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144pcs 3D FIMO Slice Fresh Fruit Face Nail Art Decoration

Package includes: 1 x 144pcs 3D FIMO Slice Fresh Fruit Face Nail Art Decoration

Key features

  • 12 Different Patterns,Different Patterns in separate chamber of the wheel box provided
  • Allows you to create your own designs on the nail
  • FIMO shaped: 12 Different Fruit
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Quantity: More than 144 pcs

Honest reviews


fimo nail art

love them. Thanks. I already used them and they look good! I like the choices available to me in one little reel

Jeannine Kennedy, NY

too cute

These are too cute. Because they are machine produced not all are perfect but 99% are. They are adorable. Would buy again.

Concetta Macon, IL

Vibrant & Thin

They’re just as vibrant as they are in the pictures! I’m also glad that they’re very thin, as I know fimo slices can run a bit "thick", depending on where/who you get it from. Overall, I’m highly satisfied with these fruit slices and will buy again from this seller if/when I want more as decal.

Nora Smithton, MO

FIMO canes (fruit)

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, & since I design nails this product really comes in handy.

Marla Lee, ME


these are great slices, even and very thin. The colors are very vibrant and the designs are intricate and very cute.

Michell Pleasant Hall, PA

It’s ok.

It’ll do for my toenail. I don’t know what some of those things that supposed to be fruit looks like something else. But afterall it’s ok for a toenail art.

Jewel Farmersville, IL

I liked!

Great and looks great on look much better on clear nails or on summer colors and bunched together and used clear acrylic it’s beautiful!

Suzanne Maple Lake, MN

fruit slice

These look different from what was pictured, but they are still a very good bargain for the price you pay for the product and shipping. Of Course, it does take some time for the merchandise to arrive, but if you are patient it is worth it. One more way I can be cute with my nail art.

Herminia Grimes, CA

Very fashionable

These cute nail art decorations are really cute and they look nice on your nails. The only thing that disappointed me was that the wheel was different from the picture. Like, it did not have the lime, orange, banana, etc, but they were fruits. overall I like this product.

Dionne Curllsville, PA


i bought these cause i really wanted some cute fruit fimo slices for my nails….. what i got was NOT fruit! there were only 4 fruits in it (which were weird colors and not the color of the actual fruits at all) and the rest were weird looking flowers, very disappointed.

Christina Wayland, MA


Super cute fruit slices ^^ really enjoy putting these on my nails…I fill up each nail and it’s just so cuteFirst time for me to use these decorations type things and it’s so easyI really don’t like the packaging though, it’s hard to turn the "wheel" to get what you wantit’s like those toothpick holders where you have to turn it until the little triangle hole is where you want itbut other than that it’s really nice

Christy Bantam, CT