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12 Color Glitter Sparkle Powder Nail Art Makeup Body Painting

12 Color Glitter Sparkle Powder Nail Art Makeup Body Painting

Key features

  • Colors as pictured. (may slightly defer due to monitor settings).

Honest reviews



I had read other reviews that said that there wasn’t as much product in some containers as others…no big deal I thought. If one is full and another is 3/4 full, not a dealbreaker. However, some of these are almost empty. These were to be part of a gift and I don’t have any time to order something else. I’m glad they are being given to a kid, because I’d be embarrassed if they were for a teen or adult. I’m not sure what the quality is like…..looks very similar to the glitter that came with the glitter tattoo set I bought as part of the gift. Only you know….looking like it’s been used 15 times. This is the first time I’ve ever been really, truly let down by a product and agreed with the negative reviews I read.

Belinda Caulfield, MO


I have not gotten a chance to use them but if they are like others I have purchased then we will like them.

Sherry Spearman, TX

Dont waste your money!

I would give negative stars if it was possible!!! I wasted my money because It was all thrown in the packaging and the vast majority of them were not sealed correctly and completely empited out!!

Marcella Mohler, WA

absolutely love it!

They’re perfect! I wanted them for my nails and for my eye makeup enhancement. They came in quite quickly and in the cutest little box! I love them!! Definitely pleased with everything: )

Claudia Delphi, IN


Each container had barely anything in it. Most of them spilled out so there wasn’t much. The colors are very pretty but I received duplicates. If you want glitter, DO NOT BUY THIS. I recommend you buy this one. This one came in great packaging with 0 duplicates.

Harriett Ellston, IA

i love these!

These glitters were dirt cheap and they are gorgeous. Ive been using them to accent my eye shadows for holiday parties and a few times for fancy dinners. Ive also used them on my nails. They are tiny but they are only a few dollars and for the purpose of eyeshadow and nail accents, will last a good amount of time and there are 12 different colors to choose from.

Tori Empire, MI

love them

when i do my fake nails i dip the tip of my nail into the glitter pot and it makes a really nice tip and but i would make sure that you put a top coat over it to make the glitter stay

Jerry Ebeye, MH


I bought this for my nails to use with my gel kit. I used it for the first time last night and was very pleased with the out come. My only complaint is that the containers are so small so there is not a lot of product but I am only using it on two fingers at a time so this is fine for me. Worth the price.

Zelda Turton, SD


Sister loves all nail items and these are nice for little extras you can’t find everywhere. Nice and different for nails.

Alissa Bloomingburg, NY