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15 Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions 1b# Off Black 7pcs 70g by zgzjywxf

Typle:100% human hair,they can be curled, dyed

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Not what I had expected, and I say this in a good way. Please read on 🙂

In a nutshell, the price is what pulled my attention in. For 11.99 and free shipping, it sounded too good to be true. I took my chances and went for it. I absolutely LOVE! long hair extensions, and 22″ seemed just right for me. ( my hair hits just about the 18″ mark.) The extensions come in 12pcs as described, clip on, and the length is long and beautiful. The feel if the extensions didn’t hurt either as they were very soft and luxurious. I love these. Please don’t ever discontinue selling these, especially with that unbeatable price!!!!! 🙂 I’m satisfied.EDIT: I forgot to mention that the shipping speed is pretty fast. It shipped in about 3 days or less, and it arrived here in a week and a half. Not too shabby 🙂

Doris Mount Aukum, CA

Love it! 15″ Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions 1b# Off Black 7pcs

I love this product! it matches my black hair almost exactly, they are very easy to clip in and use. They feel very real and you almost can’t tell. Each extension is pretty thin, which doesn’t really matter in my hair, but other may want thicker extension pieces.Came in secure packaging, hair felt great and very real when I opened them up.Just make sure you take care of your extensions and use stay in conditioners, and non alcohol hair sprays and styling products so they do not get dry. Sebastian potion lite 9 is a great stay in conditioner.Would highly recommend these extensions, just keep in mind you may need two sets if you are looking for a fuller look, unless you have thinner hair like me, and it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Kristine Indianola, MS

Might as well spend the extra money and get quality human hair

These were great for a one time use. They are so long and silky soft. I found by the end of the night they were extremely tangled up and after that they were hard to get straightened again. Synthetic hair just isn’t worth it. Although I find that a lot of other extensions priced from $20-$50 will still have some synthetic hair mixed in, its easy to manage and they can be worn for months. Spend the extra money and get human hair!

Corina North Hartland, VT



Kaye Hollenberg, KS

Exactly what was paid for

Cheap, thin, wiggy-shiny…but they were very inexpensive, so I knew they might be that way. My daughter now uses them with her dolls.

Sara Byron, MN

Granddaughter bought it

My granddaughter wanted this so she ordered and bought it. I can’t recommend it one way or the other but it must have worked out. I haven’t heard any complaints

Dawn Queen Creek, AZ

VERY TANGLED, even right out of packaging

This gets incredibly tangled, even when wearing. I don’t like to put products in my extensions, as a leave in conditioner changes the appearance and texture. I am not a fan of these. I did however shape into a perfect, full messy bun for a quick updo, for the price it exceeded expectation but dig a lil’ deeper in them pockets and go with human hair. My opinion. The tangling is VERY high maintenance and I don’t have time or patience to carefully detangle.

Georgette Diamondville, WY

very nice,thick,no split ends towards the bottom or end..high quality

i have bought over five hair exstention sets and these ones are one of the nicest seta i own..there very thick and the ends are not split and stragely..there very nice

Noemi New London, MO

More than 12pcs.

I like them, I actually got 13 pieces. Not actually sure if it was a mistake or not. When caring for them brush, then comb. If you comb first it just tangles it more.

Abigail Trinway, OH

15″ Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions

Not really human hair, not good for dying if you want to, once you comb it it looks like old doll’s hair. Very annoyed with this product.

Janice Yorkshire, OH

Great color

I already had a pack and just needed another to make it look more fuller. This hair is perfect smells great. Yes it is thin if you only use one pack, so do get more than one. I used two and the color is perfect.

Jenifer Mallard, IA

Fair price for the quality.

I’ve had human hair extensions before, but the idea of buying human hair extensions online kind of freaks me out, so I decided to go this route. These are thin, stick-straight, and a weird color. Not sure what I was supposed to expect, though.If you have recently dyed your hair, and can easily straighten it, these will probably work for you.

Marianne Side Lake, MN