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12 Color Nail Art Hexagon Shiny Sparkle Glitter Flakes Sequins Powder Dust Tips Manicure Decoration

This is a great decoration for your car door as it absorbs impacts and prevents scratches. Protects the door from small bump damages when stopping or parking.

Key features

  • Product Name : Car Door Guard;Main Material : Foam
  • Color : Black
  • Longest One Size : 4.8 x 2.7 x 2cm/1.9″ x 1″ x 0.8″ (L*W*T)
  • Net Weight : 15g
  • Package Content : 5 x Car Door Guard

Honest reviews


Poorly cut..

The glitter is uneven and full of snags and crooked edges. I was lured in by the ultra-low price, but ultimately it’s not worth it.

Tina North Reading, MA


When I got this product in the mail, I was surprised. They were not the colors that the pictures showed. At all. Completely different. And the hexagon flakes were tiny.But…I decided that I wanted to try out these glitters on my acrylic nails anyways. And when I put them on my nails, they were gorgeous. Made my nails look amazing. Shiny and sparkly. I don’t know if I will use all of the colors it came with, a few are kind of ugly, but the pretty colors are amazing. I want to order some more of this glitter, different colors of course, but overall, I am enjoying these glitters.

Estela Wynnewood, OK

Super Cool

I got a good mix of opaque and iridescent. I’m really glad, because I bought these for the iridescent. They all appear to be about the same size. Some of the containers are half filled, others less that half. Not really a big problem, they all have a decent amount. As for the size of the containers, they are a bit small. Take you index finger and touch it to the tip of your thumb. Now bring it down to the middle of your thumb. The circular area between your thumb and index finger is about how big these containers are. They/’re about as thick as your fingers too.I didn’t have any spilled flakes in my packaging (except like one or two random glitters). The containers are individual containers that came "wrapped" in a cardboard box. The box was ripped and mangled, which is a shame because they’d be hard to store otherwise. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Ruthie Otter Creek, FL


These are nice and pretty color but I definitely have not used them as much as I thought. They are kind of large and translucent almost and I don’t see a need for them normally since I have smaller ones. Okay, wouldn’t order again though.

Luisa Dauphin Island, AL

Exactly what I wanted

Thank goodness I didn’t actually thoroughly read the description and just looked at the photo. Definately not dust nor powder. These are larger glitter hexagon shapes and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. Had I read the full description though I would not have purchased them as they seem like something else. Great product, even cuts, and no double colors. I have black and white as well which is great. Definitely a better deal then going to a craft store.

Mollie Linton, ND


I love love LOOOOVE these! They are beautiful and are sparkly. They are on the big side. 6 of them could cover my entire nail. I have read reviews that a con was that they stick out a bit and catch on clothes or other things. I tried it and they do. I think that some have the expectation that these are going to melt/mold onto your nails. They don’t. I actually bought these to decorate homemade cards and to use for crafts for my kids. They’re cheap, pretty, and come in their own individual containers. I highly recommend these! AND these came 2 weeks after I ordered them!

Letha Essex Fells, NJ

It’s OK

This product is just OK. Firstly, it does not quite match the colors in the picture and in real. For instance, I can see brown glitters in the picture, but there was no brown glitters in the set I received. Secondly, most of the colors are not bright enough. For instance, when I put purple glitters on my nails, it looks very light, very far from bright vivid purple. The same is with most colors. My favorite is blue, which is pretty dark, really bright and vivid, and looks great.I guess the only good thing is that it arrived pretty fast and in good condition. Well, and there are a couple glitter colors that are nice.

Valerie Sabula, IA

Love these!

I love these! They are so easy to use. They don’t come in a case-looking package as shown in the picture, but it does come in pretty cute packaging that lets you see all the colors.

Shawna Buckingham, IL

Perfect Nail Art

These sequins are very cute to use on your nails, just keep in mind you have to use a lot of them for the color to show good, except for the silver gold red and blue.

Stephanie Peytona, WV

Could be a little smaller but overall good

The sequins could be a little smaller, I thought they were a little big but overall I like them. I like to do the ombre effects with these. I would buy again.

Francisca Mesa, ID

12 color hexagon glitter flakes

freinds just love this output.the shimmer and shine is ideal to match any accessory they have on.this has so much potencial fir ideas.

Iva Warba, MN

very pretty

These arrived pretty fast. very pretty and shiny. So far I have received many compliments when wearing them. I would certainly recommend.

Darlene Diamond Springs, CA

Big flakes.

This item took FOREVER to come, and when i got it, the flakes are so big. I’m not sure how it looks on my nails yet. I will updated my review when I do. I’m afraid because the flakes are SO big.

Tamara Shallotte, NC

hexagon glitter. .

3 stars only because the colors are vivid, very pretty, unfortunately, they are the size of your regular glitter ones very small, and not the size that shows in the picture, I needed them for me to be able to place them individually but can’t do that because of their size, however, I was able to use them as a cluster and it worked out nicely that way, still, I can’t use them for what I bought them for…

Jean Midvale, ID

there alright

once again the colors vary and they dont come in a case like you see just a plastic bag. and there small.

Rowena Brusett, MT


My favorite nail art accessory!!! Arrived before the estimated time. I love it. Stylish. Cute. &Modern. All at a good price!!!

Lea Waitsburg, WA

great glitter

this is really good glitter it was a little bigger than what i wanted but it is still really nice. it was nicely packaged and it came faster than expected

James Hoonah, AK

Three Stars

was expecting the glitters to be a little bigger

Tamra Rosamond, IL