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144pcs Fimo Slice Lovely Animal Nail Art Decoration

Package includes: 1 x 144pcs Fimo Slice Lovely Animal Nail Art Decoration

Key features

  • Charms that Makes You Wonderful Nail Art.
  • Different Patterns in separate chamber of the wheel box provided.
  • Box packaged, easy to carry and store.
  • Allows you to create your own designs on the nail.
  • Suitable for professional use or home use.

Honest reviews


Cute as can be!

Huge hit with my girls! Make sure you get the tweezers! Hard little things to get hold of. So far they seem to stay on very well with just a drop of nail glue.

Socorro Mill Spring, NC

so cute

adorable and easy to use. Can make cute designs that are eye-catching and stylish. I love the different looks you can get with these little faces.

Chasity Valley Falls, KS

fimo nail art

love them! thanks! I am so excited to use them. I like all the choices that come in one little reel.

Brandie Williamsburg, KY

Look elsewhere for fimo nail art. =/

I ordered this expecting to receive what was shown, and that was not the case at all. FIrstly, the designs were nothing close to the ones pictured. Second, I received a severely damaged container that looked like someone literally stomped on it and shipped it! there were only at least 20 or so usable pieces in the whole thing, the others were chipped or not there due to the packaging being broken (must have fallen during shipping, im guessing.)It seems like a good deal but save ur money. You’d be better off purchasing whole fimo canes instead. That way you know what ur getting (depending if its listed) and are able to make the slices yourself, as to avoid chips and slices missing. Also, I contacted the seller, sent the photo they requested of this item (i know, considering the low price, right?!) and nver received a response after that. Horrible customer service.

Rosemary Dilliner, PA


Animals in picture are not what you get. I had some stupid Angry Bird things that I’m never going to use. When I received the item, it did not look like 144 pieces either. But the item was cheap, and I did like a few of the animals.

Kristine Gumberry, NC


The animals are super cute. They are very small and thin so they are difficult to work with, but worth the money.

Anastasia Capulin, NM

animal slice

These were not exactly as pictures, but still a very good bargain for the price and cost of shipping. It does take a while to arrive, but that it okay with me. Will add these to my growing collection of nail art decorations.

Sherri Durkee, OR


These films slices were smaller than I was expecting so I gave them to the grade-school girls next door. They loved them. For the small amount you pay you can’t ask for more. It’s a great buy.

Kristie Syracuse, NY

Horrible trash!

I too received something that was NOTHING as pictured. I would not use ANY of these. There is a cheap looking replica of Minnie Mouse, a Chinese looking cat (like you would see at a Chinese restaurant) but some were so horrible looking I can’t even tell what the heck they are. I know they didn’t cost much thank god, but I will trash these there is actually nothing that is useable. Disappointed because I have ordered several of these different styles and nail stuff but have never encountered this before I was happy with everything else I ordered.

Elma Rockwood, ME