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100% Pure Sugar Plum Sheer Lip & Cheek Tint

100% Natural lip glosses made with Vitamin E from organic rice bran and beautiful colors from fruit pigments. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that drenches your lips with moisture and deeply softens.

Key features

  • Made with Vitamin E
  • Moisture and deeply softens
  • 100% Natural

Honest reviews



The cranberry is a pretty slightly bright but not overwhelming color. It’s somewhat matte but not too much so and doesn’t shimmer (an advantage in my opinion). Better yet, it has staying power on the cheeks and lips (although less so on lips). There’s a good amount of product, making it worth the price. Most importantly, it’s a product made of a natural substance and without toxic ingredients.I highly recommend it.

Margot North Manchester, IN

Eh. It’s ok.

I give this product 3 stars for the fact that it has good ingredients. The packaging is awkward. Ok on cheeks but kind of too strongly colored while sheer for a lip gloss and no staying power either. Much prefer their creamstick product for lips.After more use I find I appreciate this awkwardly packaged product more, both for cheeks and lips. It is very moisturizing.

Roseann Maida, ND

Pink, Not Red

The smell is nice, but I was expecting a redder color, not pink. And even though the packaging is cute, it is difficult to accurately apply to lips because it is so wide.

Lou Lander, WY

Cranberry glow

Use this instead of Benetint. Love the feel of it and it stays on. Cheaper than Benetint. Happy with it

Ebony East Lynn, IL

This is GREAT!

I love this blush! A little goes a very long way, it blends beautifully and seems to go with any color I wear, has no odor, and hasn’t caused me to break out. Great on lips for a natural look, too. So glad I got it!

Kathrine Des Plaines, IL

Like For Lips More Than Cheeks

I love this color on my lips, it’s a nice berry pink. I like the color on my cheeks as well, but found that it made my skin a little bit flaky/dry where it had been applied (which is odd, since it’s not a powder). I’d give it 5 stars for the color, but I just can’t use it on my cheeks.

Freida Carlstadt, NJ

Not my favourite.

I wasn’t expecting it to be so oily. I already have oily skin so it doesn’t work for me as a blush. The problem now is that it’s not shiny enough to work by itself as a lip balm either. When I use it on my lips I always have to put my another shinier balm on top of it. I love the tinted moisturiser from 100% pure cosmetics but I don’t quite like this.

Colleen Elyria, NE

Has deep color tint, this is not like the light tinting chapsticks out there.

If you are going to be using this for your lips, it will give a deep tint to them. Even though the name says “Pure Sugar Plum Sheer Lip & Cheek tint” it is not at all sheer! It gives a deep plum reddish color to the lips and does not give a fake shine. Also, thankfully there is no annoying Mica in the ingredients of this specific color yay!!The scent is very faint, but it smells yummy. :)At first look it seems like it might be like those fruity colored chapsticks that are colored but do not add color…this specific product acts like Lipstick would! which is great if that is what you are going for.The ingredients are really good and fruit based just like the other 100% pure lip products I have tried so far. What I really like about this specific one is that it does not have MICA in the ingredients. I am not a fan of MICA as there is some worry that Mica (Which is overly used a lot in cosmetics Natural or Not) can also be bad for our health in the long run.I have posted the ingredients as posted on their site below for your reference:Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Honey Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Pigments of Cranberry, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Raspberry, Carbonet Grape, Plum, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Blueberry, Cocoa Bean, Carrot and Tomato, Strawberry Extract

Alissa Uniontown, OH