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12 Classic Color Elegant Blush Set

This Classic set of 12 color blush, feature all the color you need to bring out the best look. Perfect for everyday use. Comes in 2 carry size pallette.

Key features

  • New & Improve Version with More Blush Quantity
  • 12 total color
  • 0.6 oz each total 1.8 oz
  • Original Colors with New & Improve Quality
  • Stylish Packing Box

Honest reviews


12 classic elegant blush set

I just received this product and I must say I was very surprised about the size, it’s bigger than a quarter and bigger than a dollar coin. The colors are absolutely wonderful and will complement any skin tone from fair to chocolate. If you’re a women of color and are looking for the perfect peach and pink blush colors you cannot go wrong with these 12 beautiful colors. For the summer you will have wonderful glow that is just right even for the winter. So that’s another great deal that I was not expecting, I’m just glad I got 3 of them. Enjoy!P.S. these are professional size…just love it!

Margot Red Oak, OK

Great Blush!

I love these blushes. I read several reviews before I received mine and everyone talked about how great the color payoff is and that they can be used on any skin tone. Both of those statements are true. They colors are a great variety of depths and tones that will truly compliment anyone and they are very pigmented. They did not disappoint!

Stella Cameron, MT

My new blushes

I like my new blushes color, specially for me that I’m going to travel, love the colors and for my skin color they are perfect

Jeanine Rapids City, IL

It doesn’t look like the picture.

When I received the package and opened it, the blushes were a lot smaller than I thought they would be, on top of that the blushes have kind of a creamy/powder consistency which I don’t really like I just wanted a powder blush. The brushes are too small maybe the size of an eye shadow brush which doesn’t really bother me I wasn’t going to use them anyway but you’re probably better off applying it with your fingers. I think the pictures are a bit misleading.

Myra Meador, WV

pretty great!

before you even try out the product, toss the brush. it’s too small to even be considered a full on eyeshadow brush.however, the selection of colors is pretty great. they fit all skin tones. some are shimmery, some are satin, some are matte, and there’s a couple with glitter flecks. all are very pigmented and last a long time. impressive options.the blush does not go on very choppy, but it isn’t as smooth as it could be. a bit of blending is necessary, but not enough to be a pain.before purchasing, i would have liked to know that the palette is split in to 2 smaller palettes. while it isn’t a big deal, it bothered me that in the photo they were trying to make it look like it was one large palette.this palette set is DEFINITELY worth the price. both are small enough to fit in a purse, and contain a small thin mirror for touch ups.upon arrival, the package was not damaged in any way. it even came 2 days before i expected! needless to say, i was pleased.overall ratings:application – 6.5/10color choices – 8/10lasting ability – 7/10price – 1,000,000/10shipping – 10/10recommend? heck yes.

Misty Niotaze, KS


This is wonderful, the colors do run out fast id you use them for theater or film makeup. for anything though it works wonders and the palettes are easy to store.

Lillie Etna, NY

Awesome buy for price!!!

This is a realy good buy for its price! I use one palet more then the other but out of all the other more expensive blushes I have I use this more!

Rosie Ransom, KS

Pretty colors

Colors r pretty,, some r shimmery and some r in Matt form.. They r just perfect for me,, I m very fair so all the colors look good on my cheeks ,, good quality and pretty colors 🙂

Natasha Scranton, NC

great buy

For the price you really cant go wrong. Some if tue colors a shimmery which i font tend to use but even if inly 4 of the colors work..its worth it. I use it all the time for photo shoots. And the colors lasts and loks great.

Mariana Pearl City, IL

Great color

The color is beautiful but they are very dark. No matter how you apply them I cant seem to get it right. This would be perfect for darker skin tones but im as pale as they come.

Faye Hillman, MN

Blush broken inside palette

When I opened the package one of the containers of blush was busted into pieces. The items were very well packaged therefore, I do NOT think the seller caused the issue I believe it was from being tossed around at the post office. I only hope if you order it that your post office does not toss it around. I did not return this item because it was only one container of blush that was busted up and I cleaned it up and salvaged what I could of that color and it is fine…Not a huge issue for me. Outside of that I LOVE the color’s and it applies evenly and smoothly. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great blush to match any skin color. It’s a good price and of great quality.

Letha Ridgeland, WI

Cheep cheep but. Good

In this case you get what you pay for. This is cheep kind of a ashy look not the best finish but it’s a good product for what it cost. Comes in two separate pieces and all colors are similar to each other. Because this is low pigment it doesn’t give you a ton of color but it’s ok.

Annette Hope, ID

Not much

There is not much I can say. I haven’t really played around with them. But when I did sorta play with them. They are pretty good.

Camilla Belden, NE


I got this blush set in very good time they are indeed a set of three and they have very good colors. Maybe not the best for pale skin because of the bright colors but I like the colors. They are not powdery they are more wet but not like a gloss. They are about the size of an Iphone.

Dorothy Newburyport, MA

Love this blush set

This is a great deal, and so many colors to choose from. If you don’t know what type of blush work on your skin tones. Then this is the set you want to get.

Tamika Lake Clear, NY