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100% Pure: organic Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser, 3.4 oz, Made with Nourishing organic Seaweeds, Softening Rosehip Oil, Green Tea, Calming Lavender and Other organic Nutrients, No Harsh Detergents

Get a truly natural, nourishing glow! This rich, foamy, concoction of nourishing organic seaweeds, softening rosehip oil, soothing lavender and antioxidant-rich green tea removes makeup and daily build-up, leaving you with a naturally luminous-looking complexion. Harsh detergents that can cause stripping and dehydration are never used in 100% Pure Organic Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser or any other 100% Pure products. You can always count on 100% Pure to be free of synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances and any other toxins.

Key features

  • Richly foaming, gentle facial cleanser that washes away impurities
  • Does not contain any harsh detergents that can strip, irritate or dehydrate
  • Synthetic chemical-free

Honest reviews


Not even close to being a great cleanser…. 🙁

I really do not care for this. It’s like a clay masque – visually – and pretty much the way it goes on . However, it is a bit more runny than that. It doesn’t really clean my face; I always have a lot of makeup that still comes off onto my cotton pad when I use a toner. I find the toner and this cleanser combined is a bit too drying but the cleanser simply doesn’t clean. I also find it really messy and it covers my sink when I wash it off. I guess I’m just pretty disappointed in this cleanser all the way around. I prefer some of my drugstore cleansers over this one.

Gussie Godeffroy, NY

Tingly skin

When my face needs serious cleansing, because it’s oily, dirty, or just feels blah, that’s when I reach for this cleanser. This is without question a cleanser with kick. Mud-based, it’s got mint essential oils which give it a tingly sensation on the face, along with some small bits that exfoliate gently. I wet my face, and begin rubbing dabs of this on my skin. You’ll want to start with less than you think you need- the mint is soooo tingly that too much is not a good idea. After putting it on I let it tingle for about 15 seconds, and then rinse off. My skin feels very soft, cleansed, and the remnants of the mint tingle. For those with dryer or sensitive skins, I wouldn’t recommend this product. It’s what I use as my strong cleanser, and I have combination skin. I can’t use this every day, it’s a bit too much. For everyone else, though, it’s great to have on hand when you want your skin to feel really, really clean.

Sondra Waukena, CA

Strange Combo, but somehow it works.

I was turned off at first when I saw the seaweed green color of the face wash, but after using it a few times, I am a fan. I love most everytying that this company makes, and would recommend to anyone wanting to get away from the harsh cheimcals in so many beauty products these days.

Rosario Waverly, FL

I’d buy it again

I enjoy the smell and the way it leaves my face feeling clean and less irritated. I would purchase this again. I work in a kitchen and it’s important to me to keep my face from getting oily, this washes away all the oil without being harsh and calms any irritation.

Francis Friendswood, TX

Amazing, Amazing Cleanser

I cannot say enough about this facial cleanser. It’s all natural, so that alone makes it great, but what it does for my combination skin is miraculous. The combination of ingredients is wonderful–seaweed, lavender, french clay, vitamins C and E, various herbal extracts, cocoanut oil…it foams up and smells great. I think the key is that the clay is cleansing (like you won’t believe how cleansing, pores shrink, blackheads disappear), but it doesn’t strip your skin and make it too dry. It’s one of the best facial cleansers I’ve ever used, and a little goes a long way. You only need a little dollop, more is a waste as it does the job with less. Totally worth every dime; I don’t agree with others that it’s over-priced. I get annoyed when people think something is too expensive when a) it actually works like it says it does, and b) they don’t consider the cost of all-natural ingredients and what it takes to put them into a product like this.

Alicia Clearmont, MO

I like this product.

The 100% pure products have been very good for my skin. This cleanser is very good and cleans deep down in your skin. I got this cleanser because I got the 100% pure seaweed mask.Also when you buy this make sure you have a good face lotion if its winter.

Dorthy Santa Rosa Beach, FL


!00% pure Seafoam facial cleanser makes your skin very clean. It removes all my makeup and gunk from a typical, stressful day. No breakouts, but a bit drying. I’ll use this only twice a week. It is a good summer cleanser though.

Lupe Stockholm, ME

Great cleanser, but don’t use everyday

This product is great. Be careful though- it’s not an everyday product. If you use everyday, it might dry out your skin (of course, depending on your skin type). You only need a little bit. Put a little in you hand and rub together to make a nice type of foam. This will make it last. Cleans well. For an everyday face wash, I use Dr. Ron’s (all natural, smells good, works well).

Dayna Seaforth, MN

good product

My daughter loves this, it has helped with acne. Smells great!! Definitely have repurchased this product and I will again.

Louise Van Meter, IA

great face cleanser

i love this stuff, i use it in the shower with my clairsonic mia and it does a great job cleaning my face. its a thick green ‘mud’ looking product, but rinses off well and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.not a very strong lavender scent to it.

Callie Bloomfield, MT

Nice cleanser but a little drying

I really do like this cleanser, especially because it’s natural but it is a little bit drying. Just the tiniest bit though. So far I’ve used it three times and I do notice that my skin tone is much more even and brighter. It’s also helped to calm my skin down and helps with redness. It looks like my pores are a tad smaller too which is a first, I’ve tried plenty of face washes and none of them really made a difference in pore size. I know this product doesn’t claim to make a difference in that area but I think it has in my case.The cons are that as I said it’s a tiny bit drying and it doesn’t deep clean. It cleans nice enough but not too well honestly. I have acne prone skin and blackheads though so I need more out of most products. If I use a mask twice a week it will be fine though.I highly recommend this product, it’s the only item I’ve tried of 100% pure so far but I definitely want the whole line after using this.EDIT: I’ve used this product for around a couple of months now and I do not like it. I think I was a bit overly excited first trying it out because I had wanted to try this product line for so long & I really wanted to like it. I do have blackheads and large pores, and light to moderate acne. This cleanser does not clean out my pores at all. My face doesn’t feel clean after I use it which defeats the purpose of using it. I do think it would be a wonderful cleanser for people that do not have acne or maybe have a couple small pimples a month but I don’t think it’s for oily skin or acne prone skin. Only issue is it doesn’t clean well enough.

Elisabeth Purdum, NE

Love it!

Great product that leaves my oily skin clean and breakout-free. Also love how it is natural, vegan, without any weird chemicals.

Sophie Lexington, TX

this is my favorite cleanser I have ever tried

I have battled oily skin and acne my whole life and have tried a wide variety of cleansers over the years (Arbonne, Origins, Proactive, Aveeno, Neutrogena) and this is by far the best thing I have tried. My face feels amazing after I use this. My skin tingles and feels so clean. It smells and feels great. My skin looks really clear and my pores have gotten smaller. It feels great to have a natural product that is so effective. I am very pleased.

Alyce Roby, MO

Great for oily skin!

I was really surprised at the texture – it is like a mud mask texture and very nice! I have oily skin. I don’t suffer from many breakouts but I do always have a shine to my face. This product is great for oily skin. My skin is also sensitive and this did not bother it. This felt like a spa treatment. I can tell that it works really well so it may not be a good idea to use every single day but every other day perhaps. Some of the reviewers said it dried their skin… just don’t use it excessively and yes it’s made for oily skin. So if you don’t have oily skin, don’t use it. It was thick and smooth and didn’t have a smell. I really liked how it felt and will continue to use this product. I love the 100% pure brand products and all my cosmetics are from them.

Leah Yoder, IN