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100% Pure: Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, 1 oz, Anti-Inflammatory, Brightens Dark Circles, Concentrated with Potent Anti-Aging Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Nourishing Rosehip Oil

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream stick Eye Liner Pencils apply smoothly on your eyelids to enhance your beauty and define your eyes while providing nutrients to your skin such as sea minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Key features

  • 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free
  • Anti-inflammatory, caffeine rich green tea and coffee de-puffs and reduces swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles. Concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rosehip oil. Truly, 100% Pure.
  • Organic Aloe Juice1, Organic Rose Hydrosol2, Organic Rosehip Oil3, Organic Green Coffee4, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), Extracts of: Coffee Cherry, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Goldenseal, Vanilla Absolute, Candelilla Wax
  • Dot cream around your eyes. With your ring finger gently pat around the eye area. Don’t tug! The skin around the eyes are extremely delicate.
  • Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice*, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water (Organic Rose Hydrosol)*, Rosa Canina Seed Extract (Rosehip Oil), Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract*, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Extracts of Coffea Arabica (Coffee Cherry) Seed, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf, Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Leaf, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf

Honest reviews


Great eye cream!

Some reviewers said this product smelled too much like coffee but I don’t find it overwhelming at all. I really like the way this feels and I have noticed my skin looks better around my eyes since I started using it. I also just saw on Dr. Oz that eye cream with caffeine is the way to go so I’m glad I chose this product. I would definitely buy it again and the fact that it is all organic and natural is awesome. Highly recommend.

Iris Church View, VA

not bad!!!

I usually hate cream. I hate putting creams and oily junk on my face. I dont ever put sun screen on my face. Im latin and we dont need extra oil. But as I get older Im starting to see more crows by my eyes and smile lines. So Im trying to break my bad habit of not using creams. If youre like me me when it comes to creams and lotions, then this is the product for you. I really like this product. The smell is a little weird but its not bad. I dont drink coffee and think the smell can be overwhelming some times but it doesnt smell like coffee. Its mild and goes away within a few minutes. It feels good and Ive noticed a difference around my eyes. Really good product and a even better price!!Update: after a few months of using this product I realized why I wasnt sleeping very well. Its coffee, Duh! I dont drink coffee or do caffeine. Its also started burning a bit in my eyes area. If you dont have issues with caffeine, this is great- but if you do, might want to stay away from this product.

Lakeisha Winter Harbor, ME

Thumbs down on this

This is a very over priced natural ineffective product. Maybe people give it good reviews because of the natural ingredients and the coffee smell. But for me, this eye cream never lightened my dark circles, never diminished my lines and never changed my puffy eyes. I used it at night only and would either waste or put it on heavy because the bottle dispenses too much product for both eyes. On more than one occasion my eye duct would get clogged and my eye would ache like someone punched me. It would go away if I didn’t use any cream for a few days. This is the only eye cream that ever did that to me. I will never buy or recommend this product. A waste of $20.

Yvonne Maria Stein, OH

Reduced my puffy eyes in minutes

Cream goes on thick and rich and in a matter of minutes did reduce the puffiness under my eyes.It does smell a little like cookies but if it helps my puffy eyes I don’t mind at all.My eyes are usually puffy due to allergies/sinus so I will probably be using it pretty often.

Michael Rockville, RI

It Works

I am an aging woman with dark circles around my eyes from genetics and allergies as well as just aging. I tried this cream with low hopes as I have a drawer full of unused eye cream. When this arrived I noticed a light coffee scent. That’s OK with me. The scent goes away quickly when applied. It is a large tube that last a long time. It applies well and absorbs great. I found with regular use my eyes looked much better much to my shock. I only use this AM so have not had problems with my sleep as some reviewers have reported but I sleep at night and don’t have a night job etc. I try to use gluten free eye shadows and have not found any problems with make up application of the product seeping into my eyes like some products. It also stays fresh. I really love this product. Nice tube too for applicattion.

Mary Saint Paul, MN

No results – second opinion

I bought this product after reading reviews elsewhere. I see no improvement after using this cream. I use it in the morning and if anything, my eyes seem more swollen. Sorry, not for me.2/2013I decided that I wanted to find a use for this cream, so I add a squirt to my cream makeup and blend in my palm. It works great and give me a nice glowy look. Sorry to learn that it has been reformulated and no longer has green tea but does have aloe vera. Also, it is in a tube now….an organic product deserves glass.

Michele Immokalee, FL

Nothing outstanding or remarkable, but it gets the job done

UPDATE: I’ve been having an awful time for a while with itchy eyes, so I came back to this product and took a good look at the ingredients list. As it turns out, it has Calendula in it–if you are allergic to ragweed, stay away from this natural ingredient. It just so happens I’m allergic to ragweed… how disappointing. :(–I’ve been using this for about two months (always at least once a day), and while I definitely can say, “Sure, this is okay,” I wouldn’t go out of my way to suggest or recommend it.I like that there are no super crazy or funky ingredients. I can put this all over my eyes with zero irritation and no itching, and I have to admit I really love the smell (yum!)–it seems a lot stronger when you first start using it, but it disappears pretty quickly.THE PRODUCT: The cream is a white, thin lotion that spreads easily. It’s not the kind of lotion that instantly absorbs into your skin, and a little goes a long way! There is going to be a moist film left behind for a while, so if you’re an instant-absorption sort of person, this might catch you off-guard. However, I like that it doesn’t instantly dry because my eyes feel more hydrated.THE PACKAGING: There are several comments talking about how crappy the pump is and how it ‘breaks’ easily. I haven’t experienced it directly breaking, but I can see how people might have problems. The pump doesn’t pull lotion from very deep inside the bottle, so it leaves behind a gap in the lotion eventually each time you pump because it doesn’t “settle” to fill the spot after use. If you squeeze from the bottom of the bottle a little bit before using or unscrew the top and jostle the bottle a bit, you’ll be able to “fill” that hole created over time through using the pump.RESULTS: I’m in my early 20s and have been blessed with pretty good genes, so wrinkles and puffy under-eyes really aren’t a huge issue for me. However, I really love how moisturizing and hydrating this cream is. The smell is pleasant, and I’m probably about halfway through the tube in two months, so I’d say it’s a decent bang for my buck.Give it a shot! If wrinkles and puffiness are a concern for you, this might not be your holy grail product, but it’s also inexpensive enough that I think it’s worth trying out without feeling awful if it doesn’t work.One tiny note – I don’t know if this is relevant, but I have noticed since using this product I seem to have gained a small cluster of freckles around my eyes in places I’ve never had freckles before. I don’t know if it’s from this product, but it certainly struck me as unusual.

Rene Sheridan Lake, CO

weird effect

I’ve been using this product for 3 months but after noticing no difference, I stopped and just occasionally used egg white to tighten the skin around my eyes and reduce puffiness (which works waaaay better than any product). After I stopped using this product, and even before I started using the egg white remedy, I noticed that my eyes are no longer droopy and heavy. I’m an Asian and those days when I was still using this, it felt like my upper eyelids and my eyebags are so heavy. My correlation might not be that accurate but I really realized that my eyes felt so much better when I stopped putting this product on. I’m glad it works for others. But not for me. (Try egg white, it’s cheap and natural. hehe)

Tabatha Chemult, OR

It works.

I like the feeling of this cream, very lightweight, moisturizing, absorbs fast. Love the fact that is 100% natural, but absolutely hate the smell, it smells like some cake.

Latoya Mountain Home, UT


I have had dark circles since I was young due to allergies and blockages in my nose. I have tried everything! This is the ONE cream that works. It’s amazing. I look totally different when I wake up now. It doesn’t completely diminish the darkness, but I’m sure with continued use it will. It works so well already I am in love! Plus it’s all natural which is an even bigger perk. Definitely a must-have!!!

Mia Bonifay, FL


I never imagine that this cream would be so useful, but it turns out that it is very handy. It is a healthy was to absorb vitamins and it also works as a great conditioner. This along withTru Garcinia Cambogia Extract Plus – Featuring Clinically-proven, Pure 50% HCA Extract for Weight Loss – 1,500 Mg Per 3 Capsules – Zero Filler Ingredients – The Only Product with 100% Scientifically Reviewed Garcinia Cambogiamakes a terrific combination for any diet. I do recommend using this, whether your looking for a cleansing lotion or just a great conditioner.

Aurelia Big Falls, MN

Works well for me

I think the price point is perfect to begin with. It does have a strong smell but it does say “caffeine”. It goes on smooth and soaks in easy, no greasy & does not clog pores or hurt eyes. I also like the fact that all the ingredients are familiar to me. I recommend it.

Graciela Ludlow, SD

Great product!!!

This is just what I have been looking for!! I have tried everything from $300 La Mer eye cream to over the counter store brand and each had their own downfall and never TRULY moisturized under my eyes-mostly just irritated them. After a bad experience with Clinique I came across this and figured it couldn’t hurt. I am SO glad I went with my gut! This is AMAZING!! It hydrates, soothes and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. When I make sure to drink enough water and get sleep it definitely aids in my dark circles if/when I have them. Perfect price too!!

Elvira New Derry, PA

Waste of money.

This product did nothing for the bags below my eyes. Don’t waste your money. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Polly Eudora, AR

Waist of Money!

I decided to try this bc/ of all the great reviews I read. They made me excited. I’m in my early 30s, but I have really bad dark circles that started about 2yrs ago & my eyes are always puffy when I wake up. After applying this for nearly 2months now I’ve noticed zero results. It smells like strong coffee, not bad though just strong, and it does moisturize, but what under eye cream doesn’t? My generic $10 drug store retinol cream is a better moisturizer. I was really let down by this product, and I definitely won’t buy it again.

Violet Spring Lake, MI

Absolutely LOVE

I’m picky. This product does not sting when I get it in my eye on accident. I personally love the smell (yes it has a coffee scent). I definitely believe my eyes look and feel younger. I don’t remember to use it everyday and I’ve probably only used half of the tube and yet my dark circles and bags are gone! I will purchase this product again!

Rachel Sabinal, TX

it’s working so far

I’ve only used it for a couple days but i LOVE this product it’s really starting to help with the dark circles under my eyes and with the puffiness. I use it morning and night. I’m going to buy this for gifts for christmas

Charity London, TX

Not Sure About This One

I have no idea if this works in any way that it is advertised. I have seen no difference after three months of use. And, it is a horrible moisturizer. It is more like a lotion, almost watery.

Neva East Dover, VT

The jury’s still out…

I haven’t used this consistently for long enough, so not sure it’ll make much of a difference.Sure does smell like a latte tho! Depends if you like that fragrance. It’s ok, not my fav.It has really good ingredients so I really just need to use it every morning and evening after cleansing my skin. I keep in refrigerator. I just can’t speak to its effectiveness because I don’t use it daily. Am starting as of 3 days ago to use 2 x/day on one side of my face so will see in a couple of months if I notice any difference in eye brightening and diminished fine lines around eyes.

Kelley Gordon, KY

Please really consider

I don;t like to go on hypes usually but with this product i am shocked. I don’t know what it’s got but it certainly was like magic to me in just one week. I am young though, but because of college and wanting to make something of myself I sleep an average of 2 hrs a day…. so my eyes… yeah… I even got nicknamed panda. So you can imagine how they looked. I got really good concealers but my eyes were too dehydrated.. 🙁 I tried everything. Even teabags, and really expensive Japanese brands like Cle de Peau dark circle and puffiness serum. While that one is good too, it is no where near the unexpectedly quick results from this one… Definitely buying again and highly recommend. it is a product worth investment. If you don’t see results stick with it, this is an organic product and reacts differently with everyone’s PH so stick with it. But I can tell you… the ravings are no lie, this works.

Wendy Bergen, NY

Smells awful, nice product

First off, I have to compliment Amazon on their wonderful delivery time. Perfect.Secondly, the packaging of this product was absolutely adorable. Upon opening the package, I noticed the cream was in a pump tube, which is a plus, but it limits the control on the amount I can squeeze out at a time. Trust me you will only need about 2/3 or less of the cream that comes out of each pump. In that regard I feel that it is a bit of a waste, but I suppose I can deal with it because it is an all natural product. With that said, the smell is awful. I enjoy coffee smells, and even I thought that some of the other complaints regarding the smell were exaggerations. However, that is not the case. For some reason it does not smell like coffee. It is sort of a nauseating warm smell with a hint of expired butter cream and butter scotch. I know that all noses are different, and that each of us like different smells, but even for me this was too much. If you want to avoid smelling the product while applying, hold your breath and apply away from the nose as far up to the eye area as possible. I would not use it as a moisturizer because of the smell. It has a very emollient texture and it is a bit oily at first. I have oily to normal skin, so I do not use moisturizers (even though I should)(it does absorb well though in given time). I rather not take the risk of using this as a moisturizer because it is not diluted enough. As an eye cream it is a good product. I am excited to see the results within the next few weeks and will edit this review regarding the effects of the product. I am very please it is all natural. The other few body products from 100% pure are a bit of a bust for me, but their blush and powder/pressed makeups are lovely!

Rena Fort Jennings, OH


don’t waste your money! maybe it wsan’t legit. In any case it did nothing for my bf’s dark circles and eye area. Waste! Was also used over a ling period of time. Tea bags and cucumbers would have sufficed.

Geneva Mallie, KY

Works very well!

Been using this item for about a year now, and I am happy with the outcome. Great for under eye and crows feet due to aging. Goes on smoothly.

Dolores Edgecomb, ME

Nice Eye Cream, great for the price!

I have been using this eye cream for over a month. I use it mostly @ night because I use another SPF eye cream for day time. I like it and I happy for the purchase.Here my review is based on its claim & $$Texture: smooth & rich but not heavy, just right!Smell: not like tradition coffee smell & i can’t express what exactly like, but pleasant-candy-like smell.Effectiveness: It is an anti-aging agent with various “organic” vitamins to smooth out noticeable fine lines; its de-puff works well to reduce the puffiness around the eyes; it may have brightening my stubborn dark circles a little bit, but they still noticeable stick with me … hope it will get a bit better later since I only use it once a day.$$: It’s a great eye cream with anti-aging vitamins for the price.

Janice West Burke, VT

For the Price…

It didn’t live up to it’s promises for me. The pump stopped working after using it 2x so I just unscrew the top and squeeze it out. I keep it in the fridge to cool it as I do most of my eye creams. It’s moisturizing at first but then dries in a few hours. I was hoping it would help with my allergy bags in the morning but I think it plumps it up and later in the day, my under eye cover gets stuck in settles in the fine lines, making the lines more pronounced. The smell is a little sickening to me but if it did it’s job, I could overlook that part.

Kirsten Armstrong, IL

So Far So Good..

I have been using this product for about a week now and i have to say i enjoy putting this cream on. The smell isn’t horrible and is definitely something you get use to. I notice that my dark eye area is smoother and less noticeable, however, I am waiting for some kind of transformation-so we will see. This product still receives 5 stars because you have to take into consideration that this product is organic and 100% natural. Alternative methods that reveal improvements quicker contain harsh chemicals that penetrate your body’s protective covering and may cause you harm.I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY ANY OF 100% PURE COSMETIC’S PRODUCTS.

Stefanie Mc Gregor, TX

Coffee Bean Eye Cream

I love this product. You can’t beat the cost from Amazon! And yes it has a small scent of coffee, but I’m a coffee drinker right from the south and drink plenty every day.So the smell is nothing compared to what this product can do for you. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is put my contacts in and reach for my Coffee Bean Eye Cream. I put it under my eyes and above my lips and then I get my morning coffee. Then I’m ready to put my other creams on my face over my eye cream and by then the bags and some of the wrinkles are taken care of. Awesome product!

Ellen North Myrtle Beach, SC

Great Product.

I like 100% pure products and this eye cream works, it is very creamy and does not feel greasy on the skin. I have been using this for several years and will continue.

Blanche Carter, OK

Good eye cream

I tried some different eye cream or eye serum. I don’t know why but all of them hurt my skin, and what’s worse, they didn’t work, including Clinique and Body Shop. But this one is creamy and gentle, easy to absorb. I found it works really well on puffiness, but my biggest problem is my dark cycle. I am using it twice daily and I am waiting for the surprise.

Jasmin Casselton, ND


smells sooooo good, as does all 100% pure products. Best eye cream ever. I’ve been using for a week now and use it morning & night. Makes big difference

Tracey Delano, PA