as soon as I got it yesterday, used it twice now and I work third shift so when I went to put on my B.M. I notice my skin looked more even more toned and yes my under eye wrinkles was lessened…very happy with only one application I have combo. sensitive skin so I love I can apply w/o a oily feeling, lotions go on feeling good but with in ten min. you skin is dry again or broke out I usually use Coconut oil , Argon oil so with the comb. of the oils and H.A. Serum it can only get better and better.. Can’t wait to see how well it work though out the winter months…(1 oz. / 30 ml) Pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer Gel -(D) AntiAging, Firming Serum

Lina Arcadia, FL


This is such a great moisturizer. I was using a much more expensive brand of HA that wasn’t nearly this nice. My skin is soft, plump and smooth and it doesn’t break me out. Thanks for a great product at a great price!

Nicole Kingsport, TN

It’s a nice little serum

I didn’t notice any improvement in my skin but it did feel like a good addition under my moisturizer. I probably wont buy again.

Sheree Flat, TX

Will buy again

Very good product. Nice to use something that retains moisture without grease or that synthetic dimethicone slick and doesn’t automatically clog the pores.

Mae Saint Joseph, MI

A small drop goes a long way. Don’t use a drop bigger than a dime or you will waste it.

I am in love with this product.I have not been using it for very long or very consistently, but I love how it feels and how it goes on.A drop the size of a chickpea can cover my whole face.It is very liquid and you get excellent coverage.This is exactly what I have been looking for because creams make me break out. Well, practically everything makes me break out.I can’t claim that it has been a game changer for my skin yet, but it is an excellent moisturizer.

Chelsea Shevlin, MN

Awesome natural product

After fed up with several anti-aging products, finally I found this awesome all natural product. I am so glad I found this excellent product. It works so well and as good as I have expected it would. I have no regrets of spending money on this project.ZENMED B5 Hyaluronic Plumping Serum, Rosacea & Acne Moisturizer, Redness 30mlis another superb anti-aging product.

Cathy Louin, MS

This is awesome! Incredibly hydrating and smoothing!

Ok, I have been trying to get rid of my fine lines under my eyes for quite a while now… I have used Vitamin c products, retinol products, moisturizers, etc. and nothing really worked. I smoothed this over my entire face last night including under my eye area and wow… I could actually see the difference in the smoothness of my under eye area. The lines were much less noticable than before. This morning I used it again… and same thing. My skin felt very soft and the under eye are was so much more smooth. Interested in what a few weeks will do! I’ll keep you posted.

Betsy Forestburg, TX

I like it

I mix this with a base lotion and a few other products and the combination seems to be working well on the fine lines I have. I am 49 and I was starting to show my age. I have recently gotten a lot of compliments about my glowing skin and people telling me I look well rested. I am not well rested because I suffer from insomnia so the combination of products I use seem to be working.

Geneva Roanoke, IL

Good moisturizer

I really like this gel. I use it around my eyes before I apply my eye cream and it seems to make my eye cream work better.

Veronica Delray Beach, FL