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15pcs Nail Art Gel Design Pen Painting Polish Brush Dotting Drawing Tool Set NEW Bs-05

100% Brand New Ideal for fine nail art work to draw lines,fine details,flowers,special patterns,etc A perfect set tool for your nail art and beauty; Perfect for natural nails, false nails and 3D nail art. Easy to handle, perfect for professional and home use; Suitable for every ladies.

Key features

  • Item is shipped from China, and it will take 10-15 business days to arrive UK or it will take 10-20 business days to arrive worldwide.

Honest reviews


Cheap is cheap

I like the look and feel of these brushes, they’re very easy to work with, nice size variations, the handles are nice, the bristles have a good shape and they even have a cuticle pusher at the ends, BUT cheap is well cheap.I only got one use out of every brush because I had to keep switching brushes while doing my nails because the acrylic built up and hardened in the bristles and I could not get it out even after soaking, and resoaking in pure acetone, they still would not come clean, which basically rendered all 5 brushes useless after only one use.In short, these are great for practice since they’re cheap and easily replaceable, but if you’re looking for quality brushes, I’d suggest looking else where.

Yvonne Brandeis, CA

Good brushes

They work good! You get a variety of brushes and they are awesome. Favorite color is pink so I definitely love that!

Jaime Trammel, VA

these were poo

these are terrible for acrylic i would not suggest any one to buy these just invest in some expensive ones

Jewell East Walpole, MA

What you see is what you get

What you see in the pic is exactly what you get….Miniature brushed that are useless to use as acrylis nail with powder or even gel brushes. They ship from China…so they took FOREVER getting here about 3 1/2 weeks. Don’t wasted your $$$ or time. Go to Sallys and get one.

Alyson Moscow Mills, MO

ok brushes

the brushes were ok until I was doing my acrylics and I went to go clean the brushes off and all the acrylic stayed in there the week before it was fine but this time no it wasn’t.. I’d prefer a free number 5 acrylic brush after getting this one.. and my blue one was also broken when I got it I super glued it back in the holder so not kool!!

Cristina Warwick, NY


The brush set it cool and nicce,they work greatt on acrylic nails,and the best is that they dont cost a lot

Elvia Spanish Fort, AL

Not the same colors

I ordered Feb. 1 & deliver Mar.10 I got this set to match the set of dotting pens I also ordered & the colors are not as they appear on the picture. I got pink, white, yellow, purple, & royal blue. It was supposed to be pink, white, yellow, lime green, & light blue. Now I have miss matches sets. & I don’t want an exchange because it’s going to take me longer to return &,wait for another set. Also The brush part also seems to be on the smaller side. Looks so much better on picture than in person.

Joanne Lowndes, MO

Made in China

Poor quality. really made in China.Was very cheap so at least justifies the price…Wasn’t so happy.But two stars for effort

Helene Cushing, IA

Acrylic Nail brushes

Well, I’ve used 3 of the 5 for doing acrylic nails and they lost their shape while I was using them for the first time and even after I cleaned them up the brush cleaner, The bristles wouldn’t stay in their proper shape in order to use them. I’ve had to get my brushes from another sours. I was happy at first, but when they just did very odd things the first time I used them. I was a bit disappointed.SF-P

Kimberley Gastonville, PA


LOVE THESE BRUSHES, an amazing deal for the price. I will defiently order more and recommend these brushes to others.

Heather Gouldsboro, PA


these brushes were horrible. none of them were big enough to apply the acrylic properly. also they were very hard to clean and I was never able to get all the material out. these brushes also weren’t shaped correctly for there use. I wouldn’t recommend, I guess you get what you pay for so ppl don’t be cheap.

Odessa Merry Hill, NC

Too thick

These brushes are very thick and have too many bristles. What happens is it is hard to shape the acrylic without making dents. The brush doesn’t flow smoothly over the paste, so it comes out lumpy. It much easier with a brush that is a little thinner and longer and also the pointed tip makes it harder in my opinion

Allison Killawog, NY

great for acrylic and for other nail art

i bought these to get into acrylic nails, but the fumes from the acrylic liquid made me punt that endeavor. but, when i used these on my first set of acrylic nails, they were nice and stiff and really good for shaping the nails. i also use these to clean up my regular nail art if i get nail polish on the areas around my nail and to also do some other nail art with the smaller brushes. they are also so cute and cheap!

Sheryl Stevenson, WA

Not worth it

bristles are too hard and don’t bend well. I would not recomend these at all to anyone who does nail art.

Rosanne Indian Springs, NV

It’s ok they work

I do like these I just found a combo set with more brushes and the dotting tools that match for cheaper on a Ebay. I ordered the dotting tools as well to have a matching set they also work just disappointed that it was like almost 2 bucks more when I ordered both separately and that they had less brushes and tools for more money.

Shannon La Plume, PA

Inexpensive and a Good Value (so far)

I ordered these brushes because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on an acrylic brush for my at-home manicures/pedicures, as that would defeat the purpose of saving money by doing my own nails. The brushes are exactly as pictured, so no complaints so far. The brushes arrived in bubble packaging and in-tact. The ship window was to be 4-6 weeks, but I received them in 3 weeks. I can’t vouch for the quality as of yet because I’ve not used them, but I will update my review as soon as I do.

Joan Angleton, TX

yup yup

this is super nice.our nail tech daughter was super impressed with the quality.great value.would highly recommend.ty

Charlotte Walling, TN


I like these a lot! Great set. Don’t hesitate to buy it! Does what it has to. I like it

Luisa Yorkshire, OH

Can’t beat the price

This is a lot of inexpensive, plastic handled nylon brushes and a dotter. They are easy to hold and the bristles are tight.The brushes are all fairly small, so good to use on nails.I like them – they aren’t the best quality brushes in the world but they work nicely, and it’s a great price for the product. I’ve got no complaints and I’m glad I bought them.The fan brush is too wide for nails, IMO, but I can use it for other things.

Diann Lepanto, AR

Beautiful brushes!

I just got these brushes in the mail. They are really pretty. I’m going to use them to paint detail on fondant flowers so I needed small detail brushes. They do have very nice pointy tips. I haven’t used them yet, but I think they will work nicely.

Lola Leavenworth, WA

cute cheap brushes

I have no complaints about these brushes. They do the job and are cheap! Love them! Only suggestion is be careful when u clean the brushes…I was dipping them into regular nail polish remover and it took the pink paint off. So make sure u only dip as far as the metal.

Erma Arkport, NY

love these things.

nice for the price. they work pretty well but do need to be treated gently as the thing that holds the brushes in isn’t so great. so no rough handling.

Ana Hammond, MT

Their a little small but work great!

These are great brushes, although i was expecting bigger bristles they work just fine. If your into 3d nail art these are great and also good with acrylic! The acrylic balls don’t get stuck in the brush bristles!!!!!! And pretty COLORSS !!! I LOVE THEM <333

Sonja Arcata, CA

love them

I love the brushes and how they come in diffrent sizes i love the color on them they are pretty creative and keep the creativeness flowing very happy with my brushes

Faye Clayton, CA

Haven’t used them yet

I actually haven’t used the yet I’m still wondering what I’ll use them for bc I don’t wanna do acrylic stuff with them, there’s a wide range of uses for them so I’ll figure it out, they’re sturdy

Kimberlee Milano, TX

Love them

Love the brushes very good quality. The bristles look like they are strong and will stay in and not jus be falling out when I use them. Also love the shaper of the brush heads perfect for detail application.

John Simpsonville, SC

nice brushes

I purchased this brushes and at first was disappointed with them but after I contacted the seller they sent me new ones and I read the reviews which helped me with acrylic build in the brushes.

Freida Falls Mills, VA

took a long time to arrive, and several brushes …

took a long time to arrive, and several brushes broken the very first 3 second i used them. totally not worth the wait.

Maryanne Swain, NY

Perfect for me

I love these brushes. and as long as someone was to takes the time to clean them properly then they will always love them. The Brushes can last longer than u think. Also if u don’t know how to clean them properly without damaging them then buy a extra set 1 to practice on LOL, I love these nails they r perfect for any job I have to do!

Shawn Cannon Beach, OR

Cheap and Good

They don’t shed. They hold their shape. Easy to grip. Good choice of sizes. I recommend these highly. Would buy again.

Frances Berwyn, NE