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100% Pure Himalayan Salt “Single Soap” Bar

“This item is perfect to replace that old dingy piece of soap in your shower, or to be used as a foot pumice. This smooth Himalayan Salt can also replace your deodorant! Remove unwanted dead skin and unwanted bacterium from your body. As salt is a very clean form, you will be happy with your Black Tai 100% Pure Himalayan Salt “”Soap”” Bar!” According to research, the heated salt crystal lamps can be referred to as natural ion generators. Salt Crystal Lamps The salt crystal lamps have a similar effect to the ionizer. However, the natural ionization of a crystal lamp cannot be compared to an ionizer. A salt crystal lamp can only have an ionization effect. However, salt crystal lamps have many advantages in many aspects and improve the general atmosphere of a room. If the lamp is next to a television or computer monitor, it’s effect, through its electromagnetic field, of the device is in approximately the 100-160Hz zone. Our brain waves however, produce only 8Hz according to the Schuman resonance frequency. Therefore, the body is exposed to up to 20 times higher frequency patterns than it is generally used to. The consequences of this exposure result in nervousness, insomnia, and lack of concentration or concentration weaknesses. In addition, there will be an accumulation of more free radicals in the body, known to be a cause of cancer. The salt crystal lamp binds the negative ions with the excess positive ions. When the lamp becomes warm, it absorbs moisture and the crystal will be damp on the surface. This builds up the ion field. Through the lamp, the positively charged atmosphere of a room can be neutralized. Add a soft touch of warmth into your home with a Himalayan Salt spherical lamp Salt lamp is a great holistic supply for natural healing and light therapy Handcrafted lamp features spherical, crystal ball-like design Fair trade product

Key features

  • 100% Pure Himalayan Salt
  • Crafted By Approved Black Tai Salt Company Artisans
  • Has a second use! Warm the salt up and use it as a sensual massage tool

Honest reviews



I havent the slightest clue why the word “soap” is used in the name! i read the discription and got excited because i am all about trying new all natural things…. I PAINFULLY REGRET IT!!!! literally!btw it doesnt lather up at all.. which makes sense since its salt, but then why use the word SOAP?!so i opened the “soap” bar and used it in the shower. the bar was a little rough but i figured it will be like using a body scrub. no. its like using a million razors to “clean” yourself with and then salt added right into it!!! my entire body is red with scrathes all over it. (yes stupidly i used it everywhere thinking maybe it was just a sensitive spot.. WRONG!)this is the first thing from amazon that i absolutly hate!i havent a clue how someone can use this as a deoderant!if you use it for your feet to scrub off the rough patches then it works fine but use for anything else, dont waste your time and money!!

Phyllis Smithsburg, MD

Threw it out

Heard great things…. Saw nothing of note occur with my skin all I did was taste like salt. I would not recommend purchasing this item

Kaye Willow River, MN

Its not for everyone

You know, we aren’t born knowing how to use a salt bar so I appreciate the comment that tells us more about it. It should come with more explanation which does explain how to and not to use it. The word `soap’ is deceiving I must admit. I love foam. Nothing about salt will foam in fact it will kill foam if you put it with real soap. Actually salt attracts moisture so it not only does not dry out your skin but it should attract moisture. It will kill bacteria but still, I don’t think it is a bad product but it’s not for me.

Esmeralda Pisgah Forest, NC

Interesting product

This product makes an excellent exfoliant. I would not call it a “soap” by any use of that word, but it’s a nice addition to the shower for sloughing off dead skin.

Eva Rodanthe, NC

Great for the skin

For those who don’t want to sit in a mineral bath this could be the answer. It’s great for the skin but do be careful because salt crystals are highly abrasive. It seems to help with scalp conditions as well.

Alexis Browns Valley, CA

Interesting marketing salt soap bar

I would not buy this again, although if I had a horse I probably would.Its probably just good to throw in a foot bath or bath. I guess if you have really tough feet you could use this to exfoliate, but salt burns after a while so be very close to water. It will leave scratch marks if used on the body so just tap tap tap then rinse thoroughly.

Evelyn Chester, CT

great soap

i came across this soap as an add on. I’m glad I found it. I feel more freshend when I use it in the shower. I first use my body wash then this bar soap on the wash cloth and rub the cloth on my body. I feel fresher and actually get many compliments on my perfumes and I believe it’s because this keeps the bacteria off my skin so my perfume does smell better. i’ll continue to use it. I have also noticed a difference with my feet as well. I wear sandals all the time and I no longer smell the feety odor. If your outdoors a lot or just sweat a lot in general, then this is the soap for you.

Colleen Branchville, NJ

Great feeling not long lasting

I love this soap but it didn’t last very long at all. It breaks down really fast. I did like how it made my skin feel and that it has no coconut in it or any other things that I have had any allergic reactions to. Its just salt.

Chelsey Kinsman, IL

Salty Surprise

I decided to get this to use on my face, and only after a few days my skin is soft and feels more firm. I rub the bar between my hands then rub my hands on my face and rinse. This is not soap, there is no lather. If I get the bar really wet, I can rub it directly on my face, but it has to be well lubricated. I like the way it makes my skin feel, like after swimming in the ocean. It’s definitely different, but for me, it works.

Blanca Canterbury, CT

product was as described

but be ware that because of the natural elements of this product, as it dissolves it has sharp minerals that cut up your skin if you are rubbing it on you. other than that,it is a nice product to let dissolve a little in your bath for a few minutes before you get in 🙂

Reva Orange Beach, AL

Good price value

I bought this out of curiosity and because I had been concerned that I was beginning to have a slight underarm odor (despite regular bathing and deodorant use). It seems odd to use but seems to work. I also believe I might have less under arm sweat in general. I am not sure of other valuable uses but it seems to have worked for my need. One con is that it does require a soap tray because smaller salt pieces continue to separate off the bar after use.

Bobbie Gaastra, MI

Five Stars

This was awesome. It does what it says and cleans you. If you need lather, then use soap

Margot Eastover, SC