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100% Pure Full Coverage Foundation with Sun Protection, White Peach

What is it: Rich and creamy, full coverage makeup that conceals all imperfections so you look like you have perfect skin without looking or feeling heavy. Creme to matted powder finish makes your skin velvet soft. Formula is enriched with antioxidant packed super fruits, vitamins and other skin nourishing nutrients. Colored from the pigments of fruits and vegetables rather than being colored from minerals or synthetic dyes. Medicinal Ingredients: with 15% Titanium Dioxide, 10% Zinc Oxide – Acts as a physical barrier against UV to protect against sunburn.

Key features

  • Colored from the pigments of fruits and vegetables
  • Rich and creamy
  • 100% Natural

Honest reviews



I had never been a fan of foundations, only used to wear translucent powder before. So I can’t compare with other foundations. But I can say that I love the combination of natural ingredients that feed the skin plus the spf benefit. I like this much better than an spf cream and the finish is much nicer, more matte, than the tinted spf moisturizers I had tried.I put one small dab on each cheek, one dab on my chin and one dab on mu forehead and I spread with a brush. Works like a charm. Ingredients include aloe, jojoba, rice powder, minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and mica. I am a light medium complexion that is not dark but tans easily, and the golden peach blends in effortlessly.

Patrica Foss, OK

Love their products but . . .

5 stars for their products. I think they are fantastic and I’ve tried many of them, including the foundation. I have to give lower marks, however, to the running of the company. They never respond to emails, their chat line is never working, and when they offer discounts or coupons they never seem to work when trying to submit with a purchase. I’ve actually taken to buying their products other than at their site where I can be assured of better service.Specifically regarding the foundation, I agree with the previous poster. If you have dry skin this may not be the right choice unless you use an oil type moisturizer (like argan oil) first.

Virginia Canton, PA

better for oily skin

golden peach shade is medium with warm (yellow) undertone. it stays on well. has powdery finish. doesn’t spread well with a brush so i spread it with my fingers and then use synthetic stippling brush to stipple it in. if you apply thin layer, it looks like a tinted moisturizer, 2nd thin layer gives you medium coverage. i tried it first when my skin had dry patches and it accentuated them. now i have to exfoliate with a peel and apply my facial oil before putting this foundation on. or I mix it with lavera liquid foundation. so people with dry skin keep in mind-this product is not the easiest to work with, especially during winter months. this is a great company, i use and love a lot of their stuff. I have their tinted moisturizer. it gives satin finish and works great with dry skin.but I would say that this foundation works better on oily skin. ( I’ve heard the same is true for their powder foundation). my pump broke right away.PS I see that now they have new water foundation that is more suitable for dry skin, but it doesn’t have spf

Henrietta Lyndora, PA

Item Arrived with a Broken stem to the pump….

I couldn’t get it to pump out, so I opened it up and the stem to the pump was broken. I did put some of it on, and it does not cover well, and it settled in pores. Overall, YUCK!

Ashleigh Bear Creek, WI

Stays Put

After going through an entire tube of the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer, I thought I would be smart and purchase this foundation to mix with my own lotion so I could use it as a foundation one some days and tinted moisturizer on others. (I am big into dual purpose products.) It didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to, mainly because they have different finishes. The foundation has a more matte finish. (People call it a satin finish but it is matte according to my standards, but then again, I prefer a dewy finish.)I would consider this a medium to full-coverage foundation. If not applied correctly over moisturized skin, it may appear a little streaky and chalky.Since I felt like the Golden Peach tinted moisturizer was a tad dark for my skin, I thought I would try the Peach Bisque. With more on, I feel like it’s too light for my NC30 skin. In the future, I would probably get the tinted moisturizer in Peach Bisque and this foundation in Golden Peach.Another reason why I wanted to use this to create my own tinted moisturizer is because it is pretty water resistant whereas the tinted moisturizer melts off. It stays put! In fact, you have to be pretty quick to blend before it dries because it’ll stay pretty well.If you’re looking for a medium to full-coverage matte foundation made of natural ingredients, this is it. I would give it 5-stars but I love the tinted moisturizer so much more.

Ladonna Calvert, AL

Incredible Foundation!

I was in search of a natural foundation without any harmful cancer causing skin damaging ingredients.. with full coverage, which can be hard to find bc most products that are natural foundations are usually tinted moisturizers offering no coverage… And when I came across this foundation I was thrilled… 100% Pure Cosmetics makes nearly all of their products out of fruit.. That fact alone excited me… So… I went out on a limb and purchased this product.. And I say out on a limb because.. I’ve never spent any where near $30 on any foundation and I wasn’t sure the shade would match.. matched perfectly.. The sad thing about this foundation is that it only comes in six shades… So it’s pretty limited… Their darkest shade “Toffee” that is the shade I purchased… And it was perfect for my skin tone.. FYI: I wear a honey beige in Maybelline SuperStay, Classic Tan in CoverGirl and in Revlon it varies I can go from Natural Tan to Toast depending on if I get a lot of sun.. I’m a lighter skinned black woman.. If you go to their website, instead of swatches of shades they actually have people that you can match your skin up with.. and I think that is very cool because it was so easy to pick out my skin tone… So, I would def. check out their website.. but I would purchase it on amazon because it’s 2 dollars extra on their site lol… That’s why I bought it here. Anyway.. The woman I matched with seemed to be a woman of mixed race.. Just to give you an idea of the shade “Toffee” bc whenever I buy makeup online I always mess up so i hope that info helps someone else : ) I do wish they had darker colors.. I would love for my mom to try it out… But other than that..Incredible product, full coverage… It feels like I have nothing on.. Not heavy at all… Very light… Incredible feel.. Seems to minimize my laugh lines or make them disappear AND MOST OF ALL It’s NOT HARMFUL TO YOUR SKIN!!! I LOVE IT! I will Definitely repurchase this as soon as mines runs out!ADDED UPDATE: So I had this product for a week now and one thing that I’ve noticed is that… Well, if you have oily skin this really doesn’t apply to you… But for people with dry skin.. Make sure you have a really good long lasting moisturizer… I wouldn’t say this foundation dries your skin out but I think it’s more for oily or combination skin.. Initially when you put it on it has a lot of moisture but… within like an hour my skin starts to feel dry again.. So.. I’m looking for a really good moisturizer now to work with this foundation. This may sound weird but I use olive and grape seed oil as a moisturizer on my face it works for me.. No break outs or nothing skin looks much clearer & brighter I’m on this natural kick… Anyway…. I didn’t think I could find that much moisture in another product but.. this foundation still manages to get dry when I put it on..Once it dries on your face is has a satin/silk finish… Kinda feels like powder after a while.. which I don’t like at all… And also coverage lasts about 6/7 hours.. I’m still in love with this product.. I guess I just need to find a better moisturizer to work with it..

Sharlene Ten Mile, TN

Wonderful SAFE foundation but…..

Very nice foundation – I first got this in the Golden Peach, which is a medium peach tan color – about MAC 30-35. The finish is called satin but I would say satin- matte is a better is full coverage as stated and I’m so happy that it is SAFE for me to wear on my skin. It was such a relief to find a quality makeup that is not poisonous.I have mature skin that is on the dry side right now as we head into the cold months. I would say exfoliate often and put a good rich cream underneath this, giving it time to soak in and/ or primer, before application and work with just a little amount at a time.this is a little on the dry side, which is the only reason I’m giving it a 4 instead of 5 star. If you are oily or combo, or even normal, you may just love this as is.Hopefully Pure will come out with a cream foundation that is for dry or mature skins with a bit more moisture in them. In the meantime, we just have to supply our own!EDIT: After having this on for more than a few hours, I started to feel some stinging and “pulling’ , the longer it was on, the worse this got, so I finally washed it off and it was such relief. I’m so disappointed because I thought I’d finally found a foundation that was safe and performed well. Unfortunately, I had to return it.

Dina Redwater, TX

healthy product

This product is crazy weird. Goes on kinda chalky but wow my face feels greal ALL day. Previousky by days end my face felt like it was melting in goo. Not 100% sold on the color but gets compliments on my make up since switching to 100% pure. 🙂

Flossie Kealakekua, HI

The worst

This stuff could be great for super super oily skin. This stuff is so drying even with the primer. It doesn’t stay on nice for more than 3 hours. I can’t drink water without it leaving a white residue around my mouth. I does cover redness… like after you wash your face redness. It’s horrible covering zits. I had 2 and if your dry around those area’s, it WILL show. So I won’t ever buy this again. I will only get the powder and tinted moisturizer.

Jeanette Redfield, AR

Worth a try

This product does what it says. You truly feel like you are wearing nothing at all. For me the color was horrible way to dark for my complexion and made my skin oily within two hours. I could try another shade but since purchasing this I stop wearing foundation daily (only use makeup now on special occasions). The coverage is light to medium. If you have clear skin or slight imperfections, if you get the right shade, I would recommend this product.

Rosemarie Belleville, KS


This is my first foundation. I used tinted moisturizer and bb cream before; the tinted moisturizer was too oily for my skin and did not really do anything. The bb cream was great but broke me out. I like how this has no chemicals that are bad for your body. The coverage is really nice, but since it is the winter, it is kind of flaky. Use a non-pore-clogging moisturizer underneath and it will be fine. I might revise in the future to see how my skin is doing. Oh, its kind of orange/darker. Next time, I will get a lighter shade

Darcy Dennis, KS


I am so thankful for the products made by 100% Pure. I don’t have to worry about what terrible chemicals I am absorbing through my skin. This particular product gives me perfect coverage for my Roseaca. I don’t look like I’m wearing heavy makeup but my skin looks clear and healthy. It lasts through the day, too. I love it and also love and exclusively use 100% Pure cosmetics. Why wouldn’t everyone???

Esmeralda Linden, WV

I love this brand…

I love this brand, I am addicted to their body care products and have been for some time. This foundation is wonderful because it is completely natural and non toxic. But, my only issue with it is that it lasted a very short amount of time and provided little coverage. The color was spot on, and I tried applying more, but then it looked cakey. I have returned to my original powder foundation. But, even though this product was a fail for me, the brand itself is spectacular. I have to recommend their honey almond butter for overnight face cream if you have dry, sensitive skin. Yes, it’s fantastic and the tub will last you for almost a year. It’s about four times as big as their specific face care products, and half the price. I have tried several, and keep going back to the butter!! Love it! Their lipstick/glaze is also fantastic. Super creamy with very beautiful colors.

Keisha Olla, LA