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Our beautiful Queen Bee skin revitalizing balm is carefully hand made using only the highest quality 100% All-Natural Ingredients. This wonderful balm removes under eye circles, fades facial lines and wrinkles, moisturizes and protects damaged skin, and keeps skin looking healthy, smooth and vibrant. All without harmful and dangerous chemicals found in most store bought moisturizers and skin care products. Our formula works because we do not skimp on the quality of the ingredients. the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has stated that nearly 900 of the chemicals used in cosmetics are toxic. Most mass produced, brand name skin care products have a long list of hard to pronounce chemicals and often these products use the cheapest ingredients possible. Even so called organic or all natural cosmetic products will use chemicals or dyes during processing that are not listed on the label. Even the fragrances found in skin care products can be carcinogenic. Queen Bee skin balm is one of the few cosmetic products available that uses all-natural, organic ingredients and is 100% chemical free.

Key features

  • The organic, natural formula that removes dark under eye circles, lines and puffiness and fades facial lines and wrinkles
  • Handmade in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania using only the highest quality 100% All-Natural Ingredients.
  • Moisturizes and keeps skin looking soft, vibrant and smooth without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Contains NO cancer causing additives or preservatives found in most brand name skin care supplements
  • Queen Bee Skin Balm uses triple filtered, organic Beeswax and organic Vanilla essential oil, giving this balm a light but beautiful natural fragrance

Honest reviews


Queen Bee

This is a fairly nice night time treatment. I wouldn’t recommend it for day wear, as it does go on slightly greasy. I like the fact that it’s 100% natural. I’ve been using this for a little over a month now. I don’t believe it does much for undereye circles, but it does moisturize the skin so that by the time I wake up, it has hydrated those places to plump up where the tiny little lines would be. It has a nice natural smell to it. As far as getting rid of dark circles, I recommend Revitalume all the way. Nothing has worked better for me than that.

Tasha Cashmere, WA

Queen Bee Dethroned!

It does not do what it claims. So sad! None of the claims are true! It keeps skin moisturized and that’s it. There is not change to under eye bags, color, or wrinkles…wishful thinking!

Francisca Warner, NH

Takes Time To See The Slightest Results

Dark circles are very difficult to remove, so to anticipate any sort of change around the under-eye area, you have to be extremely patient, or pay for more expensive, high-end products to get the immediate results you want. This product contains mostly oils, (Olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, vanilla essential oil), so applying this product during the day may have you looking greasy if it’s not absorbed properly. Like most reviewers, you can apply this during the evening or before you are about to go to bed. I will say that the moisturizing effect is noticeable and the light scent isn’t as distracting as other creams or eye balms. After using this product for three weeks, I noticed a small difference and can even tell that I didn’t have to apply as much concealer as before. I think I’ll continue using it until the jar is completely finished to see what the results are.

Etta Avoca, AR

Ordered by accident…

And glad that I did. They also sell a beeswax for the "skin" in a plastic tub and that is what I thought I ordered. This is specifically for the eyes and is very moisturizing. It is a bit on the oily or greasy side, but you only need to use a very little bit… and it actually works well over make-up to give a little sheen under the eyes (use very small amounts).

Sheila Loose Creek, MO

Love this eye cream

I have been using this eye cream for a while now and I love it. I have no wrinkles in my eyes. It is all natural. I also use it on my face and lips. It is a great product. I will continue to purchase. Thank you Queen Bee for such a wonderful product. I will spread the word.

Emilia Magee, MS