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100% Pure Green Apple Nourishing Body Cream

All Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free Highly nourishing, luxurious cream concentrated with potent anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, skin softening fruit oils and moisturizing cocoa and avocado butters. Delicious smelling body cream will immediately hydrate, soften and feed your skin nutrients for a healthy, glowing complexion. Truly, 100% Pure – never any artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives, or any other unsafe ingredients. Made only with the highest quality, organic nutrients for your skin.

Key features

  • Organic
  • All natural
  • Nourishes skin
  • Softens

Honest reviews


Does NOT smell like green apple!

If you want a moisturizing lotion go for it, it if you want something that smells like green apple then leave it alone. This lotion smells wonderfully just like green apple while in the bottle but once you rub it on your skin the scent is gone within 5 seconds. I purchased this because I was wanting a green apple scent but dislike perfumes. I could’ve gotten 3 unscented "pure" body creams anwywhere for $13. This was a mistake on my part. I will not purchase any "scented" lotions from this label after having this experience unless I plan to leave it in the bottle with the cap off so I can actually tell that it has a scent.

Kellie Knights Landing, CA

Fresh, crisp green apple scent, very true to nature!

This scent is so crisp and pure! It smells like a NATURAL fresh green apple, not the fake, super sweet synthetic scent we are used to from our usual lotions. This one is tied with white peach as my second favorite, while mangosteen remains my number one! The 100% pure body creams have aloe vera as their main ingredient. I have super sensitive skin, and this is as gentle as it gets. Nothing from the 100% pure line has ever caused me the slightest bit of irritation. The lotion is always smooth and refreshing, never sticky. (If you are using a normal grocery store/department store lotion, you are just soaking your skin in chemicals, which can affect how you feel and your overall health in the long run.) The 100% pure lotion feels fantastic on the skin, and this company is fantastic for providing an organic, TRULY natural lotion that actually smells fantastic and is reasonably priced.Now some people have super dry skin, I know I do in the wintertime. A good tip for dry folks, if you are concerned that this lotion isn’t rich enough. Put some in your hand and mix in a little organic oil (grapeseed is my favorite, argan or almond). Rub your hands together and apply to your skin. (I did try coconut oil, it seems to work fine for other people, but can break me out.) My absolute favorite is sold here on Amazon, I also use it to remove my eye makeup (my eyes are super sensitive. And check the mascara remover your are using, chances are it’s just packed full of crap and chemicals!). You can seriously smell the quality and richness of this grapeseed oil (and I have tried a few!), “100% Natural and USDA Certified Organic Grapeseed Oil” by Nature Certified. I just keep an eye on it, it drop below ten bucks pretty often and lasts a good while!So here’s what we already know…I have loved this line since I first found it here on Amazon. I have used “mall brand” lotions and body care products for years. My skin began savagely breaking out, and took forever to heal. I tried every lotion and body wash in the stores, even the sensitive skin, “gentle” lotions, and nothing helped. Everything burned, and my skin was dry again a few minutes after application. I searched for natural body care products and came across the 100% pure line here. This is one of the only two body care lines that I have found that actually has ALL (100%!)natural ingredients. Many, many other brands will advertise “organic” and “natural” formulations, but they are not entirely organic and natural, they still contain chemicals and carcinogens.This 100% pure lotion feels amazing, and after using it for a few days, your skin becomes so silky! Just keep using it, remember that your skin needs a few days (or more!!) to recover from the other chemical junk that you have probably been putting on it for years. My skin is CRAZY soft now! This lotion never itches, burns or irritates my sensitive skin, and never causes breakouts. I know I have said it before, but this scent is my favorite! Each one is even better than the last!! It leaves my skin feeling great!The 100% pure brand also makes a makeup line that I have been trying, I can’t believe how lush the lipsticks are. If you are using another brand, spend a few minutes googleing some of the ingredients in your other lotions and shower gels, even your makeup and conditioners! You will be amazed at how many toxins and known carcinogens are in the products that you are buying. Your skin is your biggest organ, and it absorbs what you put on it. Overloading your body with toxic chemicals (lotions, makeup, etc.) can affect your hormones, your energy levels and your health. Even if you can’t make a huge overhaul on everything you use, start small. Try this brand, the ingredients are all natural and organic. I use them on my little ones especially. At least I can give them a healthy start! Give this brand a chance, you won’t regret it! Little changes here and there can really make a difference in how you feel!

Gale Marion, MS

it smells good

we always get natural or organic stuff and this lotion just makes your mouth water. It moisturizes well and has a medium consistency. My wife can’t get enough of it. Really smells like juicy apples.

Emilia Anaktuvuk Pass, AK


I received this as a gift. It is one of the best smelling lotions I have gotten in a long time

Muriel Teec Nos Pos, AZ


Wonderful apple smell! It smells like granny smith apples, not fuji. I really love this fresh scent and the lotion makes my skin so soft!

Cecile Antler, ND


This is a very nice body cream, but not at the top of my list. I like it, just not as much as Lemon, Almond, Vanilla, and Lavender. I think the scent is a little strange. I got this because the reviews were good, but when it’s gone, I won’t order it again. Just not up to my standards.

Stacy Lilly, PA

The real deal

I bought three creams from 100 Pure (Apple, Coconut, and Vanilla). I loved how they were rich yet didn’t leave residue on my skin. They were all thick, opaque, and creamy. I read the ingredients and they are all real and high quality. No synthetic fillers or any sort. Unlike other organic products out there, these lotion don’t smell stale.This one smelled like fresh coffee with fresh, fresh apples. It’s hard to find an apple product that smells real and fresh, while the synthetic fragrances can never imitate the true apple odor. I am a fan!

Mabel Wahiawa, HI