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15pcs Nail Art Painting Pen Brush

Package includes : 3x Drawing Tools 7x Painting Tools (also can use as gel nail curing brush) 2x Liners 1x Dotting Tool 2x Fan brushes for nail art effect (also can use as eye shadow brush)

Key features

  • Use for your natural or false nails
  • 15 pcs nail art pens & brush for design & painting set
  • Suitable for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas
  • Easy to handle, perfect for professional and home use
  • A perfect tool for women who love make-up

Honest reviews


Love ‘Em!

I was worried that for the price I paid, I would receive flimsy broken brushes… however these are fantastic! I ordered two sets and am sure they will last me for years to come.I looked through several different brush sets, such asMASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set,Debra Lynn Professional 6 piece Nail Art Setbut the first option had way too many brushes for me and the second had some fairly poor reviews — much like many of the other brush sets. This one had great reviews but I did notice that the seller shipped from Hong Kong and was worried it would take far too long for it to reach me, or even get lost. I got them in about two weeks (1 week before the estimated delivery date) and this was definitely worth the wait. They arrived padded between protective styrofoam and each of the brushes came covered in a protective cap (with the exception of the two fan brushes) in a soft plastic pocket w/ flap lid.SO glad I grabbed these! I’ve used the fine brushes a few times now for some nail art and they work perfectly. I use nail polish remover and a cotton pad to clean them and they work brilliantly every time.

Karin Camdenton, MO

You get what you paid for….

I purchased the brushes because the price was right and most of the reviews were excellent. I just received the brushes and was excited to use them for my nails. While using two brushes, the paint from the handles came off and went all over my hands. The metal that held the brushes started deteriorating. Perhaps it was due to the nail polish remover … but then again it is a “Nail Art Painting Pen Brush”. Needless to say I was quite shocked and very unhappy. Thus my title above you get what you paid for. Buyer beware.

Ellen Peru, NE

Could’ve been better

I received my package after a delay and when I got these brushes, I couldn’t use most of them. Very disappointed. I ended up giving them away.

Kathleen Lanark Village, FL

Super fast shipping

These just arrived in my mailbox and I was very surprised by how fast they showed up. I have not yet had the chance to use these brushes, so I will need to update my review. They look like they are good quality though. Good enough for my use anyway. I will be using these for my own manicures at home. There are some striper brushes, two fans, and assorted fine detail brushes, angled brushes, and one metal tipped tool I will use for dotting.

Alexandra Mclean, NE

Where is it? I haven’t received it yet

I will be delighted to rate it when it shows up.Resend the message when it has been sent.thanks

Mabel Saint Michael, ND

Amazing brushes!

I needed a replacement set of nail art brushes and this one came with so many options. I was worried about the quality but having used them at least a dozen times since I bought them, I am super happy! A couple of the brushes came apart where the metal meets the wood but if you do nails as much as I do, you have some superglue very handy to fix this so it wasn’t an issue for me at all!

Faye Milford, IN

love it

Just what I was looking for…..I’m in love now, I can do my own unique design on my nails 🙂

Alejandra Sierra Madre, CA

not very good quality

They are ok, but most of them fell apart the first day i got them. I would not recommend these to anyone

Geraldine Clendenin, WV


not too big of a fan but for the money they were ok. i have had a couple of them just have the bristles come off.

Annette Houma, LA

WELL worth the money I paid and they are still going strong a year later.

These have become my go to nail art brushes ever since I purchased them. I spend a lot of time doing my nails and creating new designs for my blog, so a good set of brushes is crucial to have in my arsenal.Before making the purchase, I shopped around quite a bit and took the time to read the Amazon reviews. I was a bit leary of this set, given the inexpensive price tag,but figured I really couldn’t go wrong with 15 different brushes for $2.00 and free shipping.I’m really pleased that I went ahead and took a chance on these brushes. They have withstood many uses so far, and do not shed at all. You will want to be sure to clean them thoroughly and properly after each use though, or the bristles will stick together and the brush will not work well in the future.Overall, WELL worth the money I paid and they are still going strong a year later.

Keisha Brandon, IA


still haven’t figured out how to use this stuff with nail polish, but hopefully i’ll figure something out.. i should probably youtube it

Jeanette Lyons, WI

Great for clean up and stripes

I like using these brushes for clean up on my nails and using the stripers. The fan brushes are good for loose glitter placement. Other than that, I really don’t need 15 brushes. But for a couple dollars, you can’t beat the price. If you like doing intricate free hand nail art, get these. They are a great price and will do the job.

Teri Ubly, MI

Good Brushes

I ordered this July 30, and received this item on August 11, which is earlier than expected. The brushes had a strong odor when I opened them, like the smell of varnish. However, every brush was different and I am really happy with the way they handle. The brushes clean up well too, and the bristles seem to be attached well and don’t seem to come off on my nails. The paint on the actual handle came off after I cleaned it, but I’m not too concerned because I don’t need them to be pretty. Update, initially I did not notice, but one brush was bent. The brush still worked, but it is something worth noting.

Beverley Framingham, MA

Great selection of brushes

Great selection, No defects, fast delivery, Quality seems to be good and I’ve found use for everyone. You are getting more for your money with this product and I will most definitely be purchasing this again! If your into nail designs like I am then this product is a must have! Hope this was helpful.

Dollie Granger, IN


I waited patiently for these brushes. To me dissapointment they do not do the trick. These brushes don’t even hold paint well so they are basically useless to me as far as nail art.

Katherine Millen, GA

Awesome value for the money-many uses other than nails!

This is a great value and surprisingly arrived pretty darn quick for where it ships from, China I believe?I love these. I use them for face painting and detailing my little cars as wellMany usesI highly recommend these :)Note that the fans are uber tiny just as an fyi

Marta Newark, NY

Great for the price

These brushes get the job done. They aren’t super high quality, but what would you expect for such a low price? Beware though that the paint on the brush handles strips when inserted into acetone to clean the brushes.

Kristin Atlanta, TX

Just horrible

Let me start off with theCONS:-CHEAP in material-They don’t even paint your nails at all, I think they’re made for makeup use or something. NOT for nail polish. I’d rather use the original Nailpolish brush than these.-The paint on the brush handle comes off with acetonePROS:-Came in on time-Good packaging-Nothing was missing, looked neat

Lara Sunman, IN

So pretty looking 😀

I love it, so cute, easy to grab… its useful for what i do :)Yes, i would recommend it.

Jewell Fulton, IL


I’m just getting into nail design. Admittedly I am not very good at it, but these brushes to help me to expand my abilities. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Great for all abilities and is encouraging me to push my abilities and get better.

Helene Hiseville, KY

Awesome deal!! What are u waiting for?? GO BUY IT!!

Great, great deal on these brushes. One of the 15 brushes is actually a very small dotting tool. Which is very handy, it makes the set all the better since it has a design tool and not solely brushes. The handles are made of wood, and are very sturdy. The hairs are synthetic. I’ve had these since September or October, and they’re still in great condition! Overall, great product, and awesome deal!!

Caitlin Greenville, WV

Just lovely!

These brushes are great! They arrived eariler than I expected and I used them 3 days later!! The striper is awesome and so is the short lettering brush! Great purchase!

Janelle Whiteoak, MO


My friend was very excited and she said that her teacher said this item was a very good product. I will buy again. Thank you once again.

Young Mavisdale, VA

Pretty cool kit

I was expecting them to be cheap and fall apart when I tried to use or clean them, But they have held up pretty well. Over all I am really pleased with them!

Ingrid Birch Run, MI

Decent, low-cost brushes

I plan to use these to practice brush art on cakes. I didn’t want to invest too much until I could see if it was something I was interested in learing more. They seem decent for the money.

Cecile Johnson, VT

Product worth trying

I was looking for some brushes for my nails that i can do my own nail art at home with out having to spend a fortune at the nail salon. I spent a small price for these quality brushes and I love them! I have been using them non stop since I got them in the mail just 2 days ago. Even my 4 year old daughter loves how i can get done more quickly with these brushes than doing it alone and it also dont take as long as well. I believe this is a product worth looking into and worth buying if you are into trying to do your own nail designs and art.

Willie Fulton, CA

Fast Shipping

I was really excited about these brushes until the tops started falling off. They have everything you would ever want or need to do amazing nails but once they get wet the glue seems to loosen to where the top falls off and then I have to throw them away. 🙁

Thelma Lebeau, LA

Great Brushes

Very cost efficient, and good quality. I do lots of nail art and haven’t had any issues. There is a great variety of shapes and sizes with these brushes and I’ve not had any quality issues.

Dana Goodland, IN

A good brush kit for nail artists

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars as a few of the bristles have fallen out of the fan brush. I haven’t had any issues otherwise with the product, and find them to be a great addition to my growing collection of nail artistry items.I mostly use the brushes for cleanup, and the thin brushes for my attempts at more intricate designs. I like that they’re user friendly even for someone such as myself who is really just winging it, and also very easy to clean. They fit nicely in my collection, and store easily.

Corine Montgomery, WV

Buyers Beware……BEWARE

Placed my order November 5, 2013. Delivery window was Dec. 3-19, 2013. NEVER RECEIVED IT. I patiently waited until last minute of the last day stated on order and NOTHING. I emailed seller, but I will assume I will not get a response since others stated the same. Thankfully I only paid $1.97 for my item and I purchased other items as a Christmas gift for this family member, so no major loss although I was excited for it. I will be putting in a claim shortly so Amazon stops all accounts with this seller. Poor business. Beware. Gave it one star because I had to put something up.

Carlene Kresgeville, PA