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15colors short Bobs women fashion party Full synthetic hair wigs


Key features

  • Package:1X wig+1X free wig cap
  • Color:colors for you to select
  • Material:Synthetic High Temp Fiber
  • Bob wigs

Honest reviews


Don’t waste your time

I will never order from E2E ever again. Like another reviewer already said I don’t see how this wig got so many good reviews people need to say which person they ordered it from because 4 different venders sale this. My experience is with E2E and they are crap. I was being nice and contacted them thinking maybe they accidentally sent the wrong wig it happens no problem. I had no problem doing a exchange for the right one but these busters have yet to get back to me but that’s all right because amazon said since it comes from their warehouse when I return it i will get my money back. The wig I got looks nothing like the picture at all not even a little bit. The wig that came was a medium brown has three different length’s to it bangs, two long pieces on the side and short in the back. The cut and color look nothing like the picture it docent have any of the highlights in it and it is relatively one length around this crap has three different cuts to it. I can’t believe they sent this and tried to pass it off as the one in the picture. I will be ordering it from another vender I have been in contact with them and attached pictures of this hot ass mess and they said their wig looks nothing like this. Whatever you do DON’T BUY FROM E2E.

Mattie Nonantum, MA

Sexy Soft and Realistic

I love this wig. It is very realistic and super soft. The synthetic hair can almost pass as real hair. The color is gorgeous and the cut is so sassy sexy. You can brush the bangs to the side or have them straight down. I love it. I have very long hair and sometimes I imagine what it would be like with short hair. This wig satisfies my craving. I would very highly recommend this product!!!!!!!! Super fast shipping, great packaging and overall wonderful experience.

Eddie Astoria, OR

Color is distinctly different than what’s shown

The color shows a dark brown wig but what you get is a light brown wig with lots of dirty blonde highlights throughout. I decided to keep it because the quality is very good and if you’re interested in wearing it outside it can be done. The price is also good compared to other synthetics with the same quality. I’d recommend getting it if you don’t mind too much about the color.

Josephine Salem, OR

no like

I did not like, the wig is very big, I do air balloons in the head, the haircut is different, longer, is a different color, different from the photo in the end they sent me another wig not they asked, no like….

Luann Fort Washakie, WY

More than expected

Being in desperate need of a wig and after an hour of shopping for one, I really liked the look of this one. When it arrived I was amazed at the quality of it. It looks and feels very natural and in all honesty, you cannot tell that it is a wig. It looks a lot like the picture shows but better in real life. Depending upon the light you are in, it looks dark or like dirty dishwater blonde. I like the hilites that make it look like it does. Since I have never ordered a wig before, I was very skeptical about whether or not it was going to look nice or super fake, especially with it’s low price. The product exceeded my expectations immensely due to it’s natural look, comfort and beauty. I feel like a new person wearing it. I would definitely recommend this wig if you are looking for a good price that comes with good quality. The wig is built to be extra secure on your head but yet comfortable.

Ruth Mar Lin, PA

Never Expected This

I am shocked at how much I love this wig. I hesitated buying it because of the word Party in the description. I assumed that it would be more of a costume wig, but am I pleasantly surprised!. I think I like this one the best of all. I just got it today (ordered through Amazon Prime is the ONLY way to go) so I haven’t worn it outside for a long period yet. It does shed, as do all cheaper wigs, but it looks and feels the most like my natural hair. This wig is the first one I have bought that the bangs are actually a little less blunt, not as heavy as other wigs, so much more natural. I will order a few more of this same wig. If it doesn’t last, I will have back ups because this is going to be my everyday go to wig. Thank You Amazon Prime for the fast, perfectly pkg’d delivery. I do want to note that it seems a little smaller than other wigs but certainly not much difference. Enjoy this, like I know that I will!

Cherry New River, AZ

Beautiful bob

I was very surprised and how nice this looked at such a low price. The cut is really good and the synthetic hair is soft. I had bought this for fun but find it is very wearable.

Letitia Glasco, KS

Longer than anticipated

I liked the way it felt, but the hair is much longer than the pic so cutting is necessary. Once you could get past that then its a good buy.

Kimberlee Lyndora, PA

Awesome Wig!

Incredible wig! Great quality compared to most costume or halloween wigs.. I would wear this wig out. It has adjustable straps which I love and no combs which I love even more so because I hate when combs get tangled in my real hair.. Very secure when on… Very real looking.

Loraine Freedom, NH

Not brown

The wig was a champagne blond and not brown. I hate the color. It is also uncomfortable. It looks cheap.

Gilda Shawanese, PA

really cheap

Halloween wig maybe but not for daily use. it was cheaply made and hair kept falling out without even brushing it.

Lily Crooked Creek, AK