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12 Color 3d Paint Nail Art DIY Polish Pen Uv Gel Acrylic Tips Set Salon Beauty

Main Features: Brand new in excellent quality! Fantastic nail art pens, use to create your own designs on finger or toenails. Perfect for natural nails, false nails and 3D nail art The paint can be applied over another color and dry just like nail polish. Package Included: 12 Colours of 3D Nail Art Polish Pen

Key features

  • Brand new in excellent quality!
  • Fantastic nail art pens, use to create your own designs on finger or toenails.
  • 12 Colours of 3D Nail Art Polish Pen

Honest reviews


A perfect tool for my hobby

I recieved this item fastly, I used and it works perfectly. I used with my sister and she was happy.

Juana Elmwood, MA

dont know what this stuff is

omg what in the heck is this stuff and no way on earth that these pens are for nail art waste of time and money its not polish or gel

Geneva Darlington, SC

NOT nail polish, just paint..NOT good.

I was expecting these to be nail polish pens, similar to the nail art pens from Sally Hanson.First, the tip is a hard plastic tube, similar to a tube of nail glue. You need to cut the tip and use a pin to make a hole.Second, the tube is full of air so even if you try to squeeze the paint out to "draw" on your nail, it comes out in a big thick blob. Then more air, then more blob. So I thought I would try to squeeze the paint out and use a nail brush to draw my image but the paint is to thick and not at all like nail polish. The paint is more like washable paint for kids. I don’t think these should be advertised as nail polish pens. It would cost more to send them back so I will use the paint for art projects.

Julianne Pateros, WA


By far the worst nail art paint I’ve ever used!!! None of the colors give off any sort of intensity when trying to use them. When using them for any sort of nail art the colors become very sheer & are no good! These pens aren’t even worth $1!

Cynthia Hurlburt Field, FL

Something Different

This was an okay product. It wasn’t really what I was expecting but the customer service was GREAT! Nothing again them just the product.

Lorie Bretton Woods, NH


These are NOT nail art paints, so don’t be fooled! They are, LITERALLY, fabric puff paints with the labels taken off and a silver "nail art" sticker stuck on. The paint will peel off your nails within an hour or so of them being dry, even with a top coat! These were NOT made for nail art, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Thankfully the seller I used felt bad and refunded my money, as well as removing this product from their inventory completely. I suggest all sellers do the same and let the fabric paint people have them. 🙁

Carmella Alvordton, OH