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144 Pcs 3d Flower Slice Nail Art Decoration Fimo Box Packaged

144 Pcs 3d Flower Slice Nail Art Decoration Fimo Box Packaged

Key features

  • Charms that Makes You Wonderful Nail Art.
  • Different Patterns in separate chamber of the wheel box provided.
  • Box packaged, easy to carry and store.
  • Allows you to create your own designs on the nail.
  • Suitable for professional use or home use.

Honest reviews


GREAT product for girls!!!

These are just the cutest things. My girls love doing nails and these were a wonderful addition to their collection. GET THE TWEEZERS! Hard to get hold of!

Kayla Lawnside, NJ

Perfect for nail art

Some of the flowers had more of one color than others. A few we’re a bit damaged. Perfect size for nail art. Colors were nice. Mostly pastel shades.

Monique Cope, SC

fast shipping

These came to my house quickly. But they are a little thick. I guess I would need to use them with acrylic nails or something because they pop right off when i put them on with super glue and nail polish. They are pretty little flowers. If you know who to adhear them to your nails it would be a great product.

Norma Killarney, FL

To Thick

These were to thick for my taste even with top coat they seem to catch on things. Very pretty though.

Janis Burlington, OK


The flowers are really cute, but I should’ve did more reading. I didnt take the 3D thing literally and should have. I have still not figured out how to put these on and make them stay. When i do try them, the go so far out it looks really awkward. I wouldn’t buy again.

Madeleine Bryant, IL

My favorite

I love these cut flowers I have used them many times and order them frequently because I use them up quickly.

Tracey Lake Villa, IL

as advertised

This produce came on time and is exactly what I ordered. I was pleased with this and they look nice over a French.

Robin Sylvester, WV

flower design

I wish it were bigger and has more flower design in it cause it great when you want to do a design with it on the nail salon or a home

Fay Florida, NY

sweet flowers

Thinly cut, manageable, easy to work with. I got more flowers then expected. The colors are rich. If I had a tip I would say when you done with your design coat with a gel clear top coat the cure. But optional.

Kim Cylinder, IA

Just got

Some of these are in the wrong spot and there are a couple that are half of a flower. I am not sure how many there actually are but, I will count when I use.

Diana Waban, MA


I love doing nail art and these flowers are so pretty on my nails! the one problem i have is I didn’t order more yet!

Lynn Cairo, MO

Good for the price

From wife:They are great but not 144 PCS in there. Many of them were cut and not able to use. I had to fix them because in shipment many flowers mixed with others.On of the flowers i really liked only had 3 flowers.

Leeann Brookfield, MA

cute…when they STAY ON

These took forever to apply… Because I didn’t know what to use to make them actually stay on my nails… So once I figured that out, They work great. The only problem I have is, The colors of them are pretty strange and there’s no way they match any of my nail polish colors

Lakisha Imler, PA

nice !

they are real nice flowers however took long time to receive them havent tried them on my nails but they are all cut in very thin slices which you want for nails.

Arline Bradshaw, NE


These are great because there are so many options of flowers. They dont bend very much though so they work best on toe nails.

Jolene Watts, OK

cute and easy

plain and simple..cute and easy to use long as you take care that while drying the edges don’t curl so it can stick and last long with top coat.

Octavia Tunnel Hill, GA

Excellent variety and color

Beautiful product, lots of variety. There is a flower for every color of mani, look great with both colored french tips and solid manis.

Terri Middletown, CT

Flower fimo kanes

I LOVE all Fimo Kanes, I actually have these flowers on my toes rite nw. Dey really kum n handy.

Susan Leona, TX

cute and fun

These flowers are very cute and great for the spring time. I love the variety of color. I haven’t tried them yet but I can’t wait to try them

Gladys Queens Village, NY

super tiny

super tiny, super cute. these are hard to make out… because of their size. super cute tho. great for nails. will order again.

Rita Black Creek, WI

Not just for smelling.

These Fimo flowers are soooo cute! They look great to decorate cell phones, I Pads, but they especially look wonderful worn on the nails! I recommend them to anyone who wants to jazz up there manicure!

Tisha Lemitar, NM


cute fimo flowers.arrived on time and were nicely packed. have to keep pushing the edges until they stop lifting. which is not a problem.

Jeanine Harrison, GA

is ok

I give 4 stars because is kind hard for a normal nails to useI think is soft material , but look so good , come on time

Rosalyn Middleton, TN

small but cute

These are super small, making them a little bit difficult to work with, but are very cute. Some of the pieces are misshapen, but there are enough of them that it doesn’t matter.

Annie Meherrin, VA

Pretty and cute

This is so pretty! I love them pre sliced they fit perfectly you can stick with clear polish but I love using clear acrylic

Marianne Lombard, IL

too cute

I love these and I love the price I saw these at sallys and they wanted 7 dollars for the same quantity so this is a great find for me I did my nails with them and they were really cute I am very greatful to stumble across this product!

Jodi Valier, MT


got these for my nail art and they are nice especially for the price but i dont like that they dont lay flat against your nail

Gracie Lafayette, AL

Really Cute

i just received these flower slices and they are so cute I can hardly wait to use them. They arrived in good shape and are just as pictured. If you love nail decorations you will love them too!!

Kristen Avonmore, PA

Flower Green

Some flowers slice Nail art are not really sliced. The color Flower green. Some flowers are torn. But it is okay. Thank you very much!!!

Evangelina Quentin, PA

Nice colors

Very beautiful and the colors are so bright, great product and easy to work with. I would buy again. Beautiful

Margaret Niagara, ND