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16 PCS Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set Kit + Purple Pouch Bag Case

Specifications: 1. Material: Wood (Handle), Aluminum Ferrules, Synthetic Fibre 2. Bag Size: 45 x 23 cm(L x D)open 11.5 x 23cm(L x D) close 3. Bag color:purple 4. Weight:200g Package Includes: 1 x 16pcs brush with pouch bag

Key features

  • The 16pcs/set brushes is essential for all of your makeup needs
  • Comes with a wooden handy and good synthetic Fibre brushes
  • Bright purple PU pounch bag is easy for take
  • 100% Brand New. Includes brushes for foundation, blusher, eye makeup, lip color and more
  • With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin

Honest reviews



Overall, i love these brushes! They’re soft, yet durable, and my make up looks the best it ever has.However there is a slight smell, so i suggest washing the brushes.i absolutely love this company, i did have a bit of a problem with a broken brush and within hours the problem was solved. I would definitely buy this product, and buy from this seller again!

Lottie Onaway, MI

Unhappy Customer

I would have liked to review the actual brushes, but they were ordered 10 days ago and I am not due to get them until the jan 10th – jan 28th. WAY to long just for some makeup brushes. I can understand it being the holiday season, but i ordered other products the same time i odered the brushes and got ALL but these 3 -5 days later, 2 weeks BEFORE CHristmas…smh… So i canceled my order and expect a FULL refund.

Tameka Jersey City, NJ


This is a very very good start up kit. I’ve bought other ones on amazon and they were either bulky or scratched my skin(Sensitive skin:D). This set is perfect sized and super soft. Maybe a little too soft but it’s okay because it still does a good job. These are better than buying the essential ELF set which is $10 for 10 barely usable brushes but this is $11(Give or take a bit) and pretty great! Shipping was fast and arrived on time with air bubble things to secure it. Nothing to complain about. One of my brushes had glue on the handle but when I was cleaning them, as I always do when I buy brushes online, it came right off. Super good buy and perfect for travel.

Elizabeth Hudsonville, MI

These can work!

To see what I use each of these brushes for read my blog post:[…]These are basically the same brushes as another set I reviewed, white with pink tips–must be made by the same factory. I am a sucker for pretty things so I gave these a try. At first I wasn’t very impressed, yes the brushes are soft but the face brushes are slippery and don’t pick up powder very well and there are no fluffy eyeshadow brushes for blending. However, with some improvisation I was able to make these work. Use a light hand with the eye brushes, they are kind of stiff but you can build color and blend with a little work. Since there are no fluffy-type blending brushes, if you need more help blending use the fan brush or gently sweep with one of the largest eyeshadow brushes. If you add a tiny bit of hair gel to the fan brush when it is wet it will make it more useful to sweep away fallout under your eyes. The blush brush adds a light dusting that can be built up, and works fine for contouring with bronzer. The fan brush, angled to your cheekbone, is also good for applying contour and then you can blend it out with the fan brush or one of the powder brushes. These might not be what you are used to but you can definitely make them work. The only thing I wasn’t too successful with is applying powder, if you like a light dusting these give you that but if you need heavier coverage you might want to try something else or just keep layering until you get enough coverage. The eyeshadow brushes work excellent wet or with a product like MAC Fix+.Also I’d like to add the customer service is top notch — I received the purple brushes instead of the blue/purple ones I ordered and the seller refunded half the price since I got the wrong ones. A++++ customer service!!!

Alexandra Deal Island, MD

Dont care for it in the slightest..

This brush set reminds me the make up brushes you use to get when you were like 5. The face brushes barely apply anything. The only thing good about this set is the spolie for your eyebrows and the eyeliner brush.

Lydia Concord, PA

A-W-E-S-O-M-E….. B-R-U-S-H-E-S !!!

These brushes are very pretty and unique-yes…. but they also really grab the makeup and it comes off on my face perfectly! I love how they arent too stiff, or too fluffy and the colors are amazing. The brushes are a periwinkle blue with deeper violet tips-gorgeous! Very cool ombre effect. The case is bright purple metallic with a cream inside. Personally, I’d prefer the inside pf the case to be darker or to exhibit more of an ombre effect additionally but who really cares about that anyways-the brushes are honestly comparable to more expensive brands. I absolutely HATE when ladies whine and byotch about the “smell” of these things when they get them-….seriously its called WASH the brushes and case if you want and once dry…BAM-no smell left. Personally, Id freak if there was no smell because to me that would mean they weren’t and firsthand item. Love these so much Im ordering another set now and 5 for gifts!

Antonia Clarion, IA

Love this product

The brushes are lovely, has a strange scent, but they are of very good quality. So happy i went with this item!

Hazel Little Chute, WI

16 pcs makeup brushes

I bought these for my 13 year old niece and she loved them, purple is her fav color. When she opened them Christmas am she was so excited and everyone else also wanted to try them they are extremely soft, durable and easy to clean. I would buy this set for myself if I I’d not have so many already. I own a nice set of sigma brushes over 100$ and the softness is comparable to these. Highly recommend especially for this price.

Alison Waterloo, IA

shipping takes a minute (while)

but brushes are in great condition on arrival, work well, and clean easily. they apply makeup evenly and hold the makeup evenly and it doesn’t take multiple dips in the makeup. Been using them since day I recieved them and they still look brand new. No missing bristles, no bristles pointing in every direction pretty impressive since they aren’t made or shipped from USA. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they are for such a cheap price… Other’s have bought this same set after seeing the quality and shape that mine are still in after multiple use

Kimberlee Parachute, CO

Great price

Brushes are great on quality. They give you a lot of brushes for the price and I will probably never use them all!

Sandra Hiseville, KY

great deal

Bought these for my neice, shes not new to makeup but new to having a full set of make up brushes, I was plesantly suprised with quality for price! Did have a mild odor from packaging but when left out odor disapated.Great gift idea! will reorder for anyone needing brushes!

Elvia Riverdale, ND

soft as puppy hair

I love them so far, which is since yesterday. Exact color and size as in pics. comes with little cover which is bright magenta in color, I like it. I touched the brushes and they feel so soft, I am sure they are good on your face too. I mean they won’t irritate your skin as some of them do, especially if you have sensitive skin/acne or rash problems. Love them, can’t wait to use them.

Delia Gore, OK


I’ve been using these brushes for about a year now. Most have held up. They are average quality and still working well.

Lola Union Star, KY

Sweet little set for a newbie……

This brush set is great for a teenager just starting out wearing makeup. This brush set contains every brush you would need to complete a look without spending a lot of money for the more expensive name brand brushes. They are also very well constructed and I have not experienced any shedding.

Nannie Filer City, MI

It was ok.

Not what i’m looking for. Very nice in color (brushes and bag) but the texture is not good for make up least for my preference. If you’re looking for something chic and soft (oh let me rephrase that…too soft) then this is for you. I only used one or two brushes then went back to my old ones. You get what you pay for is damn right! Heck i could use the small brushes for my paintings! So i’m not butt hurt..k bye!

Wilma Pasadena, MD

very nice, for the price indeed

the brush hairs don’t seem to be those colors, but they still are a very pretty set, and a very cute wrap case that I love. I love the softness of the brushes, a must for me to have. sometimes they get a little loose around the metal and wood connection but I just twist them back down and they seem fine for awhile. I’ve had them almost a half year and I’m still fond of them =)

Jackie Mason, WV


Beautiful and affordable – you can be your own make up artist! Pick a brush, any brush! You’ve got them all handy in a great travel pouch!

Rosemarie Transylvania, LA

ooooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell?!

When I received these they smelled like strong sour glue. It was weird. I’m sure as hell not using that on my face. And as for the quality, the bristles were coming out right away. There were bristles all over the inside of the case and not all of the brushes had coverings. Mine looked like it was opened by someone or tampered with. Sending back for sure.

Angelina Lutts, TN

These are alright.

I bought these to replace an old brush set. I liked a few of the brushes but many of these fell apart after a few uses and were very rough feeling.

Della Greenville, MS

Good Buy

For the buy it was a good deal. The brushes are really soft. The case does kind of have a weird smell. I would recommend this to someone looking for brushes

Jessie Mount Savage, MD

Don’t Buy It If…

Don’t buy this for they eyeshadow brushes. They are way to stiff. But the fluffy brushes are great. Im very into makeup, and i have Sephora brushes, and i prefer these powder brushes to the sephoras.but the eyeshadow brushes are on my vanity collecting dust. I don’t suggest you buy this unless only for the powder (fluffy) brushes.

Connie Simpson, IL

A few decent brushes, most of them are worthless though

There’s a couple of brushes are decent. I mostly use the small angled brush for shaping (and shading in) my eyebrows and a few other smaller brushes for blending my concealer. Other than that, it’s pretty worthless. The brushes are too soft to get any product on them. However, I wasn’t expecting much. I mean, I only got this set for like $13! What do you really expect? The fan brush is pretty useless as well. I gave it to my boyfriend to dust his gaming collectors items. I’m not even joking!

Tessa Newton Grove, NC

very soft

very soft and tender drushes even if they are not natural the quality is the best , the one who doent know much will never finde out that its not natural product! really great

Brandie Hudson, NC

Nice set of brushes for practicing

I must say this set is not so bad… Some brushes are good for practicing make up applications. When you receive them, you do have to air them for a while because they do have a very strong smell.

Carlene Watertown, OH

Absolutely Fabulous

I was so excited when I had placed an order, for they were cheap and got all these great reviews! I always track my packages and watch their journey, not sure why, but I do. So I watched this go from New Jersey to Washington very quickly. It didn’t make any other stops(that I know of). Also, I ordered it on the 15th which was a Friday or Thursday and got here about a week later. Which was very nice. Anyways, they do have a little bit of a smell, but I know that is just from coming straight to me brand new. Also, when I opened them, I immediately fell in love. They are so soft to the touch and feel even nicer on the skin. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a blending brush for the eyes, so I ran over to my discount store and picked one up by elf for $0.99. They are a beautiful color, and the bag is so nice and lovely! However, I did get a slightly bent brush, but it was the one that looks like a mascara wand and it was so easy to straighten out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that that was the only brush that was bent, especially since it is a roll up case. Ok, enough with that stuff, but I do suggest to wash them before you use them. (I always use shampoo).

Ladonna Saint Thomas, MO

Not perfect, but still good.

I really liked the packaging & the brushes they’re soft & pretty. The only thing I don’t like much is that the eyeshadow brushes don’t grasp the color super well (good enough though). I do love the eyebrow brushes though those are my favorite!

Charmaine Franconia, NH


I loved the color, and the price of this product once I first got it. My friend and I see makeup as an art, and are kind of crazy about brushes. Some people complained about the smell, I didn’t really smell what they were talking about. It had the smell of a normal new brush. Just rinse them off, as you would any new brush before using it on your face. They are incredibly soft, and the color doesn’t come off act brushing. I wasn’t crazy about the case it came in, the shiny purple, but for the price I couldn’t complain. Along with the brush covers inside. I highly recommend this for anyone who uses makeup often. I haven’t had any bristles come out, or anything wrong so far, and I have had the product for a couple of months now.

Monika Sedan, KS


I only ordered these brushes because they are my favorite color. Surprisingly they are good brushes for the price. They do shed a littlebit, but it is not excessive.

Rae Holliday, TX