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100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask 4oz

100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask is packed with organic essential oils and extracts to heal blemishes and reduce excess oil, while preventing new irritation and breakouts. 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask can be used as a daily cleanser to gently remove makeup and impurities, and as a weekly mask to deeply treat skin.

Key features

  • Removes acne-causing bacteria
  • Balances skin to prevent blemishes
  • Certified organic by SGS Organic and Ceres GmbH

Honest reviews



Amazing on my acne-dries them up and leaves my skin feeling clean. I love the fact it has no harmful additives. Great buy!

Maggie Plainwell, MI

Not a fan

Seems to be a good moisturizer, but the smell is absolutely off-putting. It smells like rotten fruit. It does go away after a while, but I don’t like putting something with a bad fragrance on my face.

Maryellen Cushing, MN

love it

Really great cleanser. it’s exfoliating, it’s tingly and makes a great mask as well.I wouldn’t recommend using it every day because it is really powerful and strong. I don’t know if it’s the clay or the peppermint or what but it’s a little too intense to use morning and night, day in and day out. However once a week it would be excellent for a deep cleansing/pore refining. It is a little messy like any green clay mask so be aware of that. I didn’t leave it on as long as I was going to because it dries very quickly. I scrubbed for about 60 seconds and then left it on for like a minute or two. My skin feels great and still tingly and refreshed hours later.

Deirdre Cayuga, NY

My new favorite cleanser, also!

I’ve been using this twice a day as a cleanser – morning and night – for about three weeks now. I’ve used it as a mask a handful of times.I have combination skin and stubborn mild-to-moderate acne (blackheads and whiteheads) that is difficult to clear up. Previously I’d been using benzoyl peroxide, but it’s so harsh on skin — it sort of helped keep some acne away, but it also caused new acne of a different type due to over-dry skin. I wanted to try something more natural. I splurged on this product because I’d heard that Japanese skin care products (which this is?) are fantastic for skin.My skin feels SO smooth after using this, and refreshed. Some people have commented about the smell, but I think it smells great! It’s a little bit minty – it smells sort of fresh. I really can’t think of another daily cleanser I’ve used that I prefer.I also enjoy it as a mask. It dries quickly! It "tingles" the most when used as a mask, and leaves skin very smooth.It’s NOT perfect. For some reason, my forehead is continuing to break out (more so than usual!) while the rest of my face is completely clearing up and evening out its tone and smoothing out. I don’t understand this at all. My forehead is not "unique" — my nose and chin get just as oily usually as my forehead does, so it doesn’t really make sense to me. However, the type of breakout that is occurring on my forehead is much smaller acne and it’s mostly blackheads which aren’t visible from far away — they’re only bumpy when you’re looking closeup in the mirror. And more non-visible blackheads are preferable to me than fewer painful red raised lumps, which is what I was getting before.I do get a couple of occasional blemishes still — but they clear up MUCH more quickly on their own than they used to. And again, they are smaller than they used to be. I feel as though my skin is healing, although I’m not sure what is going on with my forehead. I’m going to give it some more time and see. I am using this in conjunction with another in their line of products — the purity spot treatment. Trying both out at once.This works MUCH better when you are able to avoid popping anything. If you are able to be patient, small blemishes go away on their own in a day or two.It’s a cleanser and it also will remove makeup, so you wouldn’t need to separately remove light to moderate makeup first — you can just use this to cleanse. I usually use a little bit more to remove makeup and just foam it up in my hands first (it foams really well). In the mornings I don’t need as much.

Imelda Mandaree, ND


for the price, it’s just fun to play with. but wasting of time! especially after reading paula choice’s comments about this brand, now understand my skin is not comfortable with product!!!

Pamala Trevett, ME