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100pcs 3D Designs Cute Nail Art Manicure Fimo Canes Sticks Rods Stickers Decoration

100pcs 3D Designs Cute Nail Art Manicure Fimo Canes Sticks Rods Stickers Decoration

Key features

  • 100 different pieces in assorted styles and colors
  • Completely customizable – cut them as thick or thin as you want
  • Bright colors and cool designs great for eye catching nails
  • Used as nail art, nail design, phone accessories, laptop design and more
  • Be aware to watch out for the Free Cutters that’s inside the Box

Honest reviews


Great variety!

I got a great variety!! I was very very happy with them and they work well!! They are fun to use. Easy when you use a one sided razor blade. I just don’t let kids use them and cut a bunch at a time so I have them.

Lee West, TX

The Picture Is Misleading

Ok so I thought I was going to get 100 diffrent designs. Not in this case, I got 40 difrent stix. Some of them I only got one of but most of them I got X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7. I got way too many fruits (limes).This is what I recived2 sunflowers1 cantalope I think2 lady bugs1 red heart4 red leaves1 lime green leaf1 blue leaf1 orange leaf4 light blue butterflies3 pink monarch butterfly halves1 blue monarch butterfly half4 pink and white skulls4 orange halves6 grapefruit I think6 gray feathers3 cucumber slices3 green flowers1 lemon half4 bananna slices1 green star1 pink flower1 blue star shaped flower1 pear half1 apple half1 dark blue butterfly3 strawberry halves3 white butterflies2 white flowers1 blue and white flower2 orange cats3 tomato halves1 teady bear head2 kiwi halves4 cherries4 bright limes6 dark limes too many limes2 diffrent green flowers1 diffrent blue flower7 orange dragonflies1 unidentified stick it might be a ugly bird

Zelda Carpinteria, CA

best one

I ordered the 100 nail art canes from Crazy Cart. The price is great. They are all different, in great condition and all super cute. I highly recommend These are my first and the best nail art canes I have bought!High quality product.A+ Seller

Adelaide Kremmling, CO

it okay

it is okay, just have to practice cutting it thin enough. maybe a cutting tool can be included in the package.

Paulette Riverton, IL

So cool

These are ok. If you are applying them to the top of your nail they stick up way to much. Would work much better if you are adding them to acrylic while your forming the nail. They are super cute though! I love the fact that you can cut these yourself. However you need a really sharp tool to work with.

Madelyn Dana, NC


So I got it in the mail about 13 days before it was supposed to come which is a bonus! They’re the perfect size for nails, obviously! I got I think about 103 instead of just 100, which is totally fine with me! None were like ruined or anything. There were a few I wasn’t sure about when I saw them though. I didn’t get very many super cutesy ones like bows and hello kitties, animals, etc. That was a bit of a disappointment, but I did get all of these for a very cheap price of course. Here is the list of what I got:6 Angry Birds Assorted.2 Black and White Checker print (Square)3 Brown white and black checker print (square)4 Santa’s in assorted colors4 Weird Black and white and blue stripped fruit.2 Smilies, one Blue, one Green3 With (I’m assuming) Chinese words2 Black and White yin yang1 Red and white yin yang1 Weird glasses, or headphones, or something.1 Chanel2 Pink and white dotted melon slices2 Square italian flags2 Circle italian flags2 Blue flowers2 Pink flowers3 Black and white flowers1 Black and white Puppy paw15 Assorted (and pretty) flowers3 Cute Chibi faces (White, tan, pink, black)1 Cute Chibi face ( green, black, pink)1 Angry Ying Yang guy (Blue)1 Super cute dog1 Straw berry slice1 Water Melon slice3 Yellow fruit or bannana4 Kiwi4 Purple Roses5 Red pink roses1 Hot pink rose1 Lime1 Weird Swirly pink berry1 China flag heart1 Purple and White Heart1 Orange and white heart1 Dragon fly1 blue butterfly with white background2 Blue and white butterflies1 Red bow2 green citrus fruit1 Weird white square thing1 Orange and black stripe square1 Brown green and yellow bean shaped thing1 brown yellow green blue and pink corn kernel shaped thing.Definitely a lot of flowers which is just fine ’cause I love flowers (: But again, I just wish there were more cutesy bows and kitties and hello kitty and etc.!Wish it came with a razor blade, but that’s okay! Thank you!

Maude Gallina, NM

must have!

waw…. got angry birds in this too. flexible rods easy to cut. beautiful designs and what i saw was what i got plus more 🙂 Fast and easy shipment.

Sasha Boiling Springs, PA

Very happy with this even tho they are small

I have orderd 2 times with this person and I am happy , they do take really long to get here almost 2 months but I got 104 the first time and 101 the 2nd time and they come with a razor to cut it works best if you heat up the razor then cut it. LOOK AT THE PHOTOS IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS !

Mari Summit Hill, PA


All of the designs are extremely cute they are a bit hard to cut but that is more along my fault. They also sent me an absolutely adorable tool to go with ot

Juliette Indianola, NE

Very cute

I received these quickly, even after having a problem and inquiring about my order. The canes came placed in a ziplock bag. I found the designs to be very cute and sweet looking – many would be perfect for a child. Out of the entire set there were only about 15 I didn’t like, mostly out of personal preference. Only two or three were odd patterns (angry ying-yang bull, half of a butterfly, unrecognizable fruit). I think the most common pattern was butterfly or flower. There were also multiple assorted colored dragon flies, hearts, fruits, stars, and smilies. My favorites included two bows, two Hello Kitty, and three “Chanel” logo canes. These are great to make an otherwise boring at-home manicure special and fun.

Jocelyn Jeffers, MN

I got a good amount of selection

It’s unfortunate that some people got doubles or just fruits, but mine actually came with different designs. From peace sign, yin and yang, hello kitty, bear, smiley faces etc. I really like my purchase.

Hope Steilacoom, WA

Exactly what I wanted

Exactly what I was looking for title says it all they are CUTE, I would recommend this product without a doubt!

Marie Maple City, MI


Great little fimo canes, perfect for embedding in acrylic or gel nails. A big assortment of types and not many repeats.

Violet Fort Wainwright, AK


I waited so anxiously for this item to come in the mail and when it did I was a bit disappointed in the quality. I do appreciate that I paid around $6.50 for this product and the postage was $3.00 (written on the envelope), however 2 canes were 1/3 in length to the other canes which was kinda weird and some of the canes were twisted and lumpy, so after cutting them the design was distorted to the point where it couldn’t be used.

Clare Yazoo City, MS

great value!

I seen these at sally’s for so much more. They cut 10 pieces and put them in a container and sell them for 6 bucks. I paid like 3 bucks for like a hundred sticks. I will never run out. They are super cute! I like to pre cute them for use. I use them with gel nails and they stay on for the full 2 weeks! Great product and price.

Etta Friendship, OH