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100% Pure: Fruit Pigmented Mascara Black Tea, .24 oz, Lengthens and Separates Eyelashes, Water, Smudge and Flake Resistant, Colores with Black Tea, Berry and Cocoa Pigments

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Black Tea is a 100% natural mascara that uses fruit and black-tea pigments to color the lashes. Infused with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, and oat and wheat proteins, it conditions the lashes as you wear it. The water- and smudge-resistant formula stays on all day. Black Tea is the blackest black.

Key features

  • Natural Organic Ingredients
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Water and smudge resistant

Honest reviews


Not for blondes

I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on mascara, because I have blonde eyelashes. I also have sensitive eyes, so these two combinations are not the greatest for the long, dark lashed look. After using Diorshow, Lancome, Guerlain, Benefit, Laura Mercier, and a host of others, I heard about this one being great for sensitive eyes. Out of the box, it looks black when you apply it to your hand. However, it did nothing for my blonde eyelashes. After the third coat, I began to see a little change in color – but there was no lengthening or volume being added. And, after applying mascara over and over, my eyes begin to tear which defeats the purpose. I really wanted to like this product, but alas – it has to go back. I will continue my search for the right one for me – black color, lengthening, and non-irritating.

Avis Hazel, SD

Awesome! No flaking or smudging

I purchased this most likely for the same reason everyone else does — because it’s all-natural without gross chemicals. What a surprise when it turned out to be awesome. Before I went "green" with my makeup, I couldn’t get any mascaras to stay put. I also have long, sparse lashes, and if I’m not careful with mascara, they can look spidery. Not the case. Already received one compliment on my lashes.

Mari Franklin, NE


It is everything you don’t want in a mascara. It clumps, smears and is extremely difficult to apply. The packaging is nice though.

Debora Guffey, CO

Doesnt flake!

its a decent mascara, but not meant for every user–love that it doesnt flake or clump, which it shouldnt, but I along other women like it to go on thicker, i’m not too modest when it comes to mascara ;-)i tend to feel bare when this is all i use….. it’d be a perfect step up from the clear mascara if you like that lookwouldnt say those are flaws in the product by any means!

Rita Pittsford, VT

It’s fine. Not great but not bad

It’s decent and does a good job. But it doesn’t compare to Maybelline Great Lash mascara in texture and the brush isn’t all that great. It feels a little dry as if there was hardly any product in the tube but once you apply it works and looks good too. Happy to have found some natural product.

Kris Mulkeytown, IL

Smells great, runs, not very long lasting

I never thought I would like the smell of such a random thing but it smells like fruits!!! The packaging is the BOMB! If you’re trying to impress someone with a cool gift this is definitely it. However, it never really dries fully, the oils of your skin make it run, it leaves a track on your top lid and bottom, looks kind of funky. By mid afternoon it’s only remained at the roots of your lashes. Somehow I still like it and I am going to figure out a way to make it work though.

Veronica La Sal, UT

Just not for me

After reading all the wonderful reviews for this mascara I was really excited when it came. After a few uses I became disappointed with the results. Though I sure that it works great for other, it just didn’t work for me.

Cortney Gandeeville, WV

nice product

Like it because it doesn’t irritate my eyes. It even smells great. But…it doesn’t provide the length I need. This is great brand.

Stacie Medford, NY

goes on smooth and clean

No clumps very smooth and perhaps I am crazy but I detect a fruity smell when I put it on. Almost like a blue berry. I love that it is all natural. I will buy this again for sure. If you are looking for something that stays on very well I would not buy this however it comes off almost too easy, even with just water.

Clarissa Delavan, MN

Perfect Look, Ingredients and Performance

I make most of my own face and body products or buy natural in the few situations that they are too complex for me to make. Mascara is the only makeup I use and was one of the last ‘all natural’ hold out. I was using Loreal Voluminous Full Definition, which I’d landed on about a year ago because I needed something that created volume with a natural look. 100% Pure was my first all natural mascara try.I love 100% Pure. It goes on in thin coats so it’s not a ‘quick’ mascara if you’re looking for volume. The first coat is just a very fine enhancement. It takes 2-3 coats to get the Loreal voluminous ‘look’ (I got best results when I allowed it to dry between 2 coats) – but even then, lashes are much more separated and softer and natural looking, which is way better than what I was getting from Loreal. I actually like that it gives me options from quick and natural up to a more ‘made up’ look.Additionally, it doesn’t flake off or give me raccoon eyes (after either a full day of work and/or exercise) – so I found it’s ‘performance’ to be comparable to the Loreal product I was using. It’s not waterproof or sweat proof… but/and it’s super easy to take off with only water. No rubbing required, which is much easier on my eyes.

Cristina Farmdale, OH

Wanted to like it…

I bought this so I could get rid of my toxic drugstore mascaras and I really wanted to like it but I have to give it 3 stars. On the plus side it smells great, sort of like blueberries, but it stings my eyes when I apply it which never happened with any of my other mascaras. It also smudges which rarely happens to me with mascaras. I am still using it because it seems silly to throw it out, but I will not be repurchasing it.

Erma Hurdle Mills, NC

Smells sooooooo good

Smells like fruit, stays on all day. No flakes/crumbles fall down. Love this all natural mascara! It is lengthening and volumizing

Mitzi San Miguel, NM


When I opened the tube (which was well-packaged, BTW), and pulled out the wand, the wand was bent at about 45 degrees right above the brush. I wasn’t sure if it was broken or supposed to be that way, but I bent the wand back into a straight position. When I applied it, the mascara clumped horribly and I ended up with a mess as I tried to remove the clumps with my fingers and ended up smearing mascara on my fingers and around my eyes. It was very gooey and I didn’t smell a speck of the pleasant scent other reviewers have mentioned. In addition, the brush isn’t symmetrical, so I cannot just pull it out and use it; I have to check how I’m holding it. Two bristle edges are concave; the third is sort of S-shaped. Back to Zuzu for me.

Sallie Woodleaf, NC

I didn’t expect to love this product as much as I did

I received a free sample of this mascara and was interested in seeing how an all natural mascara would perform. I don’t have long or thick eyelashes so I did not need anything that would produce a dramatic look. My lashes are what they are and I am used to them. I do have allergies both to foods and the environment. I was worried that there would be an ingredient in the mascara that I would have a reaction to OR that my eyes would start to water and I would have a face stained from running plant/food dye. Neither was the case.The black tea color is a water and smudge resistant formula. Unlike my current brand, application does not make my eyes water. The product smells so good. It goes on easily. I only apply one coat and I am happy with the results.Removal has been an issue. I normally use a cream to remove my eye makeup. This mascara seems to require soap and water. This I do have a bit of an issue with. The first few nights I used my regular cream method. I woke up with traces of mascara underneath my lower lashes. I’m still paranoid that my face will get semi-permanently stained from this product so I did finally give in and use the soap and water for removal. I am going to purchase a tube once my current supply of mascara is exhausted. I am going to try the blackberry to see if that color can be removed with the cream remover. I read on another site that two of the shades are less water resistant than the others. Right now I cannot remember which they are.Such a great product and I’m happy to be able to use pure ingredients on my eyes. One thing to remember for those who don’t replace their mascara on a regular basis. I am paranoid of eye infections and issues so I don’t go very long before I get a new tube. This is 100% natural. It is not pumped full of preservatives or ingredients that extend the shelf life of the cosmetic. Realize that the replacement time will be shorter and make sure you do so. It has nothing to do with the number of times that you use it. I used to argue with my mother about this. It’s the bacteria factor. Once you open it…the clock starts ticking.Great product. I think it is worth the price to use something natural and safe on my eyes, especially a product that works so well.

Beth Leakey, TX

Pretty, but….

This mascara looks lovely, the eyelashes look very defined and don’t clump. I have long eyelashes, so I wasn’t concerned about lengthening, but this mascara does add some oomph in length and volume (which I like) The mascara even has a pleasant smell, which is refreshing considering the offensive odor of most mascaras. The downside is that after a couple hours of wear it starts to dry out and flake. I use vapour foundation, which is sort of oily, so the result was lots of smudges under my eye. This is okay for daily wear, but only use a light coat to avoid massive flaking and make sure to check your eyes often and definitely don’t wear if it’s hot out. You’ll be a raccoon.

Madeleine Nanafalia, AL

Love this mascara

This is the first 100% Pure product I tried and it led me to try other products from them because I liked it so much. All mascara tends to irritate my eyes, due to my allergies, so I basically quit using it. A friend who’s also part of team horrible allergy eyes was using this and raved about it so I skeptically purchased some for myself. Pros: no irritation, minimal smudging (smudging happens when I don’t let it dry long enough after putting it on). Cons: not waterproof (but it’s natural so that’s prolly not possible) and will clump horribly if you over apply. Love it overall and am on my second tube.

Kerry Bendena, KS


This stuff makes my puppy lick my eyeballs.But other than that, its a good product! Very nice to use and clean rinsing.

Evangelina Westby, MT

Great Natural Mascara

This is a great mascara with healthy ingredients. It goes on well and I do enjoy the fruity smell. Wears well even in the extreme heat of the summer.

Angelita Henning, MN


Very nice mascara. Smells good, and separates lashes. Goes on smoothly. Most importantly it comes off easily and is natural.

Melinda Hamilton, AL

Like it!

Chemical free and I really like it! Good brush shape, doesn’t stink, gives good black lashes. I will be buying this again. I’ve tried other natural mascara a and hated them. I stumbled onto this and decided to give it a try, pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

Beverley Greenwood, AR

Great mascara

Not the dramatic look that you can get with some mascaras but a great natural mascara. If you layer it, you will get a more intense look. I love that it doesn’t flake and is easy to remove. I don’t find it on my pillow case in the morning like I have with some other mascaras.

Emilie Alligator, MS


I’ve been using a Lancome mascara for years and decided to try something more natural. I have found to love this mascara, since it gives me the same effect of as the Lancome one at a fraction of the price. For me it hasn’t smudged at all and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Pat Saint Maries, ID

Smells great

I bought this months ago and it still smells great. And the fact that it is natural and good for you is awesome. It gives me distinct, long and wet looking lashes. LOVE. Will purchase again.

Rosa Uriah, AL

Natural ingredients

I like the idea of natural ingredients in makeup. Nice black, elongates lashes, does not clump and glue eyelashes together with clay.

Lynn Munds Park, AZ

LOVE IT!! No Smudge and No flakes. Just Natural beauty!

I love this mascara!! I chose it because of the great reviews and the wonderful ingredients. I have long and lush eyelashes but without mascara they just lie flat and do whatever they want. This mascara picks up my lashes,hold them in place, feathers them out and coats them with just the perfect amount of color to give a naturally beautiful look. It is just so subtle and lovely! I have had no flaking or smudging (I do not have eye folds that allow my lashes to touch my skin though).

Tisha Guilford, ME

Love. It.

The shiny appearanceThe smellThe way it adds on to my already long black lashesThe way it doesn’t smear when I wash my make up offThe fact that it’s naturalBut be careful as to not get it too close to your eyeball. It does have a burning sensation so watch out. One stroke should be enough.

Maryanne Wellington, TX

Nice product

I really like this mascara, it seems to be much less chunky/cakey than most store bought mascaras and it smelled kind of nice compared to other’s I’ve used. It smells sort of fruity actually and the tube is larger than I expected so I was happy with that (the whole tube is about 5 inches long). It does go on nicely, of course it still has chunks every now and then but what mascara doesn’t? Just dab your fingers on it and it’s gone. With that method, the end result is no chunks or cakeyness! I think this mascara will be hard to beat, it’s my new favorite. I would highly recommend trying this out. Though I have to say it still irritated my eyes-which was one of the reasons I went for a natural/organic mascara-thought it might help with that but it didn’t. & the color black tea is the blackest black (I was worried it wouldn’t be dark enough, so just thought I’d add that).

Brandy Baltimore, MD


This is by far the best mascara I ever used. The regular mascaras made my eyes burn, no matter what brand I used. But this mascara is exactly the opposite. My eyes don’t burn when I apply it on my eye lashes. Also, my eye lashes look natural and flexible when I use this mascara. A great product that I do not regret purchasing it. Highly recommended and I am happy I found it!

Suzette Sand Creek, WI

Nice natural mascara that performs well for me.

I have had trichotillomania since I was a child, so I have extremely thin and sparse lashes. When I decided to toss out all of my chemical-laden products to replace them with safe ones, I had a lot of anxiety about trying out a natural mascara. However, while this is clumpier than my old tube of Clinique, I love this so much that I wouldn’t go back. (To be fair though, I do apply quite a few coats to help make up for my thin lashes.) I use a lash comb after applying and it looks great. I didn’t find it to run any worse than other mascaras and I noticed that my eyes weren’t red and irritated at the end of the day like they are when I’ve used other brands.

Mabel National City, MI

Works great!

This mascara works great!!! It gets the job done and combined with an eye lash curler makes my eye lashes look awesome! Plus it’s healthy for the eyes and won’t irritate!

Jeannette Hidalgo, IL