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13 Piece Brush Set With Case

This brush set comes with 12 brushes in a leatherine case. All brushes have long wooden handles and are a blend of sable and goat hair. The only synthetic brushes are the oval taklon concealer and the angle taklon liner brush.

Key features

  • Brushes included are as follows: deluxe sable powder, deluxe sable blush, sable shadow
  • Sable concealer, angle taklon liner, badger blending fan
  • Sable crease, oval taklon concealer, detail lip liner
  • Eyebrow comb, mascara spoolie, and silk sponge

Honest reviews


Save yourself the trouble. Don’t buy this item.

Where can I start… This brushes are not even better than good…. it is not as soft like what others said, they do smell like rubber or that very fake leather smell, my room smelled like it every time I walked in. They are cheaply made. The Handles are not very attractive, I mean even an ordinary art paint brushes look and feel better.WARNING: Please don’t buy this item if you know brushes, When I got mine, I had to use my scissor to even out the brushes because they are not cut evenly. Its a frustrating brush. I washed my brushes when I got it because I cant handle the smell also I can’t even imagine how dirty it is coming out of the factory.When I washed it, The color from the brushes started coming off and I have a MAC Cleanser, kept doing that 4 times until I have a clear suds, now this brushes are not dark brown they’re light brown. After it dried the bristles are sticking out, it lost it’s shape. I haven’t even used it yet. This item should not cost $12, $8 is more like it. I will have a review about this brushes on youtube soon. So people can see it closer and think twice bout purchasing this item.All and all I can deal with the smell cause you can wash it away eventually, but I can’t handle the brushes itself.

Trisha Abbeville, SC


It’s ok, not too great, but OK, I was using the blush brush, and some of hairs from the brush were on my FACE, but blending is a good brush…

Ruby North Eastham, MA

Not worth the money.

I have bought better brushes from Wal-Mart.I got them this morning and they were already shedding and I had to throw the fan brush away. The brush roll that it comes in is pretty good, but I don’t know if it’s exactly worth waiting and paying for shipping.

Luisa Rollingbay, WA


good selection of brushes, good for the price, does not shed hair, all necessary brushes in set. high recommended, case included which is compact

Sofia Salem, NY

Travel Brushes–They Come With Me Everywhere!

I travel a lot around the country and sometimes internationally and I HATE packing and worse seeing what make up to bring and if I’ll need all my brushes to come with or not. I’m just really glad that I bought this small set of brushes instead. I never use them when I’m at home since I already have the brushes I use everyday sitting on my bathroom counter. The 12 piece set its perfect for when I fly out! I’m the type that like sto have a make-up set to bring with me for an everyday use like the “TOO FACED Natural Look” make-up palette and an evening look make-up palette as well which makes things SO much easier!It also brings its little case where every brush has it’s own place to go which is a plus and i can put it in my carry-on or purse for use if i need to retouch my make up or need to do a quick day-to-night look.Sooo glad I bought this! I totally recommend it to anyone. The only problem with it is that because the case folds some of the hair in the brushes are bent as well, but the quality is still good and its nothing that a quick wash can’t fix. I just make sure to put the brushes that rest in the crease of the case in an area where it won’t affect the brush’s form 😀

Sadie Ojo Caliente, NM

Ok for cheap brushes

If you are looking for good brushes, don’t buy this set. The larger lip brush sheds really badly, leaving hairs in your lipstick and on your lips embedded in the lipstick. The blush brush seems fine for now though. No major shedding. They are softer than I expected for cheap brushes. The lip liner brush is not too bad. It does it’s job without shedding. But it seems that you have to put a lot of lipstick on the brush for it to actually transfer to your lips, which seems like a waste.I haven’t used the other brushes other than those listed above. And the “silk sponge” listed in the product list is a small eyeshadow puff like you get in cheap eye shadow kits, except it’s “silk” and I don’t really believe it’s silk. Not at all. I would personally go and spend a few dollars per brush at a local store or buy online but do not get the Make Up Geek ( brushes because they are the same brushes as this so I’ve heard.Next time I buy makeup brushes I will definitely spend a few dollars per brush either in a local store or online. It’s worth it.So all in all, do not buy these brushes unless you want to spend $2 per brush and get nasty brushes. It’s just not worth it. ($2 per brush = price of set plus shipping divided by 12 brushes.)

Brenda Hawk Point, MO

Great brushes, but the pouch smells. . . !

I absolutely love the brush set; unfortunately, the pouch smells like moth-balls! I wiped down the pouch with furniture polish, and still it smelled. Then I sprayed the pouch with Lysol–the smell remained. I placed the pouch in the freezer for several hours. The same result. “Time” did the trick.

Molly Jonestown, MS

Very good brushes for the price

The brushes are great, especially for the price. There is a very good variety of brushes. Occasionally, a hair will fall out of the brush, but I have the same problem with some of my more expensive brushes.Take the brushes out of the case they come in quickly and the awful smell will go away from the brushes. Throw away the case they came in–the stink never goes away no matter how long you air it out. I bought a canvas pencil case from the dollar store for the few times I need to carry my brushes with me.

Velma Bethel, OK


Once I received the brushes TWO of them broke instantly!!!! There’s no blending brush !! But over all the brushes are not that bad . I must say a lot of the brushes look exactly the same ( flat & stiff) I think this brush set is good for putting on concealer & blush. Other than that ….. Not worth it

Leta Standard, CA

Great brushes!

I purchased these brushes over a year ago and they are in excellent condition! No broken handles, no shedding hairs, they’re great! I don’t wear make-up everyday and that might be why they’ve lasted so long, but I wear it often enough where I should see wear and tear by now. I love coastal scents and I’m glad that i chose these brushes!

Madelyn Powell, MO

buy this!


Debra Bessemer City, NC

Love these!!!

I love these brushes. They are very soft and feel nice on my skin. They also pick a lot of product and makes everything very easy to blend. I’ve cleaned it a few times and they are still very fluffy. It’s amazing how well made they are for just 18 bucks. The handle is very “steady” and I feel like it’s never gonna break or fall apart. It lost a star for 2 reasons:- One is because the case smells funny, not the brushes as some reviewers might say. It doesn’t bother me greatly, and I found out that if you take the brushes out of it, the smell leaves them. The other thing about the case is that if you flip it, half of the brushes will fall out of it (one more reason to dislike the case). Besides these cons, the case actually doesn’t look bad itself.- The other reason why it lost a star is very minor and I guess it’s expected (look at the price tag again!), a little bit of hair came out of the bigger brushes. Not too many, but it is a little annoying sometimes.I would STILL strongly recommend this set if you are like me, who doesn’t like/want/have a lot of money to spend with big brands (look at all these other things I can buy with the extra $20 bucks I’m saving :P), but still want nice things and look good everyday!RECOMMENDED!

Robyn Schofield, WI

Makeup Brushes

Got this kit with the E.L.F. Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you look it up. This kit has every brush and the palette has every color. So combined, this is the ultimate makeup artists kit! If you don’t want to be a makeup artist you can use it for halloween or anything really. If you use this variety of brushes and that variety of color on a daily basis, you should really think about being a makeup artist professionally. This kit is a great start. Only a few bristles fall out initially but the ones that are in are in for good.

Aline Mc Caulley, TX

love it

i recieved this product and use it everyday! i wash them every 3-4 days and their just as new! perfect, and dont have the hair falling out yet. All the brushes are amzing

Cornelia Round Mountain, CA

13 Piece Brush Set With Case

Value, an understatement. I received the case and 13 brushes for the face, eyes and made the perfect gift choice says my friend. would recommend as a great starter or travel kit to have.

Angelina Middletown, IN

Two Stars

brush quality was ok, but the case spelled awful.

Renae Duchesne, UT

decent for the price.

you really get a decent array of brushes for what you pay for, here. some of the brushes are a little better than others, and i’ve had some trouble with shedding, even after washing with brush cleaner. the case also does smell, i wouldn’t say it’s unpleasant but it’s definitely a very plastick-y scent. it did dissipate after awhile, but has never full gone away. overall, still a decent set for the price. but if you’re looking for high-quality, spend the extra money and get something else.

Heidi Bernard, ME

Great set!

These brushes are great! I spent 13 for the whole set. I love the way they work and they are good quality! I do own MAC and SIGMA brushes and I found a couple of the flatter brushes in this set that weren’t sold thru make that I really like. Overall these are great brushes for the price!

Alice Easton, ME