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100g Pure USAWHR Indigo Powder Indigoferra Tinctoria To dye Hair Black Naturaly NO PPD

100% Pure Indig Powder for Hair Indigoferra Tinctoria. Natural hair Dye to Color your Hair Black. Apply Henna to Your Hair First and then Indigo For Better Results. No Chemicals or PPD Best way to cover gray hair to black.

Key features

  • 100% Pure Indig Powder for Hair Indigoferra Tinctoria – 100grams pack
  • Natural hair Dye to Color your Hair Black
  • Apply Henna to Your Hair First and then Indigo For Better Results
  • No Chemicals or PPD

Honest reviews




Fern Midlothian, IL

does not darken hair

just as background, i have brown normal hair that is a few inches above my shoulders. i wanted to darken it more and get a black color without using chemicals. the last thing i had done anything with my hair, as in red highlights, was ten years ago. i generally avoid experimenting too much with my hair so i thought a natural product would be just the solution for my needs. i followed the instructions for this product super carefully, twice in fact. the first time i mixed half the packet (since i have short hair only around half was needed according to the package instructions) with Nupur Mehendi. after I let the Nupur henna sit on the counter overnight for over 12 hours i mixed the indigo in the morning with it and let it sit for around 20 minutes and then carefully applied it evenly all over my hair. i then wrapped my head in a shower cap and let it sit for six full hours, two hours longer than stated on the package because i know indigo essentially works by staining and the longer you leave it the better. i washed my hair after six hours but just with conditioner so it gets the chance to oxidize and then almost 24 hours later i shampooed and conditioned again. my hair was still the exact same shade, brown. i figured maybe i should use the indigo separately so a week later i repeated the process but did both the henna and the indigo separately, letting each sit for 6 hours. let’s just say it was a long day devoted only to hair care from morning to night time. i again just conditioned and waited a day to shampoo and condition and well my hair is just still just brown. i swear not a shade darker. the henna made it coppery throughout but the indigo didnt leave any effect. i am really upset. how could this happen? how could two long treatments fail unless the product is bad? i have considered that maybe the product is expired or not fresh so i tried to look for an expiration date but no luck, none on the package i can see. the henna product has an expiration date so i think the indigo products should have one too. that’s the only explanation i can think of, i got a product that was not fresh and lost its potency, if something like this happens with indigo. i can see it has worked for some people so beware of getting a not fresh product from this seller. going to try another seller on amazon for this and hope for better results

Pamela White Lake, NY


TERRIBLE. This product was terrible! I definitely would not recommend for anyone. smells terrible and turned my hair a strangest color…not the black that I wanted. I could have lived with the smell if the color would have been right. I definitely would suggest not using and finding a different means to safely color your hair

Emilia Barrington, RI

beautiful hair

This was the best indigo I have ever used!!! I did the two step process where I did a henna treatment first. If you have ever used henna on grey hair, you know that it will make the grey hair orange. Well, it did. I then applied the indigo and I ended up with the most beautiful black hair that was shiny and full of body. Not the artificial black that you get with chemical dyes. The color had depth. The grey hairs were completely covered. The indigo itself was very fresh and well packaged and came sooner than the expected date. I was more than satisfied with the seller and very happy with the product. When the time comes, I will gladly order again.

Florine Evinston, FL

don’t use again

this is first time used henna ,,,, it is make my hair black but not my hair only my body too and after make a shawer when put my hand on hair take the black color i think i dont by this is henna again this is same CAST SHOES

Annette South Dennis, NJ

It worked!

The 18th I purchased this item and by the 20th I had it. Last month I attempted to dye my hair red with Garnier and it only took too my roots and so I wore it until earlier this morning. Lastnight I prepared my Henna. Wore that in my hair for about 4 whole hours and then I applied the indigo and went to sleep. When I woke up, I rinsed it out after about 5 hours of sleep and my hair was JET BLACK. I think it takes better if you apply the henna first or maybe I’m wrong. Only negative, this process and the henna process took 8-9 hours and made a mess! But it was indeed worth it!!EDITED: May 12, 2013. I can no longer dye my hair after using this. No color will take too it except for the new hair that grows in. You know, I thought I was doing myself a favor because this is suppose to be an all natural way to dye your hair, well no chemicals. This bites because now I am stuck with black hair that won’t budge. Lol. It’s funny but at the same time I want to color my hair and can’t. Lol. I should’ve just stuck with the chemical hair dye. My hair wasn’t even damaged after all the times I dyed my hair. Lol. Has anyone else ever experienced what I did? Let me know!!

Dina Rossville, KS

Re-consider using this if you have ethnic hair…

I received Henna and Indigo 2 days ago and used it that same night. Well, last night I notice some hair breakage on my left back side.Luckily, I can cover it up but I was under the impression that this was a natural product and could cause no damage if it was in fact 100% pure. I am upset though. I was actually ordered more since it didn’t even turn my hair Jet Black but a darker richer brown. I actually ordered more so I could make my hair Jet Black but I just told the seller to cancel the order.I pretty much followed the directions to a T and didn’t even leave it in that long. I also used a conditioner after since it’s drying to the hair. And I made sure to wash it out good. I also had no relaxer/perm/dyes in my hair before the Henna/Indigo.Keep in mind my hair is naturally fragile, I can’t take relaxers or chemicals so I am wondering if this product was even pure or “natural” in the 1st place? My hair never broke in 1 day before. I especially caution African Americans when considering this product.

Margarita Procious, WV

Black?? Really??

I’ve ordered this product in the past (along with henna – which I’m very satisfied with btw) and this Indigo does not do it for me at all!! I have one more pack to use and then that’s it …. I will not be re-ordering. My natural hair colour is a 1B (off black); I’ve been using henna so of course there’s a red tint to it now; I was hoping to get rid of this “red tint”, as I prefer jet black hair. So not the case – my hair still has that tint…. and YES I left this Indigo on for at least 3 – 4 hours!!! If you’re looking for Jet Black Hair – well good luck but I couldn’t seem to achieve it here. Two stars because the product’s application wasn’t messy and washing/rinsing it out wasn’t bad. Smell isn’t crazy-bad either.

Casey Shasta, CA

Didn’t work for my 4c hair…

I felt like it coated my hair in like a black crumbly material, which did not actually dye my hair and flaked off. I might have done something wrong, but I know i followed the instructions to the T. I plan to use Bigen dye to get my hair black.

Autumn Harvey, IL

Works great!

Once i figured out my indigo to henna mixture, i got the color i wanted. I use 1/2 cup of henna and a whole cup or packet of the indigo for a deep, dark brown. My medium brown hair naturally has a red tint especially in summer months. So when i use a cup of henna and a cup of indigo it just brings out the red in my hair more then anything.

Leticia Laura, OH

Still not Black

I have used this indigo twice (with Jamila Henna, which is great). My hair is still not Black, but a brown of some shade. Also, I thought this stuff was supposed to be permanent – it’s not. I was under the impression I would have to dye my hair less times than when I used chemical rinses. I would rather use the chemical rinses because it takes less time to apply and get results. I also think I am allergic to the Indigo or this brand (not sure) because I itch like crazy for a few days after I use it.I have to look for another brand to see if the results are different.

Vickie Baileyville, IL

This indigo is great and safe for 4 c hair

The indigo did an excellent job coloring my naturally 4 c hair and my relaxed hair ( I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair). I only used half if the package because my hair is short. I used Jamila BAQ first then the indigo and I’m happy with the results of the dark color and color on my greys. This indigo has no PPD, shipped very quickly and was fresh. My hair is naturally black but I had brown dye on my relaxed ends and bright red greys from my first henna treatment. Now all of my hair is black and most greys are black but some are red but not nearly as bright red as before.

Sheri Talmage, UT

Excellent Color

I purchased this and used it with henna to get that ‘dark auburn’ effect instead of using chemical dyes…i have only good things to say about this!: the color is extremely nice, great coverage and everything, no side effects, great price too! if youre looking for an alternative way of coloring your hair instead of harsh chemicals, try this out!

Adelaide Marana, AZ

Great stuff! I will be using it again soon…

For all of the ladies who said this stuff doesn’t work, you must have applied it wrong. Its really not rocket science! I did not follow the instructions given by doing henna first. I simply added a tbsp. and a half of Nupur Mehendi to about 6 oz. of Indigo powder and I got amazing results. My hair is about 35% grey and I’m only 36. I have been grey since I was 17 and always used chemical dyes in black or platinum blond. Black in the winter and blonde in the summer. I love to color my hair but since I have gone all natural for the first time in 14 years of having natural hair, I decided to try indigo to color it instead. Now keep in mind I have used henna several times throughout the 14 years of being natural but I have never used Indigo powder.I needed to cover my grey for a party this weekend so I ordered this Friday 8/3/13 and I got it on 8/6/13 so that was pretty fast.So I mixed it first by itself and did a strand test. It was a little green at first even after letting it sit for about an hour but I noticed the top was turning black after covering it for another half hour. So I added the Nupur thinking it would cut down the greenish look. I really don’t think that worked but I added some more indigo just to make sure the color would still be dark. I read some reviews that said Nupur makes it red so I didn’t want any red hair. Also, I didn’t use a lot of Nupur incase this process didn’t turn out right.So getting to applying the product. My hair was dry when I put it in. From roots to tips, I applied it while trying to message it in as much as possible before moving around my head. Once I had applied it all over, I quickly mixed up a small batch of the product making it a little more soupy than the one I had already applied. Then I started adding hot water from the sink by wetting my hands (sparingly), rubbing them together to get a little soupiness then applied to my head I did this until my whole head was wet to the consistency of a regular chemical dye. Then I applied my soupy mixture just for added security incase I missed some spots. Chemical dyes have their own moisture from the ingredients but henna and indigo are dry from the start meaning they need moisture applied to really work. My hair was wet but not dripping. I had no dripping at all.I put a plastic cap on, a bonnet and wrapped a head band around my head to keep the heat in. My results were amazing after leaving it on for about 4 hours. My greys are gone and my hair is really dark. I really wish I could have left it on over night but I’m working out in the morning and this would be a hassle for me at 4:45 in the am. So I washed it out, co-washed then gave myself and Olive Oil hot oil treatment with a heating bonnet for 30 minutes. I wash my hair with black soap anyway but I used it to get the oil out a little from the H.O.T. For the most part, my hair has oil in it because I can comb throw it but its not greasy. For those who have not figured it out yet, I’m African American with 3c hair. LOL! I hope this helps someone. I read about 50 reviews before I purchase anything, just to get an array of different opinions. Good luck!

Leta Strum, WI

Great indigo

Mixed up really easy, I used water and a bit of salt, let it sit for 10 minutes then mixed it into henna I had mixed up two days previous. I had my husband help me apply this to my roots then I saturated the rest, my hair is very curly but goes to the middle of my back. I used the whole package of Indigo and half a package of Godrej Nupur Henna and half a package of neutral henna (does not color hair). I added ACV to the henna mixture and water. I always use Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil before color, making sure to get my hair good a saturated with it, then I apply the henna/indigo mixture. I left it on for almost 2 hours and got great color but I still wanted darker. Next time I will use henna first, rinse then apply the indigo.

Dominique Crowheart, WY

I love it

I love it product. My hair is softer, shinier, and I can easily see the color after just two applications. It will leave your hair a little dry after (like a day or so) but it is sooo worth it.

Mia Sweetwater, OK

Love it, but messy.

I used this just on its own, and now about 6 months later my hair is still black.It fades nicely, but do be aware that it will stain the shower if not cleaned up right away. Oops…

Brittany Gotham, WI

Love it…

I’m currenty 30yrs old… and I have had white hair since I was young…. I was dying my hair with regular hair dye until I ended up in the ER twice not knowing that I was really allergic to that stuff…. then I found online that if you use Henna and this product together you get really black hair just how I love it…. I did exactly that… and I’m in love with the results and specially because I don’t have to go to the ER anymore….. so if you love Black hair and want to try a more natural way…. go with this…. it’s awesome… 🙂

James East Millsboro, PA

pure indigo power

I can use this power with confidents knowing it will cover my gray hair and strengthen it at the same time

Cassie Mc Connelsville, OH

It’s ok

after a week or two my hair looks brown almost from the henna I applied prior to the Indigo.this product doesnt last as long as my staple indogo powder. It was purchased for cheap and since my hair does turn black I will give it 4 stars

Lesley Middletown, VA


I used this to darken my graying roots and edges along with myGodrej Nupur Mehendi Powder 9 Herbs Blend, 150-gramapplication. The results were perfect! Highly recommended!

John Madison, KS


I havent henna’d in a while but this stuff makes your hair strong and shiny and I colored my hair black with it and it looked so healthy and thick. Its a keeper.

Esperanza Cottage Grove, MN

Great price and nice stain

I’ve never bought indigo before but had success with this one. The stain was good and was able to turn my bleached and dyed purple hair back to my natural dark brown hair color (with this and henna.)

Rachael Ulmer, SC